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The management at store 55, Florence ky, is the worst to work with. Disrespect, harrasement and threats are what the employees deal with. How do you take care of these problems? I'm sick of it

Fried Chicken

I started eating at cracker barrels 40 years ago, and usually eat at one at least once a week. I do not understand why good old country fried chicken is never on the menu?? I know fried chicken breast is on the menu but what happened to the legs, thighs, and wings?

Where's the country?

For a "country" restaurant you would think they could make grits that had taste and biscuits that weren't just like refrigerator store bought yuck biscuits. And please don't even try the dishwater they try to pass off as stew.


am not happy with food that was served to me at your joliet ill. on 2/7/15 food was cold . bread not fully baked . i am a loyal fan but this was the worst ever shape up or ship out

this company stacks

My husband has been trying to transfer and they have not let him. He drives over a hour to work when we live not even ten minutes fro a cracker barrel. they told him he wasn't transfer and to get over it. worst company ever they clearly foot care about ties employee.

Don't care about complaints

I have filed two complaints with you on the same thing and have not heard anything from you in a month and a half. I guess all the complaint forms are there just so you can say WE GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO SHOW WE CARE, BUT YOU DON'T. Thanks for showing just how much YOU CARE when people fill complaints.


love CB on Cedar Bluff in Knoxville TN. But would love for you to keep the granola pancakes on the menus, they are healthy and delicious.

ADA violation at cashier's station

Our meals were fabulous! But when paying my bill as directed at the cashier's station, the "counter" was above my head! The keypad for entering my PIN was also above my head, and the keypad was lashed to the high counter. 24 years ago, folks, the ADA was enacted. You are mandated to provide a 36" wide counter at a height reachable by persons with disabilities (PWDs). I use a wheelchair. Before I return ..... I will be contacting a U.S. Attorney to file a federal suit.

We eat at your place when we hit the big cities lansing mi well today was the worst we wanted 35 min service and then the was all wrong and the my water had a bug in it my husband enjoy this place but he is wondering now

Poor employee relations

Cracker Barrel should be ashamed of themselves. I guess they had rather throw left overs away, instead they punish a Good Samaritan who has served our country for lending a helping hand to a homeless person. VET FIRED FOR GIVING OUT MUFFIN A 73-year-old Florida veteran says he was fired from Cracker Barrel for giving a 'needy' person a corn muffin and some condiments.

Pecan Crusted Chicken and Fruit Salad with a Pineapple Dressinv

This dish is the best dish I've eaten. Every bite to the last bite is perfectly blended together in flavors. Even the Wild Maine Blueberry Muffin that goes with it is perfect with this meal. I hate to see this dish go. I'm not one who rants over food, but this one did it for me. I hope it becomes a permanent dish on the menu.



I cant go any lower

Sanford, NC store. how to explain atmosphere wonderful, waitresses wonderful. Food another out of this dumpster experience, could not ask for more lousy cooked and cold food, unable to describe it, because nothing else comes close to comparing to the slop they serve you.

The food at Cracker Barrel at I-65 and Southport February 12,2014 was not fit to eat. We have noticed a decline in the food quality in 3 of the Cracker Barrel restaurants that are in our area..

Duck Dynasty

For many years we have eaten at Cracker Barrel regularly and love the food and atmosphere but if you continue to discriminate against Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty items, we will no longer be eating or patronizing Cracker Barrel in any way. WE STAND WITH PHIL ROBERTSON and ask you to respect the stand and values he shares.

Duck Dynasty

With a decision like this one from sandra cockran, what margin of profit did it cost you????????????? How about the next one!!!!!!!!

Change of Address for w-2's

I have a change of address so that my w-2's will be sent to the proper address. The address you have on file is wrong. The new address is 2020 s. Cline Avenue Fayetteville AR 72701. My employee i.d, is 1355668. Please change the address so i recieve the W-2's from Greenville Tx and Springdale AR Thank you.

Because of your refusal to honor the First Amendment promise of freedom of speech, and the Bible's teachings against homosexuality, by choosing instead to punish Christianity, morals and values by suspending Phil Robertson, neither ,my faily nor friends will visit your establishments again. That you've become yet another victim of the current amoral regime's plan to destroy our nation, and seem happy to be so, is a sad statement on the downward spiral of our once great America.

Duck Dynasty

I can' t beleive that Cracker Barrel treated a human the way you did, because he stood up for his rights. Does this mean, you will treat you customers this way??????

duck dynasty

remember chick fil a. we stood up for them and will stand up for phil robertson. do you want to stand with us or against us. then you can say goodbye to your business, because we are your customers,too. it time for the good people to stand up for their rights.

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