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Best trained people I have ever come across for corporate run around on all levels. The almighty $$$$ is their primary concern, not the health or well being of their member policy holders.

A very good insurance Co.

I have had Coventry Advantra (medicare replacement) insurance for 5 years. They have always provided good coverage, customer service is outstanding, no problem getting through, no long waits. I am very satisfied


worst health coverage I ever had

what do you cover?

This is my first year with Coventry and may be my last. The referral process is deliberating confusing and discouraging, I got a different answer every time I called. The dental insurance is so far, useless. I needed a root scaling but someone from coventry coerced the dentist to tell me I did not that procedure, so that would not have to pay. GOOD LUCK!

the worst company in the world to deal with stay far far away.

This is the first time I have listened your music, I found your place via moiessrry-solo.com due to an article there because you have worked with Gary Day. Sent To Coventry' is an enjoyable journey that I'll return to many times. It is the most refreshing sound I've heard for a long time. I love Martial Hearts' & Je Vous Pardonne Tout'. Thank you.Mike. (wordsmith)

Did you break into this place? Just like the airbase hey? 20P for a chooclate bar eh? THIS is the real reason why Jag and the other british car companies went under. They under charged for chooclate bars. Here's the proof.-BMW sold Rover for a tenner so they could spend it on a box of Curly Wurleys.-TVR was sold by that Russian dude cos they gave away a million pounds worth of penny sweets to employees in one week.-Jaguar were sold to Tata because they couldn't get Enron style creative accountants to disguise the financial black hole from giving away cheap kit kats.That is the truth.

As a private billing company Coventry and MHNET are the poorest insurance company anyone could have. For people who have this as their private insurance they are very noresponsive to any questions that need to be ask in regards to claims issues and reimbursement is not good. MHNET is the worst behavioral health insurance that anyone could have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried to get an email answered about credentialing a provider since August and no answer. I would not recommend these insurance companies to anyone! Getting a provider credentialed is a long and hard process with MHNET. Please think twice before choosing either company.

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