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Country Wide did my loan and I did not know it would adjust to the point that it was no longer affordable. I was tricked up front and should not have been. Now they will not modify my loan even though I have kept up for 9 years on my payments

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I called in looking for a "modification". She looked at my loan and income. Told me that I was negative about 2,000 a month. "I told her I needed a modification" She told me WOW, how do you do it. Well the depression we are in has bound us to where we live, and with 7 kids in the house really gives us no other place to go. Then she told me I didn't qualify. Thanks Countrywide. I've never been 30 days late.

My Wife and I have had a home mortgage with Countrywide for several years, and were wanting to refinance. We've had a perfect payment track record, and thought it would be easy to acquire a new loan, with lower payments. But, but for some reason, we were turned down. We delt with a Cindee Wilson and a Phillip Epps in the San Diego office. They're both a joke, I'm sure not working as hard as they could have to give is a new loan. The “Underwriters” , whoever they are, said we didn't show enough income, even though we've been making payments to Countrywide all this time..and our payments would be lower with a new loan than they are now. They also insisted that we have our home appraised to the tune of $400.00, in which I'm sure we won't get any of that back. We're pulling our money out of B of A, and will seek another lender. I don't think the suits at B of A or Countrywide will be reading this, so I sure this will fall on deaf ears. They don't give a crap with our payment history, or want to work with us.. The Government bailed them out, and now they're turning their backs on us... Shame on them... If anyone wants to contact us.. they can... Phil or Karen Toomire 951-304-1112

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