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I had a 13x stetson hat cleaned at your Spokane, Washington location. Before I was able to pick it up; your store had closed. I went to the location to get it, and everthing was gone. I looked through the window and could see my hat in the box, but there was no information anywhere's or contact number's posted for me to retrieve my hat. Where do I get my from? I paid good money for that hat, and I would like it back, or be compensated for it's value. I know that it has been awhike since this happened, but I had kinda forgotten about it until I was going to by another Hat for dress; and that reminded me of this incident, and I became very angry, and now I want to try and retireve some of my lost value in my hat. Could you please help. I don't know what happened to it. I could see it, but not be able to get to it. I never received a phone call or nothing from your company. saying that you were closing at all. Then all of a sudden you were gone. It's unbusiness-like to do that to loyal customer's like myself. I have patronized your establishment for many years, and many of my Cowboy friends have too. Is there anything you can do? Sincerely, Ladd Arnoti larnoti@yahoo.com

You have shed a ray of snushine into the forum. Thanks!

Extremely helpful airtcle, please write more.

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