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My name is Anthony Nwodom, i am 23 years of age. Iam a student of engineering department in one of those institutions in Nigeria. I have a chart idea which is capable of generating millions of dollars per day. I wish i can give it out to face book . Only after negociating with the staffs and i tell them the terms and condition. My contacts are: tonynature@yahoo.com or +12348026574708. Thanks for your corperation sir/ madam.

I went to the Taco Bell in Loveland, Colorado, 1330 Lincoln, at 7:45 pm on Saturday, April 14, 2012. I purchased a double decker taco supreme. When I opened it up, there was not tomato or sour cream on the taco. I took it to the counter and the manager said they would make me a new one. I commented that if she just gave me some tomatoes and some sour cream on the side, they wouldn't need to make a new one and waste the one I had, creating a great expense or loss to them. She gave me two containers and the sour cream was near a dimes worth. I asked for a little more and she was not willing. I left the double decker on the counter and decided I was not going to get what I had asked for, feeling it was a small request. I then asked the cashier for my refund and she said they couldn't when I disposed of the food. I told her that I didn't dispose of it that I left it on the counter for them to decide what they needed to do with it. She discussed some with the manager and then gave me money back for the double decker without the tax. I lost all the way around. The real sad thing about it, my husband and I go there quite frequently and are satisfied customers, until this incident. Over a small drop of sour cream.

Your coffee is excellent your donuts are also. I just resent that the cashier and drive thru windows have tip jars. I buy my coffee and donut and take it to the table or take it home. No one WAITS on me. Busieness is all about service, service efficiently and with a smile. These cost nothing and promote business. I don't think they are worthy of a tip. This is NOT a restaurant. If people didn't buy coffee or donuts, there would be NO business. This is tacky.

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