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I love love converse.

Bought my daughter a converse back pack at the cost of €65 it ripped after two weeks! I contacted converse Ireland and the head of sales told me they dont make bags not his problem and then suggested it was a fake without even seeing the bag! It is a converse bag and just because its made under liecnce how is that my fault. Its rubbish and I wanted to warn people . Wont be buying anything else from Converse. If anyone from converse wishes to address this please contact me at gwenpix@gmail.com

don't ever use this page www.converseukstore.co.uk it's a scam, they just take your money and never sent your order. when you're lucky you receive fake nike tee with one of the NFL team logos.

I love your product. Ever since my first pair of converse I have just kept buying more. They are great and go with everything. <3

Bought a pair of Jack Purcell sneakers and after wearing them for one day my feet are infected with open oozing sores and I need to take antibiotics. Beware of this sneaker. It is also difficult to get any person to speak to aty converse to deal with this issue.

I recently received a pair of Converse all stars from my daughter as a gift. Turns out the first time i wore them i got blisters. The shoes were made too small. Other size 12 shoes fit great,too bad i could not afford them. Just went to the store to double check sizes. You should inform the Vietnamese people making these shoes about proper sizing. I now sit here without a pair of shoes. Should i trash them and avoid all Converse shoes, or will you stand by your product. I am 61 years old, without work, and without an income of any kind so i am in a tough position. I am David Jaquiery , email -obxdj1@yahoo.com -

Just 3 weeks ago I got the converse with out the laces. I love love love them! Well what do you know?? The damn inner rubber just unglued from the sole! Came right off!! Yup...$54.99 later and crap came off. So now what? I have 2 other pairs I don't want this to be my last pair. Your company needs to be fair to the population that buys your product and compensate them. My daughter also has the knee length Converse same thing...zipper busted!!! Really not happy with the customer service converse has!!!

bought my 7 year old daughter your knee high chucks, awesome design, but one month of regular wear, and the zipper popped open from bottom, making them unwearable, JUST ONE MONTH AFTER! you won't repair them, and i know if i take them to a shoe repair, like all of your representatives have suggested, they will probably come back with the awesome factory stitching ruined. just one month later, and i've wasted my $65, i'm so angry. is there any way you can compensate?

My name is chuckslugg, a known celebrity in the southern entertainment region and would to speak to someone in the coporate office about an endorsement opportunity with Comverse. I have been a converse wearer since sixth grade. From wearing converse on the court and in recreation at all times throughout college to on stage at all of my entertainment events I represent to the fullest of my ability with no salutes needed. I would love to represent the Converse Inc. And hold the integrity in the best interest of the company. CHUCKSLUGG is my name and "Kiss My Converse" is my slogan. Contact me at (225)936-8671 or chuckslugg@gmail.com. Google my name to find out more on my commitment to Converse All Stars.

who can i contact at your corporate office. i have a idea that can make your company millions. its time to put converse back on top.

Good Day, I am responding in order to reach out to your company in order to build a relationship. I am the president of dracut Pop Warner Supporters, my task is to raise funds to build a safe place for our children to be able to play a sport and build skills. We are know in the process of working on a project and wanted Converse to be part of this, I am looking for corprate sponcers to help us with our project at the same time promoting Converses name. Our project consist of purchasing a Football Tunnel with our sponcers name printed on it. This would be a great way for advitizing and at the same time help our children to be able to be safe. But need the funds to do this. If Converse would like to support our children. I can be contacted at 1-978-703-3078. Best Regards Mr. David Soucy

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