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This review is from: OK, here it is: I am a math phoibc, have been all my life, as long as I can remember myself! So, when I started studying psychology as a second degree, I was kind of anxious about taking all kinds of statistics courses: it seems that statistics are a major part of any psychology degree, & so it was important for me to learn them well, from the beginning. Well, with this book (which I shopped around for, looking for the best introductory book on the subject) my math-phobia has not disappeared, but is slowly & surely getting smaller & smaller. This is a textbook that guides you, step by step, so you can understand all the basic concepts of statistics, without feeling you're making an effort. Lots of problem-solving & learning checks help, lots of revision at the end of each chapter the book is organized in an excellent & thoughtful way, perfect for a student who will take the time sto study (it covers almost everything) but who wants to do it in an organized way.

You haven't worked in cube world i see. The whole otaerpion is designed so that the people at the top make the big bucks while your salary remains frozen (if you're lucky i've witnessed many examples of a corporation firing everyone in a certain job classification, re-naming the same work and advertising it at a lower rate that the former employees are welcome to apply for); if you don't know the story of Arthur Anderson check it out (accounting fraud); basically, you are made to do what they tell you, even if it's illegal, shut up about it and mind your business or you get replaced. This also happens DAILY in the medical profession in large hospitals. From HR (the worst people on the planet stooges for the corporate sector) to accounting, to (especially) the psychopathic bosses you have no use to them other than to work toward their wealth gathering and if you make too much money, they find a way to get rid of you.

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