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This is the worst rental company I have ever had to deal with. We are currently in the process of trying to move out (we purchased a new home) and we could not get ahold of anyone to put in our 30 day notice. We called their office for over a month, and kept getting an answering service. We finally emailed our 30 day notice and we called one more time to confirm that they actually received it and we get their answering service. (keep in mind that everytime we called and reached the answering service, we left detailed messages and a return phone number). My husband just drove up to their office and they were ALL their sitting around their desks chatting. No one was working. My husband asked why he hadn't received a return call and suddenly everyone in the room was deaf because no one answered. You'll be happy to know that yes they did receive our 30 day notice so before too long we won't have to mess with these idiots again.

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