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You can only have a betta or it'll be overstocked. Is it male or faemle? Males have long flowing fins and faemles don't. But to the point, you can't put anything else in there. Two males will fight and a male and faemle might fight too.Please don't get any more fish or too much waste and less oxygen will be in the limited space.Also, try to get a larger tank with a filter, maybe about 2 gallons.

you need the same stuff for a freshwater set up (tank, stand, feltir, heater, misc. stuff (siphon, nets, food, etc))but you'll also need a hydrometer or refractometerlive rock and a good protein skimmer would make your job alot eaier in the long runif you wanted corals you'll need better lighting than standard aquarium strip lights, a T5 light would be ideal.but you wont need one for a while as you really shouldn't add corals to the tank for the first 6 months to a year anyway.. allowing the tank to establishan undergravel feltir is NOT required, and generally not advised. they quickly dirty and become nitrate factories, killing fish and coral

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