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Joanne,Thanks for your question. During our przaeuaisttion process we heat the milk to 177b0F for 26 seconds and then cool it back down to below 40b0F. This is a process scientifically validated to kill harmful organisms which ensures the safety of the product, but we feel it is gentler on flavor than ultra-pasteurization so it preserves that fresh milk flavor.Thanks for your question and for supporting Clo!-mike

I can appreciate evirytheng Crannog Ales stands for. I believe that is most likely why my wife and I enjoy your brew so much. Our issue is that it is so difficult to get your beer. We live in Spokane Washington and only get to enjoy it when we visit Canada. Have you tried bringing your beer to pubs in the states? I think you would find a great market for it, although there is probably some BS type of red tape that you might have to go through. It would be worth a try for all of us who enjoy your Ales.

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