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go out buisness

I am very disappointed in the sneaky way you just pulled out of Idaho Falls & Pocatello Idaho. I see by some other comments on your site here you have been busy shutting down other stores I hope this means you are in financial trouble and will be going out of business just like K mart is slowly doing. I love Hallmark but I hate YOU!

coach house gifts

please come back to sacramento/bayarea locations you were one of the best gift store's in our time's. you are missed vary much,and i really love your store.

Return to Athens, Ohio

Please come back to Athens, Ohio!

I hope other people think your post lietsd here as helpful as I have. I manage a blog site myself and would be happy for you or the readers on your web site to check out. Please feel free to search through my site like I have with your own and leave a remark or two if you discover anything interesting. Thanks again.

I had email my disappointment to a Holiday Open House VIP event in Lake Jackson, Tx this past weekend the 6th & 7th, however the gift bags were gone between 10:00 & 11:00 on Saturday after numerous customers flooded the store - the manager couldn't help and didn't have answers yet told the customers to contact Hallmark.com - you all are not Hallmark - you are Coachhouse and this was also misleading. I spent over 83.00 on numerous things while the employees watched, then got up to check out and was told there were no more gift bags ......... this is unacceptable. In my email on Monday it indicated someone would get back with me and this is now Wednesday and I've heard nothing. This is poor business, poor advertisement, mismanagement ------- this doesn't go very well in this community and talk is buzzing about your LJ store - we are not happy and I would like my gift bag. Thank you, 979 665-7309

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