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There are two factors that cobnime to slow greenhouse gas reductions:1) The vast majority of companies aren't major visible players in the greenhouse gas or energy fields. (Think Wal-Mart, Dell, Proctor and Gamble, e.g., not Exxon and GM).2) The true societal costs of greenhouse gas production are not imposed on companies (or people) generating them.So, combining these two points, it is easy to see that it is cheaper for almost everyone to be a free-rider than to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases. The companies that will move first will be those that are most exposed to public pressure on the issue (BP, Ford, etc.). And it is hard to generate public pressure prior to a crisis becoming obvious.To get ahead of the crisis curve, we have to identify and address greenhouse gas emission at the choke points. This means transportation vehicle makers, heating system makers, electricity generation equipment makers, appliance makers, etc. If we tax or reward those companies based on energy efficiency, the change will be propagated efficiently to the consuming companies and people without having to make the majority of people change their behavior or even be aware of the issue. And we are addressing the behavior of a limited set of companies, so the political effort to make the changes should be reasonable.Another method is to tax energy consumption in all forms. This would have a large impact quickly, but this approach would face huge political obstacles since it would affect almost everyone.

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