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Really sad! In fact, the worst of any major chain. How do these clowns stay in business?

bugs bugs & filth

I stayed in the rodeway inn, in the medical center Houston, tx. If I could give you a 000 rating system it would be too high! I woke up about 1:00 am to do some work. I had my paper set up to begin. Then I saw something crawling OMG it was bedbugs. I recorded it on my phone. Called the office and nobody answered. Then I saw silverfish in the closet. Dead ants in the bathroom. The room was dusty and appeared to not have been cleaned. Thumbs down!

Hi. I have not personally seytad at the pennsylvania Hotel but have read quite a bit of bad reviews and seen some pretty awful pictures. go to tripadvisor.com and get reviews and see pictures for yourself.As for location it is perfectly located by Penn station so you can take the subway anywhere from there or also walk and get to a lot of places within a few minutes like time square or the empire state building. I am going to NY later this month and staying at the new yorker ramada which is basically on the other side of penn station from where the Pennsylvania Hotel is.I dont know how much luck you will have paying in cash because most hotels need a credit card to hold your reservation unless you are planning on not making a reservation which is risky in itself. Hope this helped a little. Michele

Years ago, hotels were not too picky about who they let check in. They would even let mionrs check in. Rooms would get trashed regularly, and hotels would try to bill the parents. The parents signed a note, right? Most times, however, parents would deny they ever signed a note, and many times the hotel would have to fix the damage. They would file a claim with the insurance company, which would pay. Well, insurance companies got tired of paying. So when it came time to renew the insurance policy, the hotels were forced to set the check-in age at 21, or sometimes 18 (for a higher fee, of course).If you are looking for a hotel where you can check in under 21, there are 3 that I know of:The MenageThe ClarionRed Roof InnThe Menage has the best location, almost directly under the Disney fireworks. If you have a sensitive car alarm, the percussion of the fireworks will most likely set it off. It’s hilarious how the car alarms accompany the fireworks. The mist pool is a great place to watch them on a summer night. Keep in mind it’s an older Holiday Inn with an extensive remodel, and you have to pay for parking in their lot. However, the main feature here is the proximity to Disneyland, and the fact that you can check in if you are 18 or older.

My husband and I spend the evening of July 2, 2012 In Lincoln Nebraska, we left the next morning. I have now complaints about your hotel itself. The staff was friendly enough. There are two things I want to complain abouth thou. Number 1, I always take my jewelery off and put it on the night stand. The next day I almost for got my jewelery, so I put them in my pocket. We went downstairs to eat breakfast. I proceded to put my rings on in the dining room. I did not discover that I had lost a valueble earring (only one) until we were 200 miles or so away. when I went to put them on. I called right away and spoke to one of your employees Katy. She said she would look for it. Later that evening, I Got a call from her that she and the bartender found it. I asked her to mail it and said she would. She said she would let her manager know since I wanted it put in a box. I have talked you manager Margaret who claimed she mailed it but have not recieve anything. It's been 3 wks now that she claimed she mailedit. I am still waiting. It isn't about the earring anymore. It is the principle. The earring has value, if it was anyother earring I would not care.Katy was honest enough to call, but I am not so sure about Margaret,who when I commended her to Katy and said she valued the honesty of her employees. She should follow their example.

This company hides behind the fact that the hotels are "Independently owned and operated". The management in the hotel completely reflects the management in corporate, COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT!!!. The Quality Inn and Suites in Butte MT completely ruined my grandmothers memorial luncheon, they stated, "theres no more COFFEE!!" really no coffee, not to mention not enough sliced beef, chicken or deserts too feed our guests, which we paid for. I thought a complaint to the BBB and to corporate would help ease my pain of having just buried my grandmother and having to deal with an incompetent moron, Jerome Fatouros, but i quickly came to realize that this whole company is full of them. The only reason that I gave them a 1 star is that is the lowest choice. I highly recommend that you stay away from this company and ALL businesses operating under their name as you too will be incrediably disappointed in the service you will receive. Please take the time and look at the two Better Business Bureau complaints that I have filed and remember that they did NOTHING, except send a letter.

I totally agree with the comments regarding poor customer service. I stayed in a Quality Inn Choice Hotel and there were roaches and spiders in the room. I wrote a complaint about 3 weeks ago and have yet to even have a response from anyone. What a shame.....back to Marriott for me, I'll travel the extra miles to get a decent place to stay....

i stay @ your hotels everytime i go north to visit my kids,i have had a lot of bad results in north carolina in the last several years on he way up from lake city fla to kennett square pa,chek in 8:00 am have to leave at 11:ooam thats 3 hours ,in june i stayed in roanoke rapids 1st room afer shower gwtting comfertable no air no controller for tv i am 72 years old next room 2 nd floor non smoking stunk of cigarates an cigar snoke ,took all baggage back to car given finally another 1st floor after almost an hr and a half i got a first floor room .i was tired an checked in at around 5 6 oclock pm,i am very unsatisfied.but i can say on the down the rooms are better,just check my name in your computer.i think you owe me a refund or some other compensation .ps reason for 1st floor had a knee operation and climbing stairs is hard thanks june ziegler>>>>>>>>>>>>

If I could give you 0 stars, I would! I stayed at the Quality Inn Suites in Warren, Michigan. The 1st room was filthy! There were stains on the sheets, dirty floors, dingy tub, etc. Because I live in a city 3 hrs away I asked for another room. Needless to say, that room wasn't too much better. We spent a total if 3 1/2 hours in the hotel and decided it was best to drive home instead of remaining in that filth!

I stayed in the Sheboygan, Wi SleepInn for about 4 years, 80-100 nights per year. When the new owners decided, in January, to make my stays "non qualifying" for choiceprivilege points, they didn't bother to tell me. When I found the stays were not being credited, I contacted customer "service" and have contacted and have contacted and have contacted. To call them unresponsive would be an overstatement. I no longer stay at that property have found much nicer accommodations with well maintained properties, with sanitary and more appetizing breakfasts, and clean rooms that are well maintained. Franchising may be a successful business model and generated lots of money for those involved, but your obvious lack of concern and responsiveness will eventually catch up with you. If you didn't want my 80-100 nights a year of business, you could have had the courtesy to tell me that, rather than ignoring my countless phone calls. And my inability to find a list of officers to contact seems to be further evidence that you could not care less about hearing what your customers (or former customers in this case) think.

Currently reside in Idaho and brought the Idaho Select Boys Basketball team to Renton Washington for a tournament the beginning of July. Rented 2 rooms, that were not cheap. The boys inadvertently, left their playstation 3 with games in our room. Realized it after the tournament was over in which time 4 hours had passed. I called the hotel and asked if the room has been rented, was told no, stated the situation, and drove back to the hotel only to find that housekeeping had been in to clean the room. They stated that there was no playstation of any kind left in the room. Mind you the management called the housekeeper, who denied everything. Needless to say that we got no where and could get no reimbursement from the manager. I will be writing a letter to the corporate offices and want everyone to know what kind of people they have working for this chain. They are not very trustworthy, and LIE. I will never stay in a choice hotel ever again!

Your cutomer service is very poor. Your people lie to you. Do not return phone calls when promised to. I use to use Choice hotel exclusive where available. Now i will not use Choice hotels if they are the only chain available. Will sleep in my car first. The hotels i have been in are good but the phone service for Choice hotels is extremely poor and customer service is beyond poor.

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