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Whether you press the option for customer service or for the complaint dept, you speak to the very same person. That person also tells you that you cannot speak to a manager (or will most likely become 'the manager'). Thats brillant CTA. You are as smart with your operational processes as you are wtih your finances. Keep up the great work!

Unless the invitation saplificelcy say black tie, you do NOT have to wear a long gown.A more comfortable and appropriate option would be a cocktail dress (a little black dress or something similar) a nice dress that hits just above or just below your knee. If you're concerned about being cold, add tights/stockings, dress boots, cardigan/wrap, etc. And of course your coat If you have a semi-formal dress in your closet that isn't a mini, it's probably perfect.If you aren't a dress-wearer, dressy black pants, heels or nice flats, and dressy top (maybe something silky?) would be appropriate. Maybe a top like this with some black work pants:The do s be comfortable. be yourself. be classy and appropriate, especially if the ceremony is in a church keep the leg/cleavage to a moderate level. The fact that you even asked this question tells me that you've got all that covered.The don'ts do not wear any outfit that is mostly white/cream some pattern or trim is fine, but the bride should be the only one rocking that color family.

Called CTA,for information and was rudely talked to, by person answering phone, after going threw the animatied phone directions. Terrible Public Relation!

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