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Very bad tasting and presented food

I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone that Chevys restaurant in the bay area (Richmond) has been serving very poor quality and tasting food for a very long time. Over the years, Chevys has gone cheaper and cheaper with its ingredients and the food has gotten worse and worse in taste and presentation. My recent visit to this restaurant cost me $40.00 without any drinks, and was the worst ever restaurant food I have encountered. The food was very poorly presented, and tasted far worse. The food was barely edible. It appears that management there must condone this unacceptable food because it has steadily gotten worse over time without ever getting better. Taco Bell and other Mexican fast food restaurants are a step up or two from what Chevys has and is serving. I find no excuse for this at all.


chevys did not take my order until i stood up and yelled at the staff, even then they got my order wrong twice geez man.


I would like to address the height of your vehicles. Many of us older folks have hip or knee replacements. Because the cars are so low to the ground ( sporty ??), many of us have problems getting into or out of those cars. We are willing to buy cars, but only if we can get in & out of them. Any ideas??

Umm We have been regulars at Chevys, for the past 2 years I have ordered a Chicken Fajita Salad. Today I was served on a cold plate, no sizzle!!! I would appreciate the whole Chevys experience. Why did they do away with the sizzling Chicken Fajita Salad??? They also added insult to injury by adding MORE lettuce and No avocado. I feel if a salad is going to be over 10.00 I would like mine to sizzle and not skimp or leave out on ingredients. Not happy!!!!!!!! Please fix this

I have a problem with another company putting down Chevy. State Farm Insurance says the steering in a 2005 impala will fail around 7 years but every tech I've ever talked to says try around 20 years. I was in an accendent and the insurance company didn't fix the problem then and I just found out about it a few day ago. Which could have gotten me killed. But instead of them paying for the problem the would rather insult the Chevy company. If you need to get a hold of me I'm at 253-472-1735. I survived a really bad accendent because of the chevy car I was driving. So I know the insurance company like to put down who ever they want. If it was me and they put down something of mine I'd sue. But I'll leave that up to you. Thanks for your time.

Warning - Fake $5 off lunch coupons from Chevy's. If you got an email with this fake coupon offer this week, zoom in and take a good look at the coupon terms & conditions. The words "blah, blah, blah" are in the terms and conditions. Any Chevy's customer knows that the chain has no sense of humor. These are FAKE!

My husband and I dined at Chevy's on 1st Street in Livermore on Tuesday, 9/13. We got to the restaurant at 6:15 and had to wait 25 minutes before anyone brought us chips and salsa or even water. The patio was full of diners, however, not ONE table had their dinner, and most did not have their chips and salsa, either. There were two ladies sitting behind us who got up and left. When we did finally get to order, the dinner came 25 minutes after that. We were told the restaurant was short-handed that night, and the poor waitress who served us was literally "running" to accommodate each diner. I felt so sorry for her, however, if the restaurant did not have enough staff in the kitchen, no cocktail waitress and less than needed servers, Chevy's should have told their customers and we would have returned another evening. When we did get our order (Taste of Chevy's), there was very little to it, compared to the usual amount we get when we order the Taste of Chevy's). I can't recall exactly, but I believe the Taste of Chevy's is around $14.00, and we were VERY disappointed, to say the least. I think we should be entitled to some type of compensation for having to wait to even get water and chips and salsa, then an extremely long time to have our order taken and then receive our order. We were in that restaurant well OVER an hour, when it should have only taken 35-40 minutes at most. Again, if Chevy's was unable to SERVICE their customers in an appropriate manner, they should have turned other guests away and not have more come into the restaurant at that time. Sincerely, Susan Kroneberger 427 Andrea Circle Livermore, CA 94550 (925-583-5467)


Service at the new San Jose Plant location is awlful..Spoke with manager Adeline and she apolized and said she would send appetizer vouchers to get us to go back.. blah blah..nothig ever came so I said ok .let me call her again...and she has avoided my calls since ....well..so much for that huh ? me and my family will never go back there ..its the worst ..dont even waste your time .

Chevys in Greenbelt has very good service up until the GM comes into the picture..ive never seen a staff turn from happy and outgoing to sad and disturbed because one doesnt know how to treat his employees with respect. I am a frequent customer at this location, and i love the staff. That man Wayne is obnoxious. I would never treat my employees that way!! Never! Something needs to be done for that poor staff that has to deal with that man!

waitress - Kia - asked for drink orders, leaving chips and salsa on the table - no napkins, no menus ordered crab and shrimp quesadillas and, for the first time ever, had no visible signs of shrimp AND they had put diced with skin potatoes into the mixture. When I asked the waitress about a change in the recipe, she was surprised and would ask in the kitchen. A manager/owner? came by at that time and said the my order had ALWAYS had potatoes. I maintain that I have always ordered the quesadilla as my entree and have never encountered bites of potatoes! On our way out the manager/owner? said that he would do something about the potatoes, but that it would cost him 5 points in his ratings? Also, saw no signs of any of the wait staff we know or have seen in the past. What has happened to that location that there would be a complete change over of staff? Chevy's has been our restaurant of choice for several years, but after our recent experience, it will be some time before we go back. Potatoes in a quesadilla indeed!

Chevy's San Ramon locked their doors 15 minutes early, and were VERY unfriendly to us. Last time I was here, the black manager wouldn't speak to us. I decided to try again, as I stay in the Marriott next door several times a month, so it's convenient. I will never eat here again, and will tell everyone I know. I am an executive in the telecom industry. Time to clean some house...

Chevy's in Dixon Ca. Not nearly up to the standard it was before. We almost had to beg for service to order a drink after waiting about fifteen minutes in a dining room that wasn't a fourth full. The chips were stale and tasted of old oil. The meals were VERY dry including the chicken and the beef in the tacos and faitas. This Chevy's used to be good with good service and good food. No matter where we are, we feel we can alway count on Chevy's to have great food that never varies in quality. That was not the case today, Nov.14,2010 at 4 PM. We were a party of nine and no one was completely satisfied with the meals.

chevys just seems to get better and better. the service is tremendous we just cannot ask for more. see you soon.

I would like to say that I am very disappointed in the service That Chevys Newark gives. They had 5 servers and not One got near to ask what we wanted. took 15 min just to take My order after I ask an employee that walk by If not because I ask them it would of taken longer. It also surprises me that the manager look at Us and saw that we didn't have anything on our table And didn't bother to tell the servers .Corp office should Really do something about it don't go eat at Chevys Newark Unless you want crappy service.

I suggest that the Chevys in Bloomington IL invest in new table tops in the indoor dining areas. The existing table tops are always sticky and apparently can no longer be cleaned properly. It is disconcerting to have one's forearms stick to the table.

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