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You are all commenting on the wrong store! Read address at top!

I think alot of the commenters are confusing the New York Jewelry store called Cellini Jewelers with the one called Celini Jewellers in Langley, Canada. They are spelled differently one with 2 L's, the other without and in completely different places with different owners. If you could read the address and info at the top of this page, you would have noticed that! So you are all leaving reviews for the wrong store! Look before you leap guys!

Omg okay so I have so much to comment on!! First off-HOW FREAKING AWESOME ARE THOSE BM DRESSES!!! When I saw them I acalulty commented OUT LOUD about them. (thankfully no one was home!) secondly-that ring is GORGEOUS! Totally fits your personality! Thirdly-(haha I may have a lot of numbers) I love the idea of the feathers, LOVE it. I was gonna have feathers in my floral bouquet but changed it to lace last minute. But with the dresses!! It looks amazing.

To Whom it may concern, My husband bought me a pair of pearl earrings, unfortunately I had to return them,I ended up getting something I really did not want as I felt pressured to buying something. We wanted a refund which we were told will not happen. The sales woman was not a friendly person and I would never want to deal with her again, in fact, she is a person that should not be dealing with the public. She passed us on to another man whether he was assistant manager I don't know but he was equally rude and told us to read the tiny sign at the cash register which said no refunds but a cash voucher would be issued and would be good for a year. Nice Christmas present, what would happen if I never found what I wanted, are sales that bad that you would not give a customer back their money and have that customer come back at a later date,at this point this Celini Jewellers at Willowbrook Shopping Centre, has the rest of our money and I am being forced to go back and spend it to a shop that does not deserve my custom..

I have to tell you I am so pleased and overwhelmed by the service myself and my cousin from Manitoba got from one of your sales clerks named Ada. Both my cousin Daphnie Onske and myself had some jewelery from our late grandmother, she had a broken locket which had the back off, and wanted to buy a pendant heart to have this locket attach to it to make it a nice necklace, Ada found the perfect necklace which could be attached and helped Daphnie plan how it would be best to do this, as this locket was a Mizpha lettering on it and a verse from the bible on it, was so important that none of this would be touched, it came back just perfect what a gorgeous piece of jewelery now. I happen to have got a ring with Mizpha on the front top of ring and the ring was broken at the back Ada suggested to put on a half shank, it came back just beautiful, and looks like new, and you can really see the lettering so clearly now on both pieces. We are both so pleased and happy, both of these pieces are a heirloom which will be passed down for generations. Our thanks to Ada what a wonderful and kind person she is, you have to be proud of her as your employee. I will be shopping again at your Willowbrook store in Langley from now on. Thank-you ever so much from both Daphnie and myself.

I have been getting no satisfaction from the cellini jewelers in the Langley Mall BC. Canada. It has been over a year now and I just want what I asked for. They have my ring in the store which was ordered wrong by the assistand manager. I picked it out myself and when I eventually got it about 3 months later it was not what was ordered. I had this special made with just 2 stones in she sent out the wrong ring and it came back with 2 stones in but then the rest had been filled in with white stones. At that point she knew she had made a mistake and sent it back and then got my two stones in all the way around. The stone colour was a ruby and a green so this ring looked like a Christmas ring. Also it was a family ring that she had made up with the gold down both sides of the ring. She is not going to admit she made a mistake. I would NEVER have ordered a family ring. I ordered my Husband and my own birthstone. I picked it out I know what I ordered. I want some answers on this. I paid around $500.00 and now they want to make me another ring and charge me another $500.00 When I went in the store we asked her if they make up rings to someones specifications and she said yes. I picked the one out and I don't know how she mixed my order up but I would like my money back or to be able to get what I asked for. This has been over a year and they do not want to accept their mistake.

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