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I bought two sundaes on a Wednesday from the Carvel located at Bay Shore Road, Bay Shore, New York, and thought the medium was $3.99 each. My bill was almost $10.00. I was told the $3.99 did not include toppings. I have never heard of this. What good was my coupon?

No reply!

I've sent 3 message through the Carvel website since April (it is now June), with not one reply! When you call the 800 number on the website, it is an annoying loop for retail stores only - what about customers? I have three gift certificates for Carvel that none of their stores will honor. What has happened to Carvel?

Mother's Day Cake !

I had the worst experience at your Carvel place in Avon, Connecticut. I bought a Mother's Day cake and had a two dollar coupon and the manager still charged me 22.00 dollars for a small 7 inch cake. I later learned that the same cake could have been bought at a local grocery store for half the cost, 10.99. Why the huge price difference ? I have written numerous times to Carvel and have gotten zero reply ! This is a poor way to conduct business ! I will never again buy anything from your company for the above reasons ! I feel like, I have been ripped off ! This Avon store is on West main Street in Avon, Conn. They will never see me again !

not the way business should be done

Went to the carvel location at 107 mill rd in Staten island, NY, where I was refused service because the kid working there had to take hos 10 minute break.....he sighed in disgust, rolled his eyes and said "well, people keep coming in" really?.....date of incident was 4-9-13 at approx 635.....i dont think i need to remind you that turning away customers is good business practice

Hi, Im writing in to express a complaint against the Carvel Ice Cream store on Hylan Boulevard, S.I. NY. I have been a customer of that store for 30 years and went in last night at 10:20 pm to get milkshakes for my family. I was told the soft serve ice cream machines had already been cleaned and that I cannot get soft serve ice cream after 10:00 pm even though the store is open until 11 pm. Wednesday is buy one get one soft serve ice cream. So I asked if they could make my shakes with hard ice cream and the guy said I would not be offered the buy 1 get 1 free deal if I purchased the hard ice cream. So I took my daughter and walked out. If the store does not post signs that soft ice cream is not available after 10 pm, why should I be excluded from getting soft serve ice cream at 10:20 pm ?? After being a loyal 30 year customer, Im not sure why I was treated unfairly. May have to go someplace else for my families treats from now on or buy the ice cream and make it myself Regards, Karen A. Ruggiero

I had placed and order 2 days befor over the phone after visiting my near-by Carvel Ice Cream store. I went to several differet franchises that specialize in ice cream cakes in the area. I had fell in love with your dora cake that was in the book under nick toons. I recived a call saying that the printed was broken and was not able to get a picture. I than explained to the lady on the phone that the cake was painted and had figurines on top she said"oh ok". I went to pick up the cake and it was a plain cake with no dara for a 3 yearold birthday. I sent over $200 on dora decor for my house and i don't have a cake to put it all together. I am very upset that i took the time to shop around to find the perfect cake for my daughter and was disapointed. I took the cake paid for it so at least she had one. Not a happy coustomer.

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