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East ride carmike

Power went out and the movie went out, and they refused to give us a refund.

E Gift Card

ordered E-Gift Card as a gift for Christmas. The card never arrived by email. Have called several times and still nothing has been done. They are very hard to get a hold of, not answering the phone at corporate. Very fishy and do not recommend.

Frequent visitor but have concerns about cleanliness

I am curious if the Franklin, TN theater ever has the theater seats steam-cleaned? While I appreciate that the floors aren't sticky, I don't think the seats are ever given any maintenance.

Cancellation of The Interview

I commend you for canceling The Interview. I don't think that story line should ever been made into a movie. Sony is getting what it deserves and hopefully they will think twice next time before accepting a script that is controversial and threatening to our country.


Me and my 2 kids visited the Carmike 6 in Dothan, Alabama. I was harassed and assaulted by a couple in the same auditorium auditoriums we were. I told the door attendant to call security/cops. The guy got the manager instead and she was of no help. I was upset and she said I needed to calm down. She also stated my kids were upset because of me. I was just bullied by a man and assaulted by his wife in front of my kids.... and she didn't think that was what upset them!? While she's trying to be a psychologist, the couple rushed out of the theater and the cops showed up after the matter. This horrible incident was carelessly handled by management and staff!! I will never go back here if I am in the Dothan area!!

Nasty Theater

The Carmike Cinema Theater in Pace, Florida is poorly managed in several areas. First, The theater is so filthy, I am afraid to touch anything. The carpet is black with dirt and soil !!!! Good thing the lights are low or no one would sit on the seats!!! The exterior of the building is just as bad. Kids are allowed to do whatever they want to on the premises! Something needs to be done or this theater won't have decent people attending movies there.

local professional

We in Fernandina area are excited about a new, stadium seating Carmike coming. However we are unsure if that means we will finally get a bigger spectrum of movies? Many good films never leave Jacksonville theaters. That means many travel to the competitors such as TinselTown and Regency. Many movie buffs out here on Amelia Island

Why such negativity?

Why are there so many comments about such petty issues? First of all, there is a disclaimer directly beside the comment box telling you that this site is not affiliated with Carmike Cinemas in any way. Second, asking for cash back because the theater's heat was broken??? Really??? Sounds like you just wanted to see a free movie. I have not been to Carmike Cinemas since I was a kid, but will see my next movie there, because I would like to give them a chance and try to find some positive things to say about them.

Poor and unfair treatment of staff personnel !

On May 6 2013 , my son and 4 other employees at the movie theater located at Saint Lucie West Florida was fired because their cash register were short of cash . The manger told them that they have to firer them right now even though its a strong possibility that it may be a computer problem. The mangers at that movie theater have very bad interpersonal towards their employees as while for their customers. I strongly recommend no one to go to that movie theater.


After reading some of the comments here, it is evident that most are idiots. Here's why: 1) Previews are selected by the production company for the movie. Don't like the previews? Tough. It's not the theaters fault. 2) You're not FORCED to buy pop and popcorn! Is it too expensive? Don't buy it! 3) Lines are long. Especially for popular movies. Don't like it? Wait for the DVD. 4) Theaters are generally pretty cold inside because when you get 100+ people inside, it can raise a theater's temp by 10-15 degrees. So if you're the first there, shut up and stop complaining. It'll warm up soon. Please, let's agree to use common sense from now on. For the good of America. 90% of the problems in America is your stupid perceived notion, which is almost always wrong. Educate yourself, America. It'll do a world of good.

inhumanity to the handycap people

on 1/13/13 I decided to go with my wife to the movies at carmikes cinema in sebring fl I bought the tikets to see the hobbit and when was going in the female manager at noon time told me I could go in with my bottle of water I explain to her that i had a kidney transplant and that i had to be drinking water every hour and that to the fact that i was in a handycap budget i could pay 5.50 for a bottle of water her reply was that she did not care and that i could not go in theater I only wonder when the handycap peoples hear about this in media whats there reaction go to be carmike might have shut down because most of the people in the town of sebring fl are handycap pepole and i am sure i am not the only kidney transplant person here.

I just took my two small children to see the cartoon movie "paranorman" (rated PG) at the carmike theater on Stephenson. I am so horrified that the theater played rated R and rated PG 13 movie trailers. My brother-in-law was recently murdered, so it is a sensitive issue for our family right now. The movies they showed trailers for are "looper" with Bruce Willis and "taken 2". My son just saw murdering on a big screen. He said he wanted to go home and got very upset. I spoke with the manager and he said that paranorman is supposed to be rated PG 13 and he gave me my money back when I told him that it was advertised as PG. when I got home I looked up "looper" and saw that it is rated R. 

People, this website it NOT the actual carmike cinema headquarters website. It's just a yellow pages directory to help you reach them. I see some true and valid complaints here but if you think the Carmike people are reading them, you are mistaken. Contact them the right way! PS, for the most part, the LaGrange GA Carmike is a decent place with good people. They did lose an AWESOME manager there a year or so ago (he got promoted, so good job!) but things are usually pretty well run (apart from one apathetic teenager, the help usually cares). We know ahead of time there are going to be 25 minutes of previews and so usually go a bit late.

I was fired for something I didn't do

Attended the 6:50 p.m. showing of "Madea's Witness Protection" @ your Carmike 18 location on Koger Blvd. in Greensboro NC. Very BAD experience. The box office was not open, customers were lined up out both doors. There was one attendant behind each of your concession counters. This attendant was selling tickets,handling cash and credit cards, serving food, popcorn and drinks, this is very unsanitary, while the manager stood @ the rear of the lobby taking tickets. The only action that your manager took was to keeping telling your concession attendants to quote "speed it up". Poor customer service and bad sanitation. Unsatisfactory.

Went to see Prometheus in DuBois, Pa at the Carmike Cinema. The sound was so bad that my son and I walked out. No surround and the speakers they did have were blown out, nothing but rattling and distortion. Demanded my money back and got it. No wonder movie theatre viewing is down, $11.75 for crap, It is more enjoyable to stay home, the sound is better.

Concerning the event at the South Pike Cinema in Sarver,Pa. on May 20th as written by anonymous, I witness the event and the manager was completely out of order. The 3 individuals did wait until the church service was over and only went into the theater after the patrons had left. As they sat quietly watching the "clean-up" crew remove their props, the manager stormed up to them and berated them for disobeying his orders as to when they were suppose to enter the theater. I was astonished to see such behavior in a general manager of a theater. On the way out of the movie one of the three gentlemen questioned the manager as to why they were singled out as others had done the same thing, incuding me. After some exchange of words, the manager threatened to call the local police if they did not leave immediately and told them they are banned from ever returning. I would hope that the corporate managers of Carmike Cinemas check into this incident and fire the current manager of the South Pike Cinemas in Sarver, Pa. He was rude to these individuals and owes them an apology. They had done nothing wrong.

My rating for the post I made earlier for South Pike Cinemas in Sarver should have read one star, not 5.

My dad, my friend, and I have been going to Southpike Cinemas in Sarver, PA for years. We very rarely had any problems, aside from a movie starting five minutes later than it should have, which didn't really bother us at all. But today, we went to see Battleship. Prior to that movie beginning, they had a church service going on in that theater and the General Manager told us to wait for the service to get done with. So we sat for a few minutes and waited for a friend to return from the restroom. Then we went up, as one other gentleman had. The General Manager came storming up there to tell my dad and I that we were supposed to wait for the manager to escort us to our seats. At no point in this incompetent manager's lecture to us did he say that we were to wait for him to escort us, like little school children, to be seated. This manager did not address the other man who had come into the theater like this, and he did not address other people who were coming in at that time. Yes, the church people were still cleaning up their props at the time, but we have gone in before as they were cleaning up on other incidents and had no trouble. Apparently this manager had a bad attitude this day and decided to single out my dad, my friend, and I. After the movie, my dad confronted this manager and he threatened to have us removed by the police. The guy wanted us gone no matter what. It was discrimination of some sort, but I don't know what kind. He reacted to our minor mistake by threatening to call the police and telling us that we're banned from the theater. I (and I know I speak for my friends when I say this) will never go to another Carmike theater again. I know that these are the actions of just one general manager, and so if this manager were to be replaced or perhaps demoted to janitorial duty (no offense to janitors), we would return.

Last night my husband and I went to the midnight showing of Avengers. Well as we were waiting for the movie to begin there was about a half hour worth of previews, which usually I don't mind. As soon as the move started I has to rush to the bathroom because I started to throw up. I ran back into the movie grabbed my husband and said we have to go now I'm really sick. I asked to speak to a manager to get a refund or at least get a free set of tickets for my husband and I so we could come back and see it a different night. The manager decided to tell me "you've already seen 30 mins of the movie I can't refund and our cash tills are already put away." Well needless to say I was furious considering I didn't see 30 mins of the movie I saw 30 mins of previews and then nothing of the movie because I was sick throwing up in the bathroom. We paid 30 dollars for a movie that I didn't get to see at all. Great Falls, MT way to go in your choice of a movie theater.

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