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My mother has been my rock. I swear she is stgoernr than anyone I've ever known. She is the only one that has stayed by my side through the bad and the worse. She never made me feel bad about being depressed. She moved into my house to care for my 2 boys and me. When I was bedridden for months, she kept my house going, kept my boys safe and happy. If not for her, I know I would have never made it out.My children, that's a very sensitive subject for me. I know I put them through hell, especially when I was going through all the problems and paranoia with my ex-husband, their father. They were middle school and elementary school aged and probably did not understand what was going on. I regret that time I lost with them. I know it has and will continue to have an effect on their lives. I hope that they understand one day that I never stopped loving them even through all the bad times. Thoughts of them were some of the strongest feelings and happy thoughts that helped pull me through.My current husband. Bless his heart. He really doesn't deserve to have to put up with all my issues. I mean they're mine, not his. But, unfortunately he got the good with the bad. When I met him I was in a good phase. Two years after we married, I was in the bad, real bad phase. He puts up with my mood swings. He puts up with my tears and the lack of emotion my RX sometimes brings. He puts up with the next to zero sex drive. But, there are times I know that he blames himself. Sometimes at night, I can hear him cry and it breaks my heart because I feel like I did that to him. I love him and tell him all the time that he doesn't deserve to be stuck with someone like me, but he stays and that makes me love him all the more.

The family sluhod actively participate in their senior's home care. It is true that home care offers a reassuring and personalized setting. But before hiring a home care agency always check if they have a which gives the family an oversight on how care is being administered.

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