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The Hardest Working Folks in the Biz

My local (Albuquerque) CORT Furniture Rental goes above and beyond to make me look like a star. They work hard, within my budgets and ever changing timelines and always deliver quality goods at affrodable prices. I only wish their corporate headquarters could send them more inventory and more current lines of furnishings - we are always running low or running out of items locally.

The worse customer service

Just recently made a purchase and the customer service was horrible. I used the Catonsville location and initially the staff I spoke with was very pleasant until delivery day. My furniture was missing pieces , damaged, dirty and definitely not "showroom presentable" as stated in their guarantee. A stool was missing a leg and the delivery guy offered me a piece of cardboard. It had dirt in the seat and he returned with Pet Resolve and sprayed in on my leather stools. The some light i purchased was bent and had a dent in it, the bar was missing the shelving. I made it very clear at the point of sale that I was keeping not renting. Nightmare. I called and voiced my concerns to the manager and basically he stated that there no guarantees as to how soon this could be fixed.

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