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if you are going to have music on your programs all viewers would like you to turn it down, we can not here the dialoge of the actors. this needs to stop .


I cannot understand how you can charge a cable company for us to watch your programs when if I had a HDTV or a convertor (for older TV) I could watch it free. I will be forced to pay money to move my services from Time Warner if you cannot reach a settlement. It not only hurt them but it also hurts you also since all other stations are not charging the amount you are asking for.

I was very disappointed this morning to turn CBS sports on and see that Phil Michelson had won the British Open BEFORE it was televised at its scheduled time. It was bad enough that it was televised only on ESPN in live time this year, (what happened CBS ?) for those of us that can't afford cable reg. TV is all we got. I hope next year CBS you can get your S#*t together and we can watch the B. O. in real time! or at least watch it before you disclose the winner.

Big Brother

I have been watching Big Brother since its first show. I am disgusted with all the racial slurs that Aaryn is saying. I think it is time for CBS to intervene and remove herfrom the show. I feel sorry for her, but this cannot continue. I think BB will lose a lot of viewers if this continues.

No soaps on CBS

I am very unhappy with CBS at the moment, here in Fla. they have that darn Zimmerman trial introrupting the shows that are suppose to be procasted during the day, especially the Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. I have called Direct TV and spoke to them in length and they said that those 2 soaps are only being shown on CBS only. That they would not let Direct TV broadcast them anywhere on there Satilite. Thanks for nothing CBS.

golf programming

Was watching Framer's Insurance Open on Golf Channel until 4 pm EST. Then switch to my local CBS station (WBOC) to watch finish only to find out my local station is not carrying the finish. If you are going to get start time changed for finish of tournament and take it away from someone else then all should carry that change or leave it for someone ..ie..Golf Channel, to carry

I have tried to contact the CBS HQ Number in NY for a Game that was to be on and Was not change On Time and As advertized "Jet and The Steelers". By Law and NFL rule this game is to be changed at 3:18 if they switch to temp games to kill time. This was not done and CBS broke the LAW They left the DAMN Ravens and Eagles game on till completed. I have NFL Ticket but the Game was black out due to being a National Game. CBS Did not broadcast what they advertized and change till the other NON- Advertized Broadcasted game was completed. Bottom Line you lied to the public and did not follow the NFL rules. Then you hung up on me and never even take the call just hung it up (pick up and down) Not very professorial So I am going to pursue this with my lawyer and the NFL because I'm tired of corporations Like CBS NOT doing what they say their going to do.. We are tired of it.. So Lets use the LAW and rules You under, This was BS!, CBS. We missed the Whole 1st Quarter for a game that was not EVEN Advertized...

I am SO excited to see you guys get this kind of posvitie publicity! It's wonderful to see good news broadcast, and perhaps this will help our group grow even bigger. I tell everyone about how easy it is to pay it forward through It Starts With Us and Love Drop (even though I don't check in like I should sorry). Thank you both for starting a great organization.

the goodwife show was more than disgusting,two men kissing and talking about having a orgasm.will stop me from watching the show again.it went to for for me.it was one of my favorite shows


i have been watching the cbs evneing news since i can remember. i still watch it but i am worried about whats golng on . the people just not getting it are they do,nt care, are wishing it will go away . my local cbs station KFVS in cape girardeau missouri. i know whats you are thinking thats the home of rush limbaugh true . rusty not around let get back to my to my thoughts on your evening broadcast you show the stock markets which is very important but what i like to also is THE PRICE OF CRUDE OIL ! this is also important to all of US . good program tonite about the gulf , child obeasty, oyeah the first ladies plane . think katie doing a find job and all the folks dan, connie,dan and in my book walter KING of all evening news thank you all also! a loyal watcher

I have been watching the UK vs Ohio State game. I would like to inform the CBS headquarters how pathetic your broadcasting was of this game! For your crew, it was obvious who they were for. Too bad they (Ohio State) lost! During every timeout except for two highlights, OSU was shown. Sullinger's dunk was shown at least 10 times if not more. Guess what KENTUCKY had some good plays too. GO CATS!!!

I have watched Two and a Half Men since the beginning and liked it until about a year ago. At that time I noticed the decline and change in Charlie Sheen and this year the decline in the writing of the show. I no longer care to watch this show, it is no longer humorous. CBS does have two winners in Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly.

To Whomever is in charge of programing Why did you think it necessary to replace the morning show staff of Maggie Dave Harry and the rest of the group with this group you now have. The girl doing the weather is a joke compared to Dave. I hope in the near future you wise up and realize what a jewel you had in him , and the previous crew.

CBS is not what it advertises. Twice this season they have decided to switch their NFL football game from the one it was on to the another. Today Steelers to KC --- if I would have wanted to watch KC that would be ok! But of course, it was and for a little over three quarters it was. Your corporate office in NY was not very nice, nor was I in a way. But you are what you advertise. The last straw has come and it looks like direct TV from now on. Thank goodness there is competition and now I see why there is no longer a big 3, so to speak in the Network world.

hello this i worse than poor!!!!!!!!!!!!! last night i tuned into the letterman show as usual. i could not believe what i was hearing. this is in regard to the rescue of the miners in chile. letterman was cracking jokes one after the other about the miners . the jokes were horrible one after another non stop. it got so bad rude etc etc etc.i turned the channel. your writers ought to be fired and letterman also for even willing to read such crap in the middle of the tear jerking resscue of these brave men and their familys it will be a long time before i and all the people i know will watch this show again. your writers will do any thing for money and what i dont understand is how corporate okd such a thing. very sad.

I found it outrageous and offensive that while watching the Alabama South Carolina college football game on October 9, 2010, CBS finds it neccessary to display a New York Life advertisement ON THE FIELD DURING PLAY. HOW GREEDY ARE YOU PEOPLE??? Air your freaking commercials WHEN ITS TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL. I DONT WANT TO BE FORCED TO WATCH ADVERTISEMENTS BEAMED ON MY TV SCREEN RIGHT BEFORE A PLAY HAPPENS. TRUST ME YOU CORPORATE BLOODSUCKERS, I WILL STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL ALLTOGETHER IF THIS IDIOTIC IDEA GETS ANY TRACTION. I will certainly stop watching CBS in its entirety. We THE CONSUMER are contantly bombarded with more commercials and less programming as the years go by. I am sick of the collusion between Universities and corporations like New York Life, and the shills/pimps like CBS that abuse the consumers right to a FREAKING FOOTBall GAME WITHOUT ON FIELD ADVERTISEMENTS DURING PLAY. ITS BEYOND ANNOYING, IRRITATING, AND REPREHENSIBLE. ITS AMERICAN GREED COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!! I WILL NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM NEW YORK LIFE. I ALSO URGE FOOTBALL FANS TO CONTACT CBS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE THE GAME OF FOOTBALL ALONE. DO NOT CONTINUE TO MONETIZE COLLEGE FOOTBALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VIEWER.

My family in California was waiting for the US Open final match for men to begin at 1:00 PM. The scheduled football game was completed, and then the end of another football game. Next came highlights of various football games until about 1:30 PM. CBS did announce that tennis was coming up, but the announcer did not explain that there was a rain delay until much later. CBS just kept showing football. Why didn't you announce that there was a rain delay at the scheduled time of 1:00 PM? I had to go to the Internet to find out what was happening. It should have been only logical to the person in charge to provide a complete explanation about why your network was not switching to this very important tennis match at the scheduled time. CBS didn't switch to the tennis stadium until nearly 1:45 PM. We did not appreciate being kept in the dark about the details of this delay. Please don't let it happen again.

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