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I go to this burger king very often on tropicana and pecos Las vegas nv

Cashiers Not Always Trained

At least at the Las Vegas, Nevada Burger Kings, I have found the cashiers routinely don't seem to know the value of different coins. It may seem minor to be off by 3 cents but if one cashier is continuously doing this, think how much profit just one brings in everyday. If I was hiring cashiers at a grocery store for example and I saw an applicant is a Burger King cashier, I would think twice before hiring that person because based on my experience, in Las Vegas, NV anyway, of all the different fast food places I've gone to, Burger King is the worst one for giving the correct change, coin wise anyway.

Often Badly Trained Cashiers

I'm often given the wrong change because Las Vegas Burger King employees don't seem to know how to count coins. Many of these cashiers must have a hard time keeping a cashier job somewhere else.

Policies for lost check

I believe it is wrong that a former, unfortunately, employee has to pay to stop an employment check due to the inadequacies of the Postal department. Its been three months since I moved to California and the Post Office seems to have lost my check. Is this the way to treat employees? On another note, I've tried to apply to various locations here and no one will hire me. I have 20 plus years of customer service experience with 6 months current experience at BK in Fort Mohave, Az., and I'm not to their standards.

what a rude drive thru girl. Wrong order

Look 2 wrong order 2/5on big chicken dose any at burger king do there job correctly? Well im tired of paying my good money for something I didn't Order! I will be passing this up instead of it being lost.

Tried to redeem our Family Fued ticket.... We were told no because it showed too much wear. I told them that was jank and then they gave me cold food! Wth? (the stupid little ticket is going to get a bit scratched in a pocket, wallet, glove-box... We clearly did not try to fraudgently get a free smoothy with our $23 food order. Seriously? Eureka CA store 3032. August 28th, 2012 6:25pm

I had to contact your corporate headquarters for help with from the hr department, was given a website that was useless because it lead to nowhere. The information I needed was time sanative because my son's medical insurance with a different insurance, I needed information so he would not need to apply again but because of the lack of communication your company gives he now has to reapply and hopefully he will be eligible for the insurance. I was given a bogus website for help, it did not, and from what I read from other posts, I am not the only one given a bad website for help!

My personel opinion is that there is a serious need for corporate to come to Oroville,CA to inspect for theirself about how customers are actually treated... I was hurt by employer / manager, shocked about the way I was treated. NO respect for his employers today. Poor management on his part. I felt like someone out there would want to Know. Today is my Birthday and for a treat I choose to eat Burger King only to have my feelings hurt by this man Rick my order #92 and 93 I attempted to order Free frys for my family after all I was ordering more items at that time also, when he came and scolded the young lady who had taken my order that she wasn't allowed to do that, sternly, she apologized to us both. Instead of being rationiztic about this he never once explained to his fellow workers about how he chose to run his shift. When I had asked him show me where it was posted! He just barked, "That is the way it is." I am a mother and grandma I was very disappointed in Burger King today! So unfair, I do have feelings.. Thank You, Peggy

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