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This Burger King is located on East Chase Pkwy, Ft Worth Tx I give Jean, that is at work most week day mornings a 5 star plus She is great and always so pleasant But there are major problems here- with all the competition I am surprised with the issues within in this restaurant. I especially like the iced coffee from Burger King but cannot tell you how many times I go and there is no iced coffe- how can there be no iced coffe when it is on the menu? After several times I found out that the 'night' crew did not make their preparations. Most of the employees, other than Jean do not seem to know what they are doing or maybe do not care. I do continue to go beacuse of Jean but I am at a point that I am ready to quit going to Burger King all together. There seems to be major problems in this location. People do make a difference and the service here is consistently bad.

Burger King Restaurant located at Grant and Amherst street in Buffalo NY is one of the worst dining experiences I've ever had. At 11am when lunch hour really just started I ordered an original chicken meal that was freezing cold as if was sitting out for hours. Both the sandwich and onion rings were disgusting. I will never visit another Burger anywhere ever again. Not to mention I have never had a meal from any Burger king that I would even consider feeding a dog. The entire staff including the manager was ignorant and extremely rude. This was the worst costumer service experience I have ever had. I guess the reality is at Burger King you shouldn't expect anything more since it is "fast food". The food is really unhealthy had contributes to making a huge number of Americans obese and poisoned with processed foods and food stuffs. What a joke!

once again, we went to the knightdale n.c. burger king, ordered 2 no 1s[whopper combos] and specifically asked for NO MAYONASIANE, alas, once again we got mayo. store was more than happy to offer another sandwich,

Went to the in mesquite texas and they microwave the food

Shanda Johnson 3934 South Arlington Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90008 April 6, 2011 Burger King 3036 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90016-4263 To whom it may concern, I purchase food for my daughter (5yrs old) and myself and later became very sick. I purchase the children meal (chicken, fries and an apple juice) and just a sandwich for myself (whopper with cheese). We were at the store located at 3036 Crenshaw in the city of Los Angeles, Ca. After 30 min of eating the sandwich, I became sick to my stomach and began vomiting and unable to keep anything on my stomach within a 24 hour period. Later that evening, my daughter had the same reaction and she began vomiting in her sleep violently. It not only alarmed me, but it put her in a real panic, she began crying and it was coming out from both ends, I even had to keep her out of school the following day (4/6/11). Today, 4/6/11, I contacted the store and spoke with Kevin (assistant manager), who reluctantly wanted to give me his name or the manager's name. After trying to explain the condition of both my daughter as well as myself, he stated “he had other things to do" and could no longer help me out. I tried to get the number to the cooperate office and he did not want to give it to me. He was very rude and his customer skills were unacceptable, being that I had gotten sick from food from that location. To top the whole unacceptable behavior from Kevin, he just put the phone down in the middle of my conversation and never came back. I stayed on the phone to see how long he would be and he later came back and just put the phone on the hook. This type of behavior is unacceptable and I don't feel that I should have been treated that way. This kind of treatment from a person of management is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Sincerely yours, Shanda Johnson-Frazier 323.252.5780 Shandajohnson@aol.com CC: Burger King Cooproation Inc Better Business Bureau

Jonesboro location really bad!! Two weeks ago my husband wanted to try the new steakhouse jealopeano burger. The cashier was really hateful and she said that it would take 20 mins to cook. So we left. Yesterday we went there again and the same thing happen. They were busy and I counted about 13 tables did not get there food. I won't go there again!! They need to learn what customer service is all about!!

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