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Disability Discrimnation

My daughter with Down Syndrome had been led on to believe she had a job at the Fifth Avenue location in NYC. The manager then left abruptly and now Build A Bear is not honoring their commitment. I am telling everyone I know to boycott this company. Shame on you!

honor sales prices

Disappointed with the customer service. I noticed several sale signs for 25% off palace pets on a Tuesday morning when I took my girls. One of them purchased a palace pet and I did not receive the sale price and did not notice till the next day when I went over my receipt. I called and spoke to the person who rang me up and she said that the sale ended on Sunday and she took the signs down yesterday (Tuesday). I told her the signs were there when I was and she said that I would have needed to mention it then.. I purchased almost two hundred worth of stuff and I think she could have honored the sale price that was advertised. I won't be giving them anymore of my business just for the last of customer service and honoring what was advertised.


I am very upset that you have not provide sufficient reusable bags to sell. I wanted the items for Easter.

Nohting I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

Shoot!!! I just saw this post. We met at the Riverside (I think that's the name?!) Park above the Legacy Trail and river where Shari does her Thursday yoga class. There were just a couple of us (me, Kris and Stephanie) bsceuae we weren't coordinated enough to really get the word out. We did an 18 minute workout of lunges, butt kickers, high knees, side running, sit ups, push ups, tri dips and box jumps. We are thinking of trying to coordinate a Saturday workout there for people with kids who can't make the studio class. Kids had fun at the playground and it was GREAT to get some fresh air!

I truly love the build a bear concept. The thing I do not understand is why you have all of your products made in China. The lady who started Build a Bear is now a very wealthy lady. As a long term customer, I think it is time that build a bear starts giving back. The way to do this is to start making your bears and as many of your supplies here in America. I think that corporate patriotism is truly called for in this time of economic trouble. What would hurt is you cut your profit margins slightly, by doing the right thing and make American Build-A-Bears. Please help our country by making American Bears. A loyal customer, made more loyal if American made!!!! Sincerely, Burton Olesen

I didnÂ’t know where to find this info then koabom it was here.

That addresses sevrael of my concerns actually.

To Whom It May Concern, My school had a field trip to the Ridgemar Mall in Fort Worh, Texas. I work with the disabled children at the school. The gentleman who helped us was wonderful. He treated the children with the utmost respect. I call him the "undercover Santa" because that is what my students thought. I have never had someone be so receptive and loving. If there is an award you can give an employee he needs the best one you have got!!!! As a mother of a disabled child, we will go back every time to that Build A Bear! I hope that you let him know he is the best and my kids love him! He has given me the best Christmas ever...a smile from my students! Thanks so very much, Pamela McIntire pmcintire@aledo.k12.tx.us

To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter to notify you of my displeasure in one of your stores located in the Westchester Mall in NY. I am a single mother of four children. I was laid off my job in May of this year. I have been looking for employment every since then and have not been able to find work. My 18 year old son has been attempting to find employment as well to help out. This is not a requirement of him but I applaude him on his efforts. My son went into the store at this mall and filled out an application. But he noticed the attendant at the store ask her manager if she should keep the application and the manager nodded no and threw it in the trash. I believe it would have been best to do so once he left the store and not while he was still standing there. I can't say he would have been hired but atleast she should have waited till he left the store. Is this how you treat your patrons or just how you treat people in general. I am sure this will go nowhere because there is no way to look up my sons information since it was thrown in the trash immediately. I am sure this letter will meet with no response. Thank You Ms. Washington eraka_wash@yahoo.com

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