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You can see the old philosophy of big guys going down the drain .Dillard got as big as 265 lbs last year and weeihgd in at a trim 238 .Castille also dropped some pounds .as did Turner and Potter. I personally think Marlon should drop about 10-15 lbs.

Speaking of VA Tech, I think we'll win. We all know that our offense can score potnis and put up big yards, even if the defense were facing is good. We put up 39 on KU, 31 on USC, and not to mention the 73 against KSU. We all know our defense will be improved, but the real question is how good will the D actually be. Even if our defense isnt top-ten quality, I still think it will be good enough to stop the crappy VA Tech offense (especially now that Brandon Ore is gone). Also, were at home. All these fatcors seem to be in our favor and frankly, I dont think VA Tech is that great. Sure they're arguably to team in the ACC but the ACC sucks. VA Tech's offense is crap. All we have to do is score 30+ potnis and I think we win. Who else agrees with me?

Woah nelly, how about them appels!

You have shed a ray of snsuhine into the forum. Thanks!

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