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Good Chicken BUT too Salty

Please find a way to brine and roast your chicken using LESS salt. Salt is not good for our body and using less is better. I like your chicken BUT find that is is too SALTY. If you don't start using less salt... I may have to give up purchasing your chicken.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Boston Market chicken casear chicken salad is a RIP OFF they charge you $7.29 for a 5ozs of lettice and so little chicken you have to look for it. Then t he restaurant at 10759 W. Pico Bl, Los Angeles, Ca . tried to say the salad was the same as the one I bought on Sat. so they cheat you and try to treat you like your stupid. I will never go there again.

I went to the Boston Market on Brick Blvd in Brick, NJ on 9/11/11. Ordered (2) 1/4 white meals and (1) Brisket meal. We have been loyal customers for years at this location until now. After we got home we discovered that (1) meal was a thigh and a wing, instead of a breast and wing. I then called "Dan" the manager. His attitude on the phone was horrible and told me that he would have to see the meal for a refund. Extremely rude phone attitude! I then brought the meal back and wanted my money be refunded. He then accused me of half eating the meal and refused to issue a refund without the receipt. I then went to my vehicle to retrieve the receipt which I had dropped. I returned with the receipt and he then he refused to issue me a refund and asked for me to leave the store. I refused and words were exchanged on both sides. Finally he refunded the cost for all of the meals purchased (I did not ask for this, I only requested a refund for 1 meal). I have never been treated with such a rude nasty attitude from a manager. He got back from me the same nasty attitude that he gave me. He was actually taughting me into an altercation. The former managers at this location were extremely people friendly. I will never again set foot in this or any other Boston Market because of Manager "Dan". I will be following this up with a phone call to the corporate office.

Boston Market Pompano Beach Florida SUCKS!!!! They have the worst service,and the Store Manager ( KURT ) you suck also.. How in the world did you get that position.. I hope they shut Boston Market down !!! YOU SUCK !! You have the worst service on earth... DON'T EAT AT THIS STORE EVER !!!!!

i was at the hollywood blvd store in hollywood,fla. my email number is 4269sak@bellsouth.net. my time with the hollywood store,was not very good. i told 3 of them i had no PRINTER. they,told me go to a liblary. i go to that location from time to time. after, the treatment i got,you might not seem me for a long,while. my phone number is 954-290-4578. thank you,stuart

Whenever i am in the mood for a great home cooked meal i go to Boston Market. Its always tasty and hits the spot. However, my last visit was an awful experience and i will NEVER eat at BM again. It was late at night and through the drive through i could see the employees inside sweeping getting ready to close. I order the chicken, potatoes, and steamed veggies (the exact picture was on the menu) my dad orders the new BBQ sandwich. When i get my meal i check the bag and there were no steamed veggies, but mushy "new potatoes" the employee called them. I said "are these your steamed veggies"? and she replied " yes" and i said "why are they all mushed together like this? " and she said " when they are cooked they get mushed together" and i said "thats not what the picture on the menu showed".. and she said "oh those are our new potatoes". (So did she give me the wrong thing trying to make me believe that those were really the steamed veggies?, maybe because they were out since they were closing and didn't feel like making more..) So she tells me to pull up in the parking lot and they will cook me steamed veggies and bring them out to my car. Ten minutes pass.. no veggies. So my dad goes in the store and asks if the veggies are ready, the employee asks "HUH"? And my dad says the veggies you were supposed to bring out to my car and she replied oh i forgot!! How can you forget about your customer waiting in the parking lot for over ten minutes after screwing up the order. Finally when we get home my dad (who earlier this morning got the final touches on his root canal) is eating is BBQ sandwich pulls out a 2 inch bone (YES I MEASURED!). What if he bit down on that and cracked his tooth? Someone could really get hurt on that. i will be emailing corporate and will absolutely never eat at a place whose service is so unacceptable!!

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