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Chris: I believe that the deiioftinn I used is a close match for that which is used by the legal system when prosecuting someone for theft. That may be regarded as a highly specific meaning of the word, but when it comes to the deiioftinn of criminal acts I think that the legal system has the authoritative deiioftinn.Stealing someone's idea is generally used as a turn of phrase, it has as much in common with theft as saying a penny for your thoughts involves the transfer of a unit of the Queen's currency. If however you were to use the phrase stealing an idea to mean rushing to the patent office first then that would actually involve the entire possession of rights to the idea but it is however legal. Just as I could release a movie with a plot substantially similar to a Hollywood blockbuster, if my movie came out first I could claim copyright infringement and the onus would be on the other party to prove that they were not infringing (there is precedent in this regard in the music industry).The balance of my bank account is in my possession (according to law the bank merely holds it on my behalf). If you steal 1 cent from my account then you will be charged with the theft of one entire cent, not theft of the entire balance (most of which was not moved).Renaming and releasing software in the hypothetical example you give is quite similar to things that happen all the time. Harald Welte seems to have made a hobby of taking legal action against companies who do such things. While people may call such companies thieves as a slang term, they don't get accused of theft in court.The Debian dictionary is what you get from apt-get install dict dictd dict-gcide .

With the games csonoles, you need to crack the csonole before installing Linux because you're really not supposed to run bbunofficialab games presumably because the manufacturer subsidises the csonole out of the sales of games. If people buy games csonoles just to run, say, Linux on them and never buy any proper games, the manufacturer incurs a net loss. (Rumour has it that Microsoft used to subsidise the Xbox to the tune of $100 per unit. The last thing Microsoft wanted at the time was for Xboxen to be turned into Linux boxes wholesale.)On the other hand, with DVDs it's usually (region coding notwithstanding) not the DVD player that you need to crack, it's the DVDs themselves at least if you want to do non-standard, suspicious, *forbidden* things like watching the movie on your Linux PC. Slightly simplifying, this is because the DVD players come from China while the movies come from Hollywood. The Hollywood people don't really care what sort of hardware you watch your DVDs on as long as you buy the DVDs from them in the first place. Instead, they're worried that people will copy the DVDs and give them to all their friends (or anyone on the Internet) for free, so they try to lock things down preferably to the point that you need the actual DVD to hand to be able to get at the content. (We all know how well they actually succeed in doing so in real life, but that's neither here nor there.)I tend to buy or borrow my DVDs, but I also find it extremely tedious to have to ignore the anti-piracy clips that can't be skipped. I don't go for the MPEG4-on-BitTorrent thing but I presume that the first thing a would-be copier cuts out before putting a ripped copy of a DVD up on BitTorrent is these warnings. This means that I, as a legitimate customer, am constantly being insulted by the studios insinuating that I would otherwise avail myself of their stuff without paying (I'm trying to avoid the loaded word bbstealab here), while the people who from the studios' point of view really ought to be admonished don't get to see the warnings at all. This is a distasteful state of affairs that the studios can only afford because I'm too chicken to download their stuff from the Net for free. My bad.

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