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boost mobile

You lie,take my money and bought a phone you said would be unlocked and it's not,now I have a useless phone!!!

boost mobile

Lies and takes your money

managers help

Managers help sucks they don't do their jobs they like to C.T A , so they won't get in trouble by customers

very poor service

very poor service their supervisors lie and hang up on you

I changed my phone for a boost phone yet this phone freezes went let me do much no so happy should of just stuck with my old phone :<

Boost Mobile Has a Major Problem

Boost Mobile has a major problem. It is not a service you should use at all if you are shopping around for mobile service. Recently, it took me 37 seconds to get a call from a friend standing right beside me. Look around for another company. Don't use Boost.


Boost mobile has a lot to learn about character and integrity. They are sending customer directions on how to download the new operating system for the galaxy s2 but they are not warning them that it wont work. Not to mention once this happens you will be without a operating system on your phone therefore, your is not good to you. When I called boost they told me there was nothing they could do and to call Samsung. Samsung told me they could fix my phone but I would be two weeks without a phone. Phoned boost back I was told they could not give me a loaner phone but I could buy another phone and pay for over night shipping. Really, you are the reason my phone is not working in the first place with that corrupted program that you are sending to thousands of customer to download. As for me and my house we are saying buy to boost and hello to virgin mobile. I cant do a business with a company that wont stand behind an error they caused.

corporate not doing there job

Having the same problem... I thought I had bought a new phone, so they told me it was new and they sold me a used referbished phone. They tell me the insurance I have will not cover my phone. The owner of Boost at 12015 Perry rd. Houston tx77070 is allowed to send his used phones out to be fixed and resell them to you as new. I have learned a lesson from this. Boost will not help either. They just hang up on you. There are no concerns what so ever

Phone has been having problems since the second week of being purchased

I have been with this company for over 6 years and they have not resolved my problem in the way it needs to be resolved. I have been given 5 different numbers to call and none of the services provided are to help me with my issue. I have been paying for a defected phhone for 3 months and boost kept assuring me that the problem will be resolved and than they tell me to send them my phone for 7 to 21 days and how will that help me if that is my only source of income. They are basically telling me that that I can't make my money or communicate with any of my out of state business for up to 21 days. That wouldn't help anyone that purchased a defective phone the store should help me with a loner phone or the Corporate office needs to supply it. I am a very unhappy customer. All I wanted was a upgrade and I got a degrade. This issue needs to be resolved.

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