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Don't trust Ben Franklin

My exhusband used to work for BF in southwest GA, Austin,TX and now is in north GA working for them. I can tell you from experience that yes, they do what they can to charge the customer out the wazoo and then some. The employees get a commission from the jobs they do, so the more they do, the more they make in addition to their hourly wages. One of the franchises actually screwed my ex out of a large commission, he said, after he brought in a large job and worked the job himself (he's a master plumber). If you want to call a plumbing company that you feel is trustworthy and will do a great job, I'm sorry to say that I personally wouldn't call BF. They are just too money hungry. Besides, that is what franchises are about, making money.


ripped off for $1450 for a 40 gallon water heater/install. i will tell everyone about this. scammers


Was told that we needed a repair...cost of $368.00..we decided to get a second opinion...no repair was needed..we were being ripped off...shame on Benjamin Franklin..we do NOT recommend them to anyone!

Water hearter replacement

We live in MN and we recently had BF come out and repace our old water heater, I am verry pleased with their workmanship. They found some gas leaks we never knew we had. They also brought our chimney up to code with a new liner. I would reccomennd them highly. by LC

BF was worng

I will now add that another lumber came out to fix the shower faucet for the hot water. I was told at first it was Delta and later he changed it to Valley. There was no warranty because Valley is out of Business. My plumber had no issue find parts but based on the springs for valley which did not fit. Based on that he felt it was a Delta and not Valley. Since Delta is in business there should have been a warranty. I bought Delta handles and the worked fine. So I willnever use BF again!

Great Service Poor Warranty

We had a BF Plumber fix a Valley Faucet in my shower. The parts are no longer made but I was able to find parts on the internet which showed the diagram of my shower. BF rebuilt the part which I understood the part had no warranty. 18 days later the same faucet is leaking again. I called and was told "there is no warranty". I then said you mean" if the faucet leaks every 18 days it will cost me 198.00 each time. I will never use Ben Franklin Plumbing again.

I used to work for bf

Hello everyone I used to your for Benjamin Franklin in ca. Our company goal was to get as much money out of the customer as we could and try to sell them everything under the sun. One time I sold two tankless water heaters and a softener for $15,500. After the job taking three days with one helper the boss said there was no profit but gave me $100.00. For the bonus we are supposed to get 18% of any job we sell lol. I told him to keep it and put in my two weeks. Every Friday they have meetings to work on our sales pitch. The best decision I every made was leaving.

It depends on where you live, renialtuogs, and wadges in your area. In parts of the country it could be 5 times what it would be in other parts. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a used fixer up house. A trailer is always a trailer and depreciates. I guarantee you will have more into all the set up then the trailer costs. Around here sewer 15000, water only plumbing 3000, electrical 5000 to 8000( depending on how far the pole is), heating 4000 ( forced air), skirting 1500, carport 3000 to 4000,

Ya learn something new eveyrady. It's true I guess!

This artclie keeps it real, no doubt.

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