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I made 6 phone calls to your store in Michigan at 248 348 7900 and they answered the phone and promptly hung up. This is totally a waste of my time and your money. I was sent a $30.00 birthday gift card (email) and was hoping to use it tonight with my wife, but under the cercimstances it seems they do not wish to have anyone tonight. I am VERY disappointed and since I will be leaving to go out of state for the rest of the month, the coupon is worthless. Sincerely, Rev. George Jarrell, MDiv, BCC 25125 Jefferson Court South Lyon, MI 48178 (248) 486 2842 Thanks for listening and hope your day is much better

The dining experience and quality of food at your location in San Antonio was the worst I have had,it was my huband's birthday and wanted to make it special,we have lived in San Antonio and eaten at almost every restaurant.The restaurant is dingy and I believe only stays alive by the Omni and reputation,I couldn't even tell what meat I was eating and the waiter dropped the knife several times,wiping it off on his sleeve,gross.Also for those few people out there without computer skills,trying to make a reservation and not being able to talk to a person is discrimatory. Your restaurant is one we will not go back too.

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