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I'm curious ?

I have never tried Ben & Jerry's, but, I would like to sometime !

no complaints...an idea of my own

I've been a long time customer of all your products. I have one of my own. Today I'm posting a cinnamon-raisin-date bread; homemade by yours truly for you to try. I'd like to get your opinion of that and in particular; as a new flavor to your many impromptu imaginations of flavored ice creams! My idea is to have broken pieces of cinnamon raisin-date bread in cinnamon-flavored ice cream or frozen yogurt.Enjoy and let me know what you think.

creme brulle flavor

this is the best flavor i've ever had in your brand of ice cream. To my surprise in my local Publix supermaket I was told it is being discontinued. boo hoo PLEASE RECONSIDER

Hey Joe, 1st-learn how to spell and how to properly use a comma before trying to publicly slag someone. 2nd-stop being such a hater. I'm sure your statement will find you a hypocrite.

So when did Ben and Jerry's star putting high fructose corn syrup in there ice cream? So much for natural ice cream just, another product that I will do my best to tell people not to use.

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