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notice on web site says "try again in few minutes", it has now been several hours and the Popular web site is still down. Contact telephone number is not working. what is going on?

I am lost of words. Today i had to call the police from the bank. I go to the bank to cash a thousand dollar check and the teller did not even ask me if i would like to open up an account. Wich I would of if she would of ask, then she refuse to make me a copy when another nice teller agreed to then they told me forget it give her the check back and called security to force me out i called 911 I am not a criminal nor a thief and i was treated worse then. I asked for a manager or supervisor and jahaira diaz refuse to give me her name nor any positive assistance. another young lady finally came to my rescue Josephine pacheco she cash my check handle the situation better than Jahaira Diaz, Jahaira also disrespected Ms. pacheco by yelling infront of all customer telling ms pacheco what to do in a volgar manner 3956 w. north avenue, chicago il, 60647 that is where that lake of customer and human services are no where near healthy please i beg you guys not to go. Go where you will be

The worst service I have EVERY HAD.

Dear Sirs: I am very upset at the service you offer at your branch at 213 W 125th Street. I went there this morning to make a quick withdrawal with my atm card. I mistakenly left my card in the machine. I went in to see the manager immediately, who told me I had to wait until 2:30 p.m. today to receive my card back. I have a job and was on my way to work. I am not able to keep running back to your bank to pick up my atm card. This policy makes it very inconvenient for any customer who might make a similar mistake. Can something be done about this. Also, the manager was extremely rude to me when I asked to get my card back. These kind of people who represent your bank will make it very difficult to get new customers and because I am an active community person, I will definitely not recommend that anyone do business with your bank or use your bank for any kind of transactions. Frankly, I am surprised that your headquarters support this kind of treatment of people whether they are customers of your bank or not. I will be going back to that bank to retrieve my card but I will not do business of any kind with your bank. Sincerely, Cleo Silvers

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