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Fulfillment Needs Serious Overhau

I ordered two custom ottomans in January-they were finally delivered July 10, but were made incorrectly. Hope to get the right ones by Christmas :(

We purchased a sectional that was $7,000.00 at october 30 2014.After 5 deliveries (not in good shape) we have empty room.

Customre service

I have bought a lot of furniture from Arhaus and every time it takes forever for delivery and then there is always some pieces that are broken or are not in good shape, very dissappinting

First Time - Not So Good

We ordered a Barrester Bed, $3800 for the King. We saw other beds from Crate and Barrel and from Pottery Barn, but we were told the bed here was such great quality it was worth the price of almost $2000 more. Delivery was in one week! That week went by, and the bed came, torn in three places. What a disaster. Now we wait for a replacement bed. They were to call us today, and didn't and now after the weekend we should find out if we can get it faster than three weeks from now....... This may be our last purchase, assuming we actually get an undamaged bed on the second try.

Late Refund

March 30, 2013, I went to Arhaus at Legacy Village (Beachwood, OH) to look for a sectional. I decided on one but was concerned about the size--maybe too overwhelming for the intented space. The sales woman said in order to get the sale price I needed to put a downpayment on the furniture and if I decided I did not want it, then my money ($3,500) would be refunded within ten days so I wrote the check. I called 48 hours later to say I did not want that sectional and wanted my refund to possibly purchase something else. It is now April 22, 2013, nearly a month later and Arhaus still has my cash! After reading these other reviews, I think I dodged a bullet in not purchasing furniture here. All I want is my money returned. After all this time, I should be getting interest.

arhaus dining table

paid a small fortune for our dining table. It looks fantastic. 2 major problems. - when the leafs are in the table is extremely flimsy on ends. so If you lean on the table it moves up to 3/4 of an inch. dinner parties make me nervous as I wait for it to finally break free. - it scratches so unbelievable easy. bowls, plates silverware, anything that touches it with scratch the table. this quality is something I would expect to get from value city, not Arhaus, especially since the table was well over 3k

Universe Desk System Collection

Purchased in Westlake,Ohio. I had moved and I have a big problem with the desk. Mind you, I have the paperwork which states that Arhaus warrants all products to be free in defects in material and workmanship for the purchaser's lifetime! I have made many calls and no one has help me yet and this is going on for three months now! Why? The sales people can't wait to sell you an item and when you have a problem with it , they could care less. I will never spend a penny in this store ever!

On July 8,2012, we ordered two chairs with custom upholstery to be delivered in 6-8 weeks. After approximately 8 weeks they called to tell me the chairs were in their warehouse in Ohio, but they were behind deliveries 3 weeks. During that time we were leaving the country for 2 weeks and called Arhaus to leave info to call and setup delvery with our house sitter and left her phone number to reach regarding same. Three days after my husband and I left, Arhaus called our housesitter to inform her that they would be at my house in ten minutes with the chairs. She could not take off work so they said they would call back to setup another time..... That day never came. It is now October 4th. I called the store to have the chairs delivered and am told it will now be at least October 17th before I get them because they sent them back to Ohio! It has now been 13 weeks and by the 17 of October it will be 15 weeks. They have been very unresponsive and uncooperative. After reading all the negative reviews I dont expect any satisfactory outcome. I will never deal with them again

I just purchased a Arhaus sofa. Really looking forward to it. Wish you would build a Arhaus furniture store to Charlottesville, VA. WE have terrible furniture stores here. Bring one here! Thanks!!!

I only wish I had read this page before purchasing our furniture at a local Arhaus. I was under the impression that they carried quality products that would last for many year. My husband and I purchased a sectional sofa that was a floor model and "a great price"(over $3,000) We also bought a recliner for full price and an Italian marble dining table. Less than three years later our sofa is in need of repair. The buttons have pulled away from the cushions leaving us with holes in two of them. The cushions have lost their bulk so that you feel the frame when you sit. When I contacted customer service I was told that since it was a floor model it was purchased "as is" and they won't repair it. They would be happy to give me the name of a reputable repairman who I can pay to fix the problem. We were never told that they wouldn't stand behind their product and aren't willing to bear any responsibility. I won't deal with this store in the future and I'll alert anyone looking to buy furniture of their lack of customer service.

I have struggles with a Fair to Poor experience rating here. I gave the benefit of the doubt with "fair". We purchased a Greta sectional from Arhaus furniture - we have this sectionsl for about 4-5 years. Within 2 years the couch cushions are flat, the springs in one piece of the sectional are creeking and popping when you sit down. We purchased the couch in the clearance center in Ohio - so it is not covered under warranty to have them fix it. I understand this - but even at the clearance center this couch was $3,000 - it NEVER should have detiorated in this short time frame. We decided in July of 2011 to purchase a new cover for the couch through Arhaus - we ordered during their fabric sale in July - with the sale the cover alone was $3100.00. We made our deposit, willing went forward with the purchase and were told that our cover would be to us the week before Thanksgiving. It arrived early and we went on Halloween to pick it up. When we went through the order - they made the pillows in the wrong color and the extra material I ordered was not there. They wanted me to pay for the cover and take home the wrong one and they would send the corrected items to me. I told them I would not pay for something so expensive and take home something wrong - I would be back to pay and pick up when everything was there and was correct. A week later, I received a call from the sales rep telling me my additional order was being shipped to my house. I told her I didn't order anything - she told me I did - I told her check your records, I did not. She called me back stating that it was the corrected pillows that were getting shipped to my house - this was not what we agreed on - I told her I don't want part of my order delivered to my home, part of it at the store - I wanted everything at the store in one spot so we could check it in and insure it was all correct. She changed the order to deliver to the store - so that was good. This was supposed to be completed by the first week of December. Mind you - I ordered in July. The week between Christmas and New Years I had not heard anything - I called the store to cancel out of frustration and the MANAGER says to me "it's been here, I don't know why you haven't been in to pick it up". Really?? Maybe becasue I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THERE! Hello. I told her I would be in after the new year and pick it up. She told me she was throwing in the extra pillows that were made wrong as a courtesy for my issues. Fine. I get there to pick it up - and was told that I could not have extra pillows for free. So - keep the pillows - I don't care - just get this order out to the car for me. She called her manager - who confirmed the pillows were to be mine. But, boy, I really appreciate being made to feel like a liar after all my frustrations and diminished bank account for this cover!! So then - I am asked "did they tell you that you need to get this out to the car yourself, we don't assist customers in loading their car". Hello - I can get Walmart to help me with getting something out to my car!! TERRIBLE. I was by myself - and this box was not overall heavy - but large and awkward - I just said "really? no, conveniently, that was never mentioned - or maybe I would have had someone else with me - ya think??" she informed me she had a bad back and was unable to assist. So - go get someone who doesn't have a bad back --- simple?? I drag the box to my car - and manage to get it in. Fine. I then take the extra yardage to my seamstress to have the extra pillows made. And - guess what - they did not order me the proper amount to make the pillows. AAAAAHHHH Are you kidding me?? Isn't this what these people do every day?? So, I complained - about the service, the timeframe, the lack of courtesy, lifting boxes myself, and not enough material. The response I received, sorry, we can send you more material. Whatever. Yes, send me more material. But, Arhaus, for the prices you charge, for the quality you advertise, your service and follow through is terrible. For your prices - you should be offering your customers a cup of coffe when they walk in the door. Half of the sales staff ignored me when I went in - from the first visit to the final visit. We have four other pieces of Arhaus furniture - I will not purchase from you going forward. My experience was so frustrating and lacked knowledge, caring and service to a level that was unacceptable. And the quality of my couch is not what it should be. I can't see how you will grow in this economy if this is the way you treat your paying, return customers.

My furniture experience with Arhaus has been a nightmare. The furniture in the showroom is not the same quality as what will be delivered to your home. I'm on my second sofa and the "replacement" is just as awful as the original. I ordered my furniture from the Annapolis, Md. location and I will never shop there again (or any other Arhaus store.) What Arhaus does to their customers is referred to as "bait and switch". It takes them weeks to return complaint calls and they just don't care about their reputation, obviously they are not interested in repeat purchases from customers, they will rip you off and move on to their next victim. Save yourself a huge headache and take your money elsewhere, I don't think this company is going to be around for very long and once they declare bankruptcy no one will have any recourse or compensation for their lousy furniture.

On January 21, 2011 we placed an order for 2 Alex Leather Chairs with the store in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This was a special order since the fabric is chosen at the time of order. Our salesperson was Shahrzad (Sherry) Yazdani. The price was $3798.00 + $99.00 delivery charge + $189.00 tax equaling a total of $4086.90. We paid ½ down of $2043.45 that was applied to our credit card, leaving a balance of 2043.45. When the chairs were ready for delivery we called the store in Fredericksburg on April 11, 2011 to pay the balance. When we asked Marta, the salesperson we were talking to on the phone to verify the amount charged to our account she said $2463.40 was the balance. We told her we were looking at our receipt in hand and the balance was $2043.45. Asking her why there was such a difference. She stated that the additional charge was for the WORRY-FREE COMFORT COVERAGE. We said we did not remember asking for this coverage and if we had wouldn’t it show on the receipt we had in hand? She stated that it looked like it may have been added later. We said that since this was not something we requested that she needed to refund the difference back to our credit card. She said she was unable to do that without a manager present. She stated she would have the manager, Robin (who wouldn’t be in until the afternoon ) credit our card. We checked our credit card statement online and saw that the charge of $2463.40 was charged on April 18, 2011 (the day we made the phone call), but on April 19th, the next day when Robin the manager was to do the credit, there was no credit. On April 20th we called and was able to speak with Robin, the manager, whom then took our credit card number again (because they don’t keep those records – which we understand) and said we would be credited for the difference of $399 +$19.95 tax equaling $418.95. We continued to check our online records and no credit had been applied to our card. On the evening of April 21, 2011 we called the store again, thinking Robin, the manager would be in since it seems she worked the evening shift, but she was not in and Marta said that we wouldn’t get our credit until 10 to 15 days later. We questioned this logic since the charge was immediate and the error was not ours, why couldn’t the credit be immediate. She stated she was not the manager and didn’t understand either, but would have Robin, the manager call us the next day. The next day would be April 22 today, the day our chairs were delivered. The delivery went smoothly and the chairs are beautiful. As of yet, Robin has not called us and we’ve called twice since 1:30 PM, the time she was due in. It is now 3:00 PM. And still no call from Robin and no credit to our card.

I ordered candle holders and had them shipped, however it arrived broken. I sent them back and they sent me another order that was not the right size so I called them and they said I can return merchandise and will be reimbursed for both returns. When I called Christen, the salesperson I was dealing with, she reassured me again they will cover the shipping and will call when returns arrived. She never called so I called and she said that she needed the UPS receipt faxed which I did. I once again had to call her and she did confirm she got the receipt and her manager had to get in touch with corporate to see how I would be reimbursed, either by check or put on my credit card. She did not call me back again so I called and she put me straight to her manager Cheryl, who said they would not reimburse me for shipping. I told her that her salesperson Christen assured me many times that they would and Cheryl had the audacity to say " No she did not say that'. I told her to go ask her but she went around the issue. I am extremely disappointed that they did not honor their promise to cover the shipping, and to top it off the manager basically said I was lying about what my wife and I was told. I had a Horrible experience with the store in Denver and I was treated unfairly. I plan to take this situation up with corporate.

I ordered a sofa with Allysa t PGA Blvd store on October 25,2010. I was assured delivery by 12-/11/2010. I then got a phone call from Dan at the Corporate Headquarters approximately November 17 or 18th advising me that there was a problem with the fabric manufacturer and they could not get the sectional to me until January 13, 2011. He also offered to give me 15% off the bill due to my inconenience or a full refund. As we needed the sofa for our Christmas visitors, I told him I would discuss with my husband and get back to him. We decided for the full refund and I called the store to advise them of my decision. My salesperson had no knowledge of the delay or of Dan's phone call and told me that I could not cancel without incurring a 33 1/2 % restocking fee. Dan had told me the sectional had not even been made yet and that a took a mere two days to build and two more days for the fabric, yet Allysa tried to charge a restocking fee. I then called the Corporate office and spoke to Jennier Lloyd, as Dan was on the phone and she gave me a full refund. This is a gross mis-communication and could have all been avoided had Dan and Allysa spoken to each other. This also brings up the question of why would they even think about a restock charge when the sofa had not even been built.

We purchased a sectional that was over $3000.00 dollars. Called with a problem and your company replaced the item, which was wonderful. The new sectional has the same problems, but now, your company says that the comfort issue isn't structural - so in other words; "Too bad for us". The customer service rep named Teresa, who was very nice, called today with the option of having the couch taken to your facility to be assessed. Hm... Over 2 years with a couch that 'everyone' says is the worst thing they have ever sat in, now is to be taken so we will be with no couch in our familyroom. We are going to have to purchase a couch, and then after that is done, we will contact you for said 'in house inspection'. Please keep this e-mail on file so when the time comes that we are able to purchase a new couch, there will not be a problem with what has been agreed on. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with Arhaus and it's policy in regards to not standing behind your product. Even the tech who came out said the couch was obviously made wrong, as the corners tilt back and cause the cushions to sink, along with a too high front support that digs into your leg. Thank you for your time, Laurie Muriello

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