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Thanks is not enough

35 nights over 2 years at this location and the only complaint I can muster up is the toaster is a little slow. Excellent rooms, excellent staff from the front desk to the maintenance fellas They are all genuinely pleasant and a joy to be around if you have to be away from home.

Needed some help with a situation and the girl at the front desk basically told me she had no clue as to what to do about the situation, but that she would leave a note for someone tomorrow. Very rude and acted like she could care less about her job and seemed to think she was in a beauty pageant. I have called their corporate phone number and will see if this is a very poorly trained employee or if it is company wide problem. We are staying at the AmeriTel Inn in Pocatello.

This inofrmatoin is off the hizool!

Please keep throinwg these posts up they help tons.

Reservation had been made 4 weeks out for 12 of our major corporate advisors to stay at your Ameritel in Bend Oregon, this is the reason for this direct message being sent. As we pulled into the Ameritel parking lot with our group a fellow was standing outside by a pick up truck on a cell phone using the F word loudly and seemed quite upset. As we entered the hotel and waited in line to check in, this same man that was on his cell phone came around to the front desk and helped the next couple in line to check in. When I got to the front a lady was there to help me of which I asked who the man was that just stepped in the back office. She said the General Manager. Suffice to say we ended up staying at the Oxford Suites ( GREAT HOTEL ). We are a large corporate company and come to Bend 4 to 6 x a yr. Just nice to know where we should stay. Robert, Hyundai Corporate Office

I just thought that you ought to know that there are people at the pocatello ameritel that are not doing there job and are leaving it for others to do.. I thought that it was team work that ran a business.. The morning guy during the day does nothing but sit and drink his coffee, and leaves the rest for the night crew to do, they have enough on there list to do they shouldnt need to do his work also. I have seen his name tag and it says Bill on it.. It seems to be the manager of Ameritel is to scared to stand up to him and lets him do what he wants.. I believe in team work, and I dont see it happening there. I would appreciate it if there was something done about it, I believe that it is not fair for this to be happening.. I do believe that the people that work there have talked to the manager about it and he has done nothing.. I dont know how you feel about your employees drinking on the job, but the one that I was talking about earlier has been seen doing that on the roof of the building..

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