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disappointed customer

Worst customer service ever received plus they basically accused me of fraud after giving me false information about my order and the about the method of payment as well. The only reason they received one star is because that is the only way my review could be submitted. I would give them a minus one star~~~

Item never shipped

I ordered a shawl from Beauty Boutique aka Amerimark. It was suppose to ship out on the 25th of Nov. and it didn't. No one could tell me why or when I would receive my order. I talked to a supervisor who even gave me a fake tracking number. I finally got a credit, but will never do business with them again. BEWARE!!!!!!

I received a garment for my birthday with the Anthony Richards lable on it.It was too large and so instead of returning it to the person who gave it to me, I just mailed it back to the company and asked them to exchange it for a smaller size.(I knew where to send it because I was a customer.) The garment was returned to me with this excuse: "We are returning the enclosed item(s) because we could find no record of the item(s)being purchased through our company..." Note that the garment had the Anthony Richards label on it. I am not aware that items so labeled can be purchased anywhere but from the company. This is not the first problem that I have had with purchases that I have made from them. I will never order from them again.

This, by far, is one of the worst companies I have ever dealth with. They don't care at all about their customers and what they are going through. When contacted and notified that I was in the hospital for several months undergoing numerous surgeries and such, and that I would catch up on my bills as soon as possible, they are the only company who tacked on late fee after late fee. I now owe $60-$80 in late fees which is 99% of my balance with them and they continue to tack on a $20 late fee every month. I will likely never be able to pay them in full since they have tacked on so many late fees and continue to do so. Sad, in this day and age, that a customer who always pays their bills, will end up being buried in late fees due to having a lengthy extended hospital stay. Wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. It's business practicises send a very loud and clear message - don't care about the customer and do everything you can to destroy them!

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