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I just read an article on snopes that only 39 cents of every dollar donated goes to actually aid people in need. I know that the people who work for the Red Cross at times of disaster are great. However, for Preident and CEO Marsh J. Evans to make over $650,000 a year plus expenses, plus 6 weeks of holidays a year is appalling! I do not begrudge anyone making a decent salary, but to make this unbelievable amount from people who are giving from their hearts to people who are going through tragedy in their lives is very sad indeed. I will be giving my money to groups such as the Salvation Army who pays their CEO $13,000 a year plus a modest home and where 96 cents of every dollar donated goes to those in need. I also give (and have given for over 40 years)to an organization that 100% of every dollar donated goes to aid over seas. I hope that the board of directors of the American Red Cross will reconsider what they believe to be a reasonable salary and benefits for anyone leading this organization that has helped so many.

Wham bam thank you, maÂ’am, my questions are answreed!

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