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It's a joy to find semonoe who can think like that

Joan, I have been wanting to tell you how much I apratcipee you looking after Dave, and for posting this blog. I sure know about guilt. I have guilt about not staying in touch with Dave better. I have had guilt about looking after my mom. I grapple with am I doing it right and how come I haven't gotten it all done yet all the time. And yes, I get grocery store amnesia on a regular basis! I never got to meet you when I was at Evergreen and living in Olympia, but already I just think you are one lovely person and Dave is so lucky to have you. (I hope this really is the 50th time somebody's told you that because it's true.) So here's to that WONDERFUL last paragraph in your blog I love it! This blog is helping me a lot, so tell your guilt that too Best wishes and love to both you and Dave,Ellane ChandlerAsheville, North CarolinaFormer student of Dave'sEvergreen '92

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