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Do not buy anything from them!!! They will rip you off!

My rating is based solely on the store in Grand Junction, CO. I ordered tile on Saturday 9/4, the tile had already been verified as being in stock in a Denver warehouse. The salesman assured me he would deliver it on Thursday 9/9. I lined up a contractor to do the install for Thurs and Fri. Thursday morning at 11 a.m. I had not heard from the store. So, I called and was told by this salesman that IF the tile wasn't in stock it would take an extra week for delivery. Then he proceeded to tell me his truck left the warehouse before the tile mfg truck had arrived at the warehouse. So they missed the tile delivery by minutes. He then proceeded to tell me, he had contacted my contractor and notified him that the tile wasn't there. HE did not hire this contractor, I DID. He told me he could have the tile here the following Monday and he would deliver it my house then. Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. the salesman called to tell me the tile was on a truck and was due out for delivery to him. But he told me he was short-handed and wanted to push delivery off until Tuesday. I told him no I would get the contractor to pick it up to CALL ME when it arrived. At 2pm that afternoon I called and spoke to another salesman and wanted to know where my tile was, He told me it had been there this since this morning. I got the original salesman on the line and he told me the tile had just arrived, but that he again had called my contractor and that the contractor told him he wouldn't need it until tomorrow. I spoke with my contractor and he said he would of started today if we had the tile, but the store told him it would not be delivered until tomorrow. After i got off the phone with the store, I went and picked up my tile myself. I also heard that the salesman gave my contractor a bad time because he didn't buy the grout from world of tile, but I had already pur

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