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Helped 92 year old mom

I want to thank 84 lumber for donating wood to fix our 92 year old moms porch! Thsnk u so much!

help with house fire

I wanted to thank 84 lumber for everything that they have done for me in my hours of need. im disabled I had a house fire in my living room and 84 lumber donated things to help me and have promised me four windows and the drywall to redo my livingroom. my church and other churches have all been so pleased with 84 lumber for helping me as I had no insurance on my home. thank you for your kindness and everyone in Fairmont wv. thanks you as well for helping me. sincerely Gladys drennen.

Terrible Customer Service

After taking my money 84 Lumber never completed my orders, I received very little support from their local or corporate offices concerning their lack of customer service. In the end I paid 84 Lumber the full amount for material/services they never completed, and had to pay an additional supplier to help fill my original order I placed with 84 Lumber. I am very disappointed and would never do business nor recommend anyone do business with 84 Lumber.

The worst company ever

This company will steal from you

Payroll Dept

The ladies were especially nice to try and help me locate my son paycheck , which is being held without his presence , whom is hospitalized.

Not Happy

If you aren't a big commercial buyer or a contractor the individual customer gets hosed. I don't feel 84 Lumber was looking out for my best interest in pricing and tried to pull expensive quotes and rates over on me. Maybe the very rich or stupid would fall for such an installation price but not me. Don't give me a quote and then for the second time double that price let alone have your sales partner call me to deliver the information. MAN UP!

French Doors

My husband went to the 84 Lumber in Manahawkin,NJ to get French Doors.They had to special order it.He told them that is it suppose to be 71 & quarter wide & 80inches high.They never called us to tell us that it came in.I called yesterday so he went & got it & needless to say they made it 73 & half wide & 81inches High.He can't them up & they guy said they can't take it back & no refund.What the heck are we suppose to do with doors we can't use.Never ordering anything ever again from them.


I was hired by 84 lumber in Bardstown, Ky just a few weeks ago. I was told by Brandon that I would work two days up to 20 hours. I agree to that,but then they told me that I was to work three & four days. It is sad that company like this lie to people. This why they have so much trouble keeping good help or any help. I also seen that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

i worked for this company 4 years started out as a pert time yard person worked my way up to a mt but when it came time for a co slot i watched everyone around me get promoted to co asked my co, man, and area man and they all said i wasnt what they were looking for in a co or even a mt for that matter i found it funny cause i was one of the few people who passed all my test for mt and co back when i was a pert time yard person and not to say i went back and forth to corp. 3 times and did all the training for mt and co i just find it funny how they take someone who didnt do all the training and put them in a co slot and then when u leave they fught you on your unemplyment

this is what 84 does to their employees. I am unemployed because 84 Lumber Co. employed unfair business practices over the course of 6 weeks in July, August and September. In July I was working in the York PA office as a Co Manager. I made 15.37/hr plus bonuses. I was given the opportunity to move to the Syrause NY store(Dewitt) as a Co Manager so I could be in front of the area manager For New York State. The plan was to be in his view so I could become a manager of a store in NY where I wanted to be. I went up to Buffalo in July to interview with the area manager then over to Syracuse the next day to interview with the store manager, and was offered the job. I accepted the job and was put in a hotel by 84 while my family was in PA getting ready to move. Through the month I worked in Syracuse in the same position as I had in York PA. after 3 weeks of employment I had to print out a pay stub to apply for a rental house in NY and was shocked to see that I was now making 12.00/hr instead of my 15.37! I asked my area manager who said he would look into why. I had gotten 3 paychecks by now since you are paid weekly in NY. Unfortunately I have direct deposit so I never noticed that my pay was 30% less. I was never told by my manager, area manager, or anyone form corporate in the payroll or hr department. After a week of waiting my RVP told my area manager that NY was a lower cost of living than York PA and that is why there is a difference in pay. If I had been told that I would be taking almost a 10,000 a year(3.57x48hrs a week minimum=185.64/week x52weeks=$9653.28) pay cut, I never would have gone. Especially since everything in NY is more expensive. 8% sales tax instead of 6%, tax on food and clothing which we do not have in PA, .20 cents higher gasoline, and about 15-20% higher housing costs.

Now I was stuck in NY since the day I started there they filled my spot in York PA so going back was not an option. I made the decision that I would tuff it out since I hoped only to be a Co Manager for only 6-12 months. I knew I would barely be able to feed my family but that was what I had to do to make good money as a manager. Feeding a family of 4 is next to impossible here in PA for 12.00/hr let alone up there. The end of the month approached and it was time to move the family to our new house. I had paid 2000. Which was about all the money I had left to my name for security deposit and first months’ rent. I had lined up my contract hauler from York to use a box truck to move my stuff about 320 miles door to door. It is a service they offer to 84 employees and charge only .40 cents a mile round trip so It would cost less than 300.00 total. When I left York I spoke with the manager of my area for BLS(my hauler here) and told him we would be moving September 1st a Saturday. Well in the course of the month that I was gone he never actually lined up a driver to drive the truck. When I called him the Thursday before to find out if the truck was going to be at my house Friday evening or Saturday morning he informed me that now he couldn’t find anyone to do it since it was a holiday weekend. Well, now it is up to me to figure out how to move my stuff. We have to be out of our house in PA by Sunday. It is Thursday. I also am running out of money since my pay has been cut without my knowledge. I called a few truck rental placed like Hertz and Ryder and found out it would cost almost 800.00 to rent a truck. Which I do not have. Plus I would have 4 people and 3 dogs in 1 car for an entire weekend which I couldn’t do to them, since I would have to make the trip multiple times to move the box truck, my truck, my car, and my fiance’s car, and our camper, and our boat, all with only two drivers. Plus I would have to drive my truck which only gets 10mpg almost 1000 miles costing about 400 in gas, plus filling the moving truck for about 200, plus filling the car 2 times for 65 each. I was looking at about 1500 minimum and just couldn’t do it.

So I asked my manager in NY if he had any ideas. At first he tried asking our contract hauler in NY if they could move me but they do not offer that and were not willing. Then he realized that a store in Baldwinsville, NY close by had their own box truck. He called that manager and set up us taking their boxtruck Friday afternoon and bringing it back Saturday evening. I had an employee at my store in Syracuse who was willing to drive it for me. So thinking everything was settled I headed home Thursday after work. I arrived home about midnight and the truck made it down to me in PA by about 6 Friday evening. We spent the next 6 hrs loading everything I owned into the truck. We finished loading it Saturday morning and set off for NY about noon. We made it about 1000 feet. The clutch gave out in the box truck. Completely shot. We managed to get it back to my house. I called my area manager in NY and explained what happened. He told me that since we had the truck on my personal time that I had to pay for whatever happened. So I called around for a few hours and finally found a mobile repair place that was available 24/7. Remember this is a holiday weekend at about 5pm on Saturday. For them to come look at the truck was almost 300 dollars. When they arrived they told me the clutch was completely broken and would cost thousands of dollars to fix. And take days to a week at least, not beginning till Tuesday since it was a holiday weekend. So again I called my area manager and had the mechanic tell him what was going on. He also told my AM that this was not done in driving down the highway from NY to my place. That with this truck having a hydraulic clutch, no one would have known anything was wrong until it broke, and this could have been failing for 6 months or a year. My AM stuck to me having to pay for it though. Even though he was told it wasn’t done in the last 300 miles. Even though I never ever actually drove the truck. It was my employee from 84 that drove it down here. Well I explained that since my pay had been cut(without my knowledge) I didn’t have 3 thousand dollars to spend on a truck. And that I didn’t think that I should have to pay for it. He used a company credit card to pay for the clutch repair and told me 84 would count it as a loan and pull from my paycheck to re-pay it.

So at this point I didn’t know what to do. Over the course of the next few days things got progressively worse for everyone involved. We spent Saturday afternoon unpacking the truck so they could tow it away. Then we started getting many disturbing phone calls from many 84 employees. Sunday was my manager in NY wondering what was going on. After telling him everything that had happened he said he would talk to the AM since they were close friends. Also on Sunday I received many calls and text messages from the AM wanting status updates even though there were no updates. We all spent the next 2 days in limbo just waiting, including the other employee from NY. Finally Tuesday afternoon we got a call from the shop stating the total bill was going to be just north of 3300 dollars and would probably take at least till Thursday or Friday to be finished. I spoke with the AM on Tuesday evening and told him what I knew. That it was going to be expensive and we wouldn’t know exactly how long till Wednesday afternoon. He then started asking me if the employee was even allowed to drive the truck since he didn’t have a cdl. This was the first I had heard of this. We found out he didn’t need a cdl thankfully. Then the manager from the Baldwinsville store told the Am that we basically stole the truck and he never gave us permission to use it! He was covering his behind since I assume things were getting blamed all over the place up there. Thankfully I had many texts from him showing he knew, and gave his permission to use the truck. He was just lying to save himself. By now everyone is angry and it is Wednesday evening. The shop confirmed Friday or now possibly Saturday morning for the truck to be done. I received a call from the AM telling me he wanted me to bring the employee to the York PA store Thursday morning at 8am. I was told they were getting a rental car to get him back to work in NY. After about 20 minutes I realized there would be no one to drive the truck then and started wondering what was going on. So I called him back and asked point blank what I was walking into. He told me I was meeting with the RVP of the northeast to explain what was happening. That was when I knew things were going to get really bad for me really quickly. So I met with the RVP Thursday morning like they asked. And after spending over an hour explaining all this, including the pay issue which he did not seem to be aware of even though my AM told me he spoke to the RVP about it, I was told point blank by him that my career in NY was over. I did not have the option of going back up there even if I wanted to. The one bright spot was he told me 84 would pay for the truck repair. This was after I informed him that 84 only owned the truck for a year. It was owned by at least 2 companies before and there was no way to know how it was abused during that time. And I again expressed the fact that I NEVER drove it, so I think me paying for it was ridiculous. Again I brought up the pay issue and the fact that I was never informed of a pay change. He then said he would think about the situation and get back to me. It was obvious to me that even though they didn’t want me around he knew 84 broke the law by not informing me of a pay change within one pay period. Towards the end of the day he called me and offered me a menial job that he knew full well I could not accept. A contractor sales position in Highspire, PA by Harrisburg. The pay is just under 20,000/year plus some bonuses that are possible eventually. Btu I cannot feed my family on the possibility of getting a bonus eventually. The Highspire store is 45 miles away from my house. He knew full well that I could not afford to take that job. It would be 450 miles a week just commuting to work and back, not even counting any sales calls I would have to make. 84 does pay .20 cents a mile for gas but unfortunately my truck costs .40 cents a mile to drive. I would have to lay out at a minimum 90 dollars a week just to get to work and home. Plus 3.40 a day for the PA Turnpike, so another17 dollars a week. When my take home would be about 300 a week. The 800 a month I would have left won’t even pay my rent of 875. And since I would be gone 52-55 hours a week, not counting 10 hours of commuting, my fiancé wouldn’t be able to get a job to supplement our income because any money she made would have to go to child care for our 9 and 11 year olds. It is not realistic to think a family can live on ten thousand dollars a year and 84 knows that. So it boils down to this. Through no fault of my own, an 84 truck breaks down while helping me move. 84 gave us the truck. 84 then wants me to pay for it after I did nothing to the truck and they cut my pay illegally. Then they say I cannot go back to my job in NY. And my old job in PA has been filled for over a month and I was not offered that option anyway. If I want to stay employed by 84 I would have to take a starting job that they know full well I cannot take anyway. That was just done so I have to quit and not get fired. I did not violate any company policy or break any company rule throughout all of this. 84 is the one breaking payroll laws.

i read all these problems with this company, wow i thought i was the only one, this company sucks, they treat there cust. and emp. like crap,this company will screw you over cust or employee i dont get how they are in buisness, i use to work for these clowns and its nothing but a joke, i worked in this company for about 4 or so years, in that time period i saw 1 rvp get fired and the 2 to fallow quite, a high pay job that pushes these people to walk away, in less than a 3 month span i got to see 5 managers quit or get fired in the same store, i have seen many great workers get pissed and leave or evan get fired over nothing, i hope in my life i see some other lumber co to take these clowns out.

I have had the worst time getting a shed built from the 84 lumber store in Hanover, Md. I live probaby one mile from the store. Purchased the shed one week ago, paid cash and I'm still waiting on someone to call me with a start date. No one has looked at the site prep. I had to call the store and complain to even get a store employee to call me. He called yesterday and indicated that someone named Roy would be calling that day to come to the site. No surprise. No call. Remember I paid cash for this transaction. Now I'm out over $1,000 and have nothing. I hope this store goes out of business because you don't get treated this way with Lowes and Home Depot. The only reason to even consider this store is close location. If my shed isn't completed soon I want a full refund and will never do business with 84 again.

I hope someone from your corporate office monitors messages and considers customer's complaints serious and will actually act on a specific issue. I hope I'm not wasting more of my time typing this. We purchased a garage package from 84 Lumber Company in Pittston PA - and are happy with the service we received from "Tyler" - however, the problem we have is becoming a bigger-than-needs to be issue, due to the trucking / delivery firm - Golden Valley Transport. When this trucking company delivered lumber for the garage package to our home, the driver failed to unbuckle a belt, which snapped and the buckle hit my SUV leaving a big dent/cut into the side of my vehicle --- Estimate $1,053 plus a vehicle rental for 4 days - the estimated time for repair. We were given instructions from 84 Lumber Company to call Golden Valley Transport Company who contracts their deliveries. I have called numerous times. I spoke to Dixie at Golden Valley Transport at 209-382-0131 extension 306 - the person and phone number I was given by 84 Lumber who assured me this would be taken care of. So far, it's not being taken care of --- not even close. My last telephone call to her was today. She promised she would call me later today (California time - why when I'm in Pennsylvania??) and not suprised that I still haven't heard back from her. Actually, every time I have called her, she says she will call me back - she hasn't called me back -- not even once and this is now going on for a month. I feel at this point, I have no other choice but to ask my attorney to get involved. Unfortunate for 84 Lumber and because of this incident, we are now picking up what we need from Lowes to finish what needs to be finish on the garage. If in fact this is a monitored complaint site, please feel free to call my office at (570) 674-7772 - Thank you, Lisa Pretko

Your company is so dishonest and shallow i will never ever have any of my contacts ever buy anything from your stores you even treat your employess like garbage.Firing one for no good reason to hire another you went to college with give me a break this small letter will not be the last you hear from me consider a nice lawsuit on your hands mark my words i wont let this go without a fight behind it .

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