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Everytime I go to the grandview location the customer service is horrible I can't spend any money with this place again. Please train your employees on how to treat people and their children.

Sex Offender Sub Contractors

St. Louis Area locations hire subcontractors to do fire extinguishers, located back by the restrooms. Please watch your children.


I love the food there! and the employees are wonderful and both the Stone Oak and the Rim locations in San Antonio. My favorite place to eat!!

Almost ripped off

I went to 54th st. Bar and grill in San Antonio ,TX and the waitress who served us tried to rip me off on our bill. The itemized receipt was correct but the credit card receipt was $14 higher. The manager fumbled through the excuse that the waitress accidentally charged us twice for a wrong order she put in on our ticket...funny that the itemized receipt didn't show that something was charged twice. Won't go back. Check your receipts people.

Horrible Manager (Greg)

I ate at the Florissant location and ordered food to go but due to all of the other food my party was taking home I forgot my to go order. I did not notice this until I made it home after 10:00pm. I phoned the Florissant location back and spoke with the manager Greg who was on duty. He was rude and told me there was nothing he could do and that it was irresponsible on my part to forget my food. He also stated that they are not responsible for reminding me to get my food to go. I only wanted a replacement order for the one I have paid for which was about $14.

The manager @ the Florissant office is very unprofessional and rude I order the steak and rib meal and received a burned rib with only meat in the middle the manager came to the table and told me that the I could eat the meat in between the bones that was burned. First off the rib should not have never came to the table. But since I was complaining that I could leave the restaurant. I will never visit 54th again

bad service and horrible manager

I had the taco salad it had hard chips that tasted like they where a week old we ordered mozzarella sticks and they where hard and all the cheese was on the out sideand the manager wanted to argue and say they where good.


I think its ridiculous that 54 does not care about their employees health and well being.. they make employees work with contagious ilnness.. and making them risk their lifes driving in horrible conditions just so they can make their money.. its PATHETIC!

Verbally Assaulted

My wife and i went to the 54th St Bar and Grill in San Antonio. The hostess was extremely rude, teenagers hanging out on the windows rapping and dancing. As to top it off we were threatened and verbally assaulted by a assistant manager.

This restaurant gave bad serve in the beginning and only got worse. The hostess did not listen to what was said. there was a handicapped person in the party. The waitress did not listen to the order which cause the order to get messed up. The restaurant could not understand what kind of glass for the handicapped person needed to drink water from comfortably. Even the manager made the situation worse. I, the customer had to solve the situation. The rating really should be a negative 5. one of the worst experience of eating out. This chain has not improved in customer relations in the three year absent. The price of the meal was not worth the cost.

Im the customer that never complains, because i dont want them to do anything to my food. What a horrible experience,food was late and they served our table at different times and when it did come it was cold.....and the manager excuse was it was really busy.

The server i had was horrible the food was cold and the place was managed very poorly if ur in st.louis i wouldnt recommend the florissant location and if so i wouldnt recommend lindsey as ur server unless u wanna deal with a very bad attitude.

Ok so my gf worked at 54 for some time while in school and the stories I have heard would make the following: never want to eat there, never want to work there, and never want your own daughter to work there. I think it’s important for people to know that 54 is ran by egotistical un-educated morons who think as mangers are entitled to disrespect, act inappropriate, and sexually harass their employees. However, I am not oblivious to think that these are issues only pertaining to 54. I’m sure there are worthless degenerates managing restaurants all across the country, but this is just what I know about one of them…L.S. Loc. :)

I would just like to inform you that I ate at the 54th Street in Blue Springs on Sunday evening and had one of the best dining out experiences I've had in a long time! My husband and I eat out a lot and have had to endure terrible service multiple times. But 54th Street never dissapoints! The staff was all smiling and looked as if they loved their jobs which you don't see a lot! The hosts greeted us with a smile, the server was warm and inviting, even the young girl that brought us our appetizer had a genuine nice smile on her face. Thank you for the great meal and the even better service!! I will make sure to inform family and friends of the great establishment you run. Keep up the good work!

What a joke this place is. Don't waste your money. Rude, Rude, RUDE!

I was VERY disappointed to find that the ONLY cole slaw that you serve is SPICY HOT & do NOT offer a regular COLE SLAW ( THAT DOES not HAVE JALAPENO peppers). NOT everyone can eat Jalapeno peppers, senior citizens, ans people with stomach problems, & a LOT of Good ole American people like REGULAR tasty cole slaw. It certainly would be NICE to enjoy creamy cole slaw at your resturants. So, how about it ???????? Thank you.

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