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Howe & Roseville Ca Locations

I have been a member since 1997 In the last 3 months I have had clothes & Money stolen on 2 Occasions at the Howe Ave location & damage to my Vehicle at the Roseville location & what the worst thing is the so what attitude of the staff at these locations they could care less & will not cooperate with local police to resolve the problem.

Pilates in Hollywood. CA

I have been a member of 24 hour Fitness at Sunset & Vine in Hollywood, California for some time. I especially enjoyed the Pilates classes which I attended for the past two years at the recommendation of my doctor. Unfortunately, for the past two months, both Pilate classes, which were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, have been canceled. I do not understand why they were canceled as the classes had a faithful following and were very well attended. I have telephoned repeatedly and the assistants at the gym always tell me that they will be re-established “soon.” Alas, as of today, this has not happened.

Ghetto Super Sport

24 Hours Super Sport in Fontana,Ca play very loud anoying Ghetto music, they play Rap 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I mean is supposed to be a 5 star high class Gym but with that music they are making Ghetto,I have talked to the manager to please change the music and lower the volumen because the booming sound is very disturbing and I feel like I'm at a Ghetto night club and not in a Gym but he refuses and are very rude to the members, I'm going to go back to LA Fitness because I'm not being appreciated as a member, horrible costumer service!


I had purchased a training package and the personal was unable to fullfill this purchase and I asked for a refund. They never followed through and I had to contact my credit card company to dispute the charge. 24 Hour's policy is to let the bank do it's it accounting work. LOUSEY SERVICE and remember to use your credit card!

Horrible Facility

I go to the Location in Richardson,Tx (Campbell/Plano Rd).. This facility is horrible. I go there only for my Zumba insturctor if not for her I would not step foot in this place. The air conditioner never works in this place. It's filthy and hot in there!!!!. No one seems to care when the members complain about not having air.. They always says the air is on .. Can't be when the thermostate is reading 90 degrees and there's 120 people in the class.The location in Murphy,Tx (down the street from my house) is wonderful. I take Zumba there and I always feel air blowing upside my head :).. I have spoken with the staff at the Richardson location numerous times regarding the air and they simply ignore me thinking the problem will go away.. Welll I'm not!!!

Dirty worn club

Chino Hills club is mismanaged and not kept in working order. Most of the equipment is missing parts, rubber hand grips, most pieces squeak or rattle from missing broken parts. Clubs only. 8-9 years old but horrible place to workout

Poor Maintenence

I have noticed that my club located in The Woodlands Tx has gone downhill rapidly due to poor equipment, non working drinking fountains and unclean shower areas. They are short at least three pins for the equipment, despite reporting the problem over and over again for the past 5 months

As I was entering the 24 hour fitness located at Capital and Mckee, I stopped to watch an exercise class that was in progress. The guard at the door sugested that I not peer through the window. As I was leaving the facility the manager asked to talk with me about this incident insinuating that their might be some kind of flaw in my caracter. I a requesting a formal apology from the club manager and all persons making these arrogant and rude insinuations.

I have been a member of 24hr Fitness since 1997 and currently workout at the Pacifica, CA club. Last Sunday, Sept. 16th, our spin instructor, Jessica, made an announcement that Sun. the 16th was the last spin class for the Sunday morning 10:30 spot. She didn't know why the class was cancelled. Since Jessica started teaching this class several years ago it has been full every Sunday with a waiting list. It amazes me that someone would cancel such a popular class. And it is obvious that the individual who cancelled the class has nothing to do with this particular club because if they ever saw the class it would be very clear that it is/was one of the most popular classes. I have experienced other cancelled classes at this location over the years: pilates, yoga and now spin. This is the straw for 24hr - Crunch in Daly City is looking really good right about now.

Please fire the Manager at 24 Hour Fitness in Paramus, NJ. He has absolutely no management or customer service skills. He is the worst manager you've ever hired.

Another 24-hour fitness member assaulted me at this gym. This thug threw a ball at my face over a dispute of who had next on the basketball court. If it were not for two individual who stepped in, I probably would have end up in the hospital. This LOSER was ready to ponce one me after taking a cheap shot. I was sitting down when he struck me with ball while he proceeded to stand over me with both fist-clinched ready to attack. What pissed me off the most was the way management handled it. I asked management to call the police or loan me their phone, to which they refused. Their reasoning was that they needed to do their own investigation and get the other side of the story. After 15 minutes of me explaining my case I was offered an ice pack. I swear I felt like I had to convince them that I was just assaulted and that I was sitting down when it happened. I was never aggressive or said anything over the top. My only comment was that “We all pay the same here”, that’s what did it! This is not an isolated incident, I seen it happen at other 24 hours fitness gyms. The problem is that there is not enough supervision and most of the time the staff are just as immature as the ones causing trouble. I never thought it would happen to me! Long story short, after I was finally allowed to gather my things I called the police from my cell phone. LAPD arrived fairly quickly but by this time the assailant had left the gym upon the request by management. The two officers who saw the tape confirmed my side of the story. I will pursue this individual even if he is not wroth suing! If I wanted to be assaulted, I would have gone to a Reseda Park!

24 fitness MORAGA charged me a higher price than normal for a membership that was canceled within the 5 day cancellation period (where a full refund was due) but they refused to refund my money. Due to thier extremely poor buisness practices they should be avoided.

I would not do business with this club if it was the only gym on the entire planet. I had a situation in my office which merely required me to get a few phone numbers in the organization to take care of my business matter, and the people I spoke with were so ignorant, uninformed, and in essence, bone, stick, STUPID so as to boggle the imagination! I reported the situation to management, when I finally got somebody in management on the phone, and was told that these people (the basic 24 Hour Fitness Worker Bee) could not be trained or trusted with even simple business information, like the phone number of the legal department. If 24 Hour Fitness either hires complete idiots who can't transmit a phone number, or believes that its employees are such complete idiots, then this is not a company I want anything to do with, ever, ever, ever. I will only do business with people that train and respect decent workers.

I visited 24 hour fitness, on 43rd ave and Bell Rd in Phoenix, Arizona. The assistant manager - red head treated me nice, but was rude to my wife. What the assistant manager did not know is that my wife video tape the whole incident. Then she handed the video to the church PR director to show the entire church. In the video the assistant manager had told my wife to go ahead to talk to the manager because he basically took orders from her. Later, threw an investigator we found out how this 24 hour fitness business has people sign their name on a computerized pad which later the manager sale this information to companies like Life Lock - for identity theft. As a result because of the assistant manager being rude - she brought about reason to investigate how are customers valued. We found customers are simply hated.

I am a member of your club located in Las Vegas, NV. in the Summerlin area. It is supposed to be one of your signature clubs. I have been a member for a number of years. I was in the health club business for over 40yrs. Actually worked for Ray Wilson, Family Fitness of Ca. and have known Ray since 1965. So my concerns should not be considered trivial. Your maintainance of this club is very poor.I have spoken to management and there is no interest in my opinion. Old guy that does not matter. Your entrance has at least 1000 pieces of gun on the concrete and in fact is very dirty. Its a high in area and the club is inferior. From what I hear inside the club,you have to be loosing your dues base.You have a new large Sports Club that has opened on Charleston Ave and it must be hurting your enrollment. I want your club to be successful for one selfish reason, its near my home qand has the facilities that I enjoy.

Just wanted to let the corporate office know that the 24 hour gym located at 11420 I-10 East, Jacinto City, TX has had as of 08/12/2011 at least 11 broken machines. More than half of these machines have been broken for at least 3 months, some longer. Could you please begin repairing or replace them. My workout is suffering. Thank you

Dear Mr. Carl Liebert, I have been a member for well over 10 years. In the past, I have always received 30 days notification prior to my renewal date. I should up at the Richmond, CA club for a work out just to find out that my membership had been cancelled. I was directed to call the corporate office, member services department, just to find out that they now are sending the reminder out via email. After further inquiry, I found out that they sent the notification to the wrong email address. I have had the same email for at least 15 years and have never heard of the email that they recited back to me. Depsite talking to a "supervisor" named Vick in member services, explaining that 24 hour fitness erroneously sent notification to the wrong email address, he insisted that it was impossible to reinstate my membership without incurring an additional $150 fee on top of my usual renewal fee. I am extremely dissappointed with the manner in which 24 hour fitness chooses to treat their members, especially one that has been faithfully paying membership dues for over 10 years. Need I remind you, 24 hour fitness had a "nonsense" email address on record and never requested a valid email from me. Needless to say, after talking to 3 representatives,I have very little hope that I will be treated fairly in resolving this issue with 24 hour fitness. I am just one member, and my experience has to this point leads me to believe that 24 hour fitness is less interested in fairness and has resorted to strong arm tactics of delibrately setting up certain memberhips to expire and then demanding additonal money to reinstate. Mr. Carl Libert, if I am wrong please contact me to discuss this matter further. My correct email is storkn2k@yahoo.com. Sincerely, Tracy

after 3 years of 24 hr service, our location now closes at 11pm instead of 24 hrs ! I know, sounds crazy. Was told it was the city code. Spoke to the city planner and he said they only need to ask for a waiver while they file the necessary paperwork to renew the 24 hr permit. Planner also said they had not heard from anyone at 24hr fitness. WTF? Called in to find out who was district manager and CSR, Gwen hung up on me! Sad to see the company going down like this. Their days are numbered. Poor customer service = decline in new membership enrollment.

For the second time in one month there was nobody to open up the gym. One day it was a Saturday and then today (Monday). This is very unprofessional, but mostly annoying. Especially for those of us who get their at 5:00 a.m.

What's the deal with people going fully clothed into the steam room and sauna at 24-Hour Fitness in Boynton? I was absolutely horrified to go in there today (a slow Saturday) to be joined by not one, but five people in the short space of 20 minutes! They all has their clothes and sneakers on. Absolutely gross! One guy even went into the steam room dressed like that! In any other club, they would have been thrown out. I confronted ALL of the people who went in (very diplomatically, by the way). Two left of their own accord when I brought it up. The other three basically thought it was funny. One even claimed to be a former employee who said, "it's been allowed at this gym for the past two years". She then snarkily suggested I go to the YMCA. Rather than getting into it with this ignorant *itch, I headed straight for the front desk. Yes, I was told that this indeed was the policy (even though the rules stated otherwise) and it was the discretion of management at this facility. Unbelievable! I was shocked because at another 24-Hour Fitness location I've visited, it would NOT be permitted whatsoever. HOW ON EARTH ANYONE THINKS THIS ACCEPTABLE IS BEYOND ME!!! How do you think bacteria, MRSA and germs are spread? Not to mention all the garbage someone drags in on the bottom of their feet from outside! Bet none of the geniuses there knows that your sneakers have more fungi than a freakin' toilet bowl! Oh, yes, apparently at this gym they're immune to the b.o. smell from their sweaty gym clothes, too! This is not the first time I've encountered this at this location. I've always complained, but the manager never seems to be around. However, according to their employees, "it's okay to go in with clothes at this location". I'd hate to see what it's like on a busy night after work, rather than a slow Saturday afternoon! All of this is totally unacceptable, especially when rules are posted stating to the contrary just outside the sauna and steam room. These rules are for hygienic reasons, and it's inexcusable that 24-Hour Fitness would tolerate this blatant disregard for other people's health.

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