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I wanted to cancel my membership and i called the corporate office multiple times but every time i call i found my call in queue for more then 25 mins and then when some person comes up on the other end. When i tell her that i want to cancel the membership she puts in on hold again and then again keeps me waiting indefinitely. I would highly recommend not to ever get Xsport Fitness Membership. Its facility may be good but the customer service is simply PATHETIC!!!!


Save your time and money and go to any other gym. Xsport is a nightmare to deal with, especially customer service. You are better off telling your complaints to a wall! They truly do not care for ANY of their customers, even the loyal ones! How are they still around?!


I have been with xsport for a couple of years now! Let me say one thing to begin, xsport really dont care about their employee's at all! I have injured myself and cant do the things i use to do, so management are saying my performance is horrible. Now what they are trying to do is push me out the door by cutting my hours! Also ive been a fulltime employee for over two years and in the employee handbook it says you have to be working for xsport for a year fulltime to get your vacation and sick days! WHERES MY VACATION DAYS AND SICK DAYS?? Its not only members struggling and fighting with xsport, its also employees! Every employee i work with are also afraid to do a class action lawsuit, so i guess im on my own in this ! one !

Do NOT sign up

Chicago Ridge.. The most disgusting gym I have ever been too and I'm not talking about just the machines. The management their is absolutely pathetic. A bunch of jar heads who think their sh*t don't stink. These guys act like they run the world!!! Worst customer service and by far the dirtiest gym I've been at. Do NOT sign up.


I had signed up for the member ship and training. They had told me a price of 80 a month for the trainer cause they had a special going on didn't realize that he had charged me 180 on my contract so I read the contract and they said you had 3 days to cancel so I tried to cancel and they said I had to call corporate so I called corporate and then they say I would send in a letter of cancelations I did. Until this day I can never get thru to them its always busy and NEVER GOT MY MONEY. Its been 1 month and still they have not once time contacted me.

Gotta pay extra

So they bought a vibe plate at the Downers Grove facility, but don't expect to be able to use it; its for personal trainers only. I'm wondering; did the personal trainers pitch in to buy it with their money? Did the facility purchase it only with money derived from personal training clients? Or did they just take our dues to purchase equipment we're not allowed to use?


I made a one time payment for 18 month contract. After 12 months they wanted $80/ month going forward. Would not even honor the contract I signed

Awful Staff

Been working out at Xsport for years,since there arent any hard core gyms left in our area.The staff is rude,obnoxious,conceited,and unfriendly.A walk through the front door at Downers Grove location,and you'll notice this immediately.


This place BLOWS! Tried to cancel, need to send certified letter. Send certified letter, they still charge me, I cancel the card linked to XSport, and get this; THEY CALL ME TO TELL ME I OWE THEM MONEY!??? I sent a CERTIFIED letter, they recieved it and continued to charge, so I took matters in to my own hands with changing cards, and they have the gaul to call me up, and say that I'm in violation contract lololololol! I laughed, and swore at the person until they hung up;-) THATS justice.....Just get a new cARD/CARD number people. You dont have to play by their rules.

Improper Hair Styling/Poor Customer Service

I received improper hair styling service on July 16, 2013 at Xsport Fitness Spa, Garden City location. Upon request for a full refund on July 17, 2013, Xsport Fitness Spa manager recommended I have the same stylist "fix" my hair and a refund would not be possible. When I called Xsport Fitness Headquarters to submit a complaint, I received poor customer service. I also received unsatisfactory customer service from the Xsport Fitness Spa manager. I am very disappointed in how Xsport Fitness Spa handled my complaint considering I have used their Spa services since 2010. I would recommend to anyone interested in using Xsport Fitness Spa to seek spa services at another business that can offer high-quality spa services and high-quality customer service should you be unhappy or unsatisfied.

Canceling Personal training

I really like the Xspor Fitness but i wanna cancel my personal training program and just be a member but i keep calling their corporte office you guys are not picking up my calls and that's really rude why they don't wanna help us client....


I had been a member of Xsport fitness and thought the facility was great the staff was completely unprofessional. I had a male employee and some of his employee "Friends" pretend to be a manager in order to sexually harass me, including inappropriate remarks, lude innuendos and phone calls between the hours of 11 pm and 2 in the morning. I complained on several occasions and escalated my issues to corporate, the corporate office keeps screwing up my refund, which since December I have yet to receive. This place should be sued! All I want is my refund and to get past this horrible and completely violating experience.

Way under qualified management!!

I am so disgusted with the fitness manager at Xsport in Boling Brook, IL. Ryan Augustine!! Not only did he hit on me which was VERY uncomfortable...! But, turns out you have a non-qualified manager on your staff!! He DOES NOT have a bachelors degree AT ALL!! How can you get one when you didn't even GRADUATE from college!!! You were in the same class as my brother!! SMALL WORLD!!


I joined xsport in September.. From the minute I started I always enjoyed my experience.. The gym has everything I needed.. I always felt comfortable.. Especially being probably the littlest guy walking around that place.. Everybody was awesome.. The staff always greeted me with a smile.. And I always felt everything was clean. The music was motivating.. The pool/spa area was always a great way to relax after a work out! I had to move back to Michigan, pretty bummed there isn't an xsport in my area! Keep up the good work xsport! :)

Beyond angry

Wish there was an option less than 1-star. Totally disrespectful customer service. They talk down to you and make it out to seem like you're stupid and ignorant. They have taken more than $300 from me and all I signed up for was a 1-month trial...I wrote in a letter to cancel my membership and they continue to charge me. I'm completely pissed off and would never recommend this health club to anyone.

not good

sorry to say it, but i have to agree with majority of the commenters... mediocre at best... the worst thing is they make you send in a letter to their corporate office to cancel your membership. In the age of being able to open and close bank accounts and insurance policies online, being forced to write a letter to cancel is crazy. of course its to try and reduce the number of people that cancel their membership from their extremely mediocre offerings, but still... i mailed out my letter of cancellation last week and am hoping it gets taken care of... will never join xsport again.

Horrible Experience

Worst customer service experience at lakeview. Dont try their free 7 day pass. U will be walking into a 30 minute session with a salesperson. I was accused of lying because there was another person with the name in chicago. I was not allowed access unless I paid! Shame on you XPORT

child care

i go to massapequa i love the gym!! i just want you to know i love the girls that work in child care. i take my child in the morning the girl Christon is the best she take care of my child like its her own. i had to say that since my child has been goin to the gym i feel like she is in good has with her.

Please Cancel Membership

Hi, Happy New Year!! It's been a busy 2012 year for me. But, a few months ago I brought an friend with me to checkout the gym and to work out with me. I believe the manager was manager a guy with a ruff looking beard that was working that afternoon said they will have to charge a $20 fee for my friend to workout/use the basketball gym with me to play some basketball. This was my friend first time their at xsport fitness the manager did'nt even offer an 7 day pass or refer us to an computer to print out an guest pass. I can tell the manager was not having a good day. Atmosphere is so different and feels kind of stressful. But we are only human and no one is perfect. This manager had no hospitality skills. I miss the old staff and manager from 2 years ago. If the manager was really trying to imp[rove their sales, he would have allowed my friend a 7 day pass to workout that day. But I guess the manager had his mind somewhere else rather than making a good impression or a sale to a potential client. I bragged to my friend so much about xsport fitness on my way to the Xsport gym that day. But when I took my friend to xsport fitness for the first time. I felt embarrassed. Im requesting to cancel my membership with xsport fitness because I moved to Evanston and I was not happy with Xsport Fitness service at the Logan Square location in which is located across the street from Target store. I have submitted my letter to Capital Fitness Inc as of 1/2/2012. Have a great day and Happy New Year to you and your family.:)

logan square, my wife and I were were greeted and introduced to the manager Hank Trinidad, He took the time to show us around, introduced us to the friendly staff, and the whole facility, he asked what we were looking for as in the workout, i, liked that . i,m in my 50,s and so is my wife, i, have all kinds of past athletic injuries to my body, screws and bolts everywhere. my wife had some sport related injuries also. we must of went over possible workouts for over an hour. mr. Trinidad made our first time visit a most splendid and comfortable one. we utilize the facility at least 5 out of 7 days a week, as soon as we walk in the door were always greeted with a smile by friendly good looking staff member. and mr. Trinidad always takes time out to see how things are going, i show up at different times . Hank always seems to be there. thats dedication. I highly recommend the logan square facility. corp. should commend your manager Hank Trinidad and his friendly beautiful staff.

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