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0 stars actually. I was at your store this afternoon. Spent 1 hour shopping for next week. Tried to pay by check but was rebuked because I had previously cashed one (5 days before). The check was funded and ther no problems with my ID's (even had filled out a WD id five years ago and had a WD card... BUT NO the SYSTEM would not allow it) so I had to go to PUBLIX. Manager was impotent as well and could not fix. So what is WD's policy on checks, 1 per week, what. Corporate AMERICA SUCKS. KMA> ESAD, MF's.

I had a strange experience at my local Winn-Dixie store here in Tennessee. I went to the deli to order my usual bologna, and the man behind the counter asked if I would mind if he slapped around my meat. I informed him that I was not sure what he ment by that and said sure. He began to throw the bologna that he just sliced against the back wall, and began shouting words that did not make sense. He disappeared into the back and was not seen again. The store manager was not able to provide me an honest explination. I now by my bologna elsewhere.

I am a Life Coach/Case Manager for the Disable. I purchased a gift card (unknowingly)from store #295 in West Palm Beach, Fl. Under the direction of the clerk at the service desk when asked for a $25 Winn Dixie card to purchase food at a later date, I was instructed to grab one of the cards from the rack of gift cards. When the consumer went in to purchase her $25 groceries, two weeks later, she was told it was the wrong type of gift card (Limited Too; which is for children clothing)for purchasing food. I was in the car making several calls when the consumer told me that the Winn Dixie Clerk confiscated her $25 gift card and told her it was “not valid”. Ofcourse, I confronted the clerk and requested the card with receipt in hand. The clerk at the service desk took the card from my consumer and returned it to the rack of gift cards without reimbursing the consumer's $25.I was very upset because this consumer is not only severely disable, but illiterate. I asked her would it be possible for my consumer to purchase food with a refund for the incorrect gift card since a receipt was presented. The clerk asked the manager, which never acknowledged our presence--nodded his head "No refund" and walked away. This is the rudest store I have ever visited. He did not attempt to rectify the situation. Then the service desk clerk suggested that we have someone buy the card from us that have children, . I acknowledge the wrong gift card was purchased, but it would have been nice to have a manager to explain why he was unable to reimburse us, since we had the original receipt. Customer Service should be #1, but not at Winn Dixie. My job is to service several consumer's with various disabilities and Winn Dixie was a common place to grocery shop. When they receive their Social Security Benefits at the beginning of the month grocery lists are made and we go shopping. The way we were treated, will make me rethink my decision to continue to bring my consumers to shop at Winn Dixie Stores.

Complaints: 1. Prices outrageously high and out of line with other stores 2, Inadiquate electric shopping carts for the elderly and disabled. We have a large population of same. 3, Bad or wilted produce. Comment: this a rural area and not very up scale. We have very little use for a olive bar. We need items we actually use. COMMENT; THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE STORE STAFF. tHEY ARE ALWAYS POLITE, HELPFUL AND EAGAR TO SERVE.

TRASH...Just like the people at the store in Lake Placid Fl. I've recently went into this store to purchase and while in there I notice this Spanish girl by the name of Ashley Gomez and she was using the "F-Bomb" big time in front of my kids. Also, talking about hitting a little line, and smoking some blunts after work. This store is a TRASH DUMP and I hope someone is man enough to do something, I know this is bad for business, especially a place like Winn Dixie, whose prices and service are definitely aren't better than Publix. This Lake Placid store of Winn Dixie should be shut down and and everyone should be fired and drug tested. Now I know why my friends tell me not to go there. It's a bad place to go for anything, Bad prices, Bad emplyees, and Bad Manners. The Beef People, more like the The Drug People.

poor poor poor. the things that were done in my store were horrible. regrinding meat. seasoning old meat. i told corporate what was going on and i got treated worse. i told the company president and my store manager put on a fake smile and treated things like they werent happening. as soon as all the company fat cats left though, i was treated more and more like garbage. til i got fired for something another employee did while i was gone. way to go winn dixie. you are a number one store... but i wouldnt use my index finger

Winn - Dixie SUCKS..I've been waiting for someone in their corporated office to contact me regarding an recent situation at their store 0622..Seems like they dont want to address this issue and had stuck their heads in the sand like an ostrach..I PROMISED THEM VIA CONTACT US ON THEIR HOME PAGE I WAS GONNA SLAM THEN ALL OVER THE INTERNET IF THEY DID'T CONTACT ME....I'm Arranging a Boycott of Winn - Dixie...it would've been better for the company as a whole if somebody would have followed thru 4 to 72 hours before they contact a angry customer talk about adding fuel to the fire..I've my template set-up for twitter , facebook and you tube ... Ive also contacted my local NAACP office regarding this issue...So what will Weiner - Dixie Do ? Contact me or lose money hummmmmm

I have been buying my scripts at the winn-dixie on babcock st in palm bay,fl. the clerk, was a black lady and I assumed she was the pharmist. she didnt seem to have a very good understranding of the english language. she didnt seem to know what I was talking about, and I got the impression that she wasnt even an american citizen. I hate to think that this person who is filling my medicine, cant speak our language very good. if this is the case, and you are employing non citizens, I will go somewhere else. what is your answer?

My family has been shopping at WINN-DIXIE for more than 50 years and over time because i am a customer that lives close by i have come to know some of your employees well. My GM shopped at WD and so did my mother and i love the meat dept and feel really comfortable there, with all of the meat employees knowing how much i shop there. I have been writing checks there, paying cash using my debit card,etc and i know the store has regulations but come on folks.....to get asked by a young cashier for my dl for a 27 dollar check? Oh i get it , must have been because i asked for cash back which i seldom to because of instances like what happened today. I could have stopped and gone to my bank but it was an inconvenience. That is the only reason. One of the baggers even said, this lady has been coming in here for a very long time, as long as i have worked here. Why cant WD come into the 20th century and get computers like WM has that scans personal checks like a debit?

I have been shopping at the Winn Dixie at US1 and Salerno Road in Stuart FL. and I could not find what I was looking for a nice young man Named Eric Wood took the time to help me find what I wanted. Eric also took the time to fix me some salmon pin wheels that where excellent. This young man is a great asset to the Salerno store. The seafood department is very clean and does not smell fishy which is much appreciated. Thanks to Eric for all his help!! Sincerly, Larry Roberts

I was 15 years old when I realized that I'm a big fan of peanut butter & jelly. The product my mom use to purchase was called Deep South. What ever happened to it?

I will never shop at winn dixie again because of the rebel flag cake incident. you now refuse to make these cakes again but yet you still will make the iranian cake.. this is NOT acceptable by true american's, or people of true cherokee indian decendant's.(this was our religious flag) have you forgotten that southern people made winn dixie, and we can break you if we dont shop there any more. I consider this being a traitor to american people. and it does smell bad like you have not cleaned it in 6 month's.

I had a friend that was a co-manager that was fired from his position due to a DUI in late 2008 early 2009,then why wasn't the store manager from2304 fired because he also was arrested for a DUI in FEB or MARCH of 2009,you need to check on this,I know for a fact it was him because I was talking to his wife and daughter when he was released.

It amazes me that Winn Dixie is still in business today. I was in a Winn Dixie Store, once back in the 1980's only because a friend suggested shopping there. That was the last time I ever entered a Winn Dixie it was the nastiest grocery store I had ever been in, there was an awful smell. Needless to say I did not buy anything. The reason for the troubled Winn Dixie is poor management, from the top to the bottom...... When your business is failing its time to bring in new blood with new ideas. They chose not to do that in 1983 J.E. Davis step down only for another family member to take over, Robert D. Davis for remained until 1988 at which A. Dano Davis was elected to take over. This proves that family running a business is not always the best thing. Winn Dixie still to this day has stores that are nasty. Perhaps making some changes to the store appearance would have helped. No they built bigger nastier stores, they should have taken a few field trips to Kroger's, Public's, Wal-Mart and Target's store to get ideas for ways to improve there stores. You would find clean, organized stores. It's a shame what one man built three men took it down..... Could it have been greed that got the better of them?????

i stop shopping at winn-Dixie abouth 14years ago because i bough a pack of chicken and the next day when went to go cook it the meat was spoil. andjust last year 12/2010 i need some collried greens publix was close so i went across the street to one of your stores, the green that i saw was so green and fresh, but because the store and such and bad order i could not make my self by the fresh geens for xmas

I went to Winn Dixie for my weekly shopping. I make all meals from home so have a large order most weeks. Went to the deli for lunch meat was VERY excited they had a sale. Another lady was in front of me, no problem!I waited about 5 to 6 minutes and was thinking to myself would be nice if she jotted down my order and I could pick it up at end of shopping. Another deli lady came up a few more minutes later and said, "who is next?" To my dismay the clerk waiting on first lady said, sorry she is and gave second deli lady a part of her order. I WAS AND AM FURIOUS this happened on the Beach Blvd. and St. Johns Bluff location on Saturday two weeks ago. I stopped using this Winn Dixie twice before and this is the third and final. Convient or not Walmart is another mile down the road and Sam's Club across the street. The last time I quit shopping their was another deli lady who lacked a pulse and acted like she was going to die when you came to the counter. Wonder what they would do if you order a sandwich also If lunch meat is sooo hard!! Strike one was my daughter and I (who is now grown and a doctor of psychology) was about 15 we went in one morning to get something for her school. When leaving the theft alarm went off. Now it's kind of funny but then I thought I was going to jail for hurting an employee. This "stock clerk" ran up front and was looking at her like he was going to tackle her. I knew she didn't shoplift and told him it must be something else, I went through again and again it was ME the item was on and I don't shoplift either. He was still trying to grab her and repremand her for stealing!!! From somewhere an authority figure came up and we looked in my purse and saw a bottle of well used vitamins I purchased from them about a month earlier. There was a line of people checking out throught the hold up. I shouted very loud, "It's OK, no theft here!" and called child services to report the incident. Incidents at Publix = 0 Incidents at Walmart =0 Incidents at Foodlion =0 Incidents at Sam's Club =0 This company wonders why they are suffering. Two words CUSTOMER SERVICE

Hi my name is Christopher Wallace and I'm 14 years old. I have been trying hard to get hired at Winn Dixie for a year. My bother started working for Winn Dixie when he was 14 and now he in the Airforce. My sister starting working for Winn Dixie at the age of 14 and now she’s 17 and will be going in the Airforce in 2011. I have an active resume on line with Winn Dixie and hope someone will see this offer to work and give me an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of my brother and sister. 14 year old looking for a job and willing to work hard... Christopher Wallace Jacksonville Florida e-mail: gbw151963@att.net

To Winn-Dixie Corporate Headquarters: Today (5/20/2010) I had a personel emergency (not critical, but embarrassing) at your store at South Schillinger Road in Mobile, AL. It's store number 564. The manager was Mike Welch. He was very helpful in my predicament. I always have great service whenever I shop at any of your stores. Thank you for having such good people at your stores. I HATE "WALLIWORLD" the NO service store. Again, thank you and your stores. Sincerely, George PS: Too embarrassing to use my last name.


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