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I shop at store 512 Atmore, Al. There is a new store manager who does nothing but walk around with a cell phone in his ear, up and down the isles and not speak to you. That not like WD. All the other Mgrs would speak to me.I like to be spoke to when I spend my money at a store. I thank I will go to the Piggy Wiggy they are all frindly, and speak to me. Thanks, Bob

I have shopped at 100s of Winn-Dixie locations among many other grocers to try to find the best deals for my family. The worst shopping experiences I have ever had in my life were at the location in Oviedo, Fl. This is by far the worst shopping experience I've ever had in my life. Why? First off, every time I come in the majority product on the shelf is very disorderly and difficult to find because they do a very poor job maintaining this store. Not to mention the 1000s of times I've shopped at the Oviedo, Fl location I have found that numerous items are out of stock and there is absolutely no excuse for this. Secondly the management here is the worst I've seen, all the way up the store manager who is nothing but a rude, lying Winn-Dixie associate. In addition I've heard on many occasions managers yelling at employees who are working hard for a few bucks; cursing and making vile comments. I've spoken to employees here and heard unspeakable things. I have voiced my complaints to management at this location only to get nowhere. The majority of the employees are part time and complain often about how poorly they are treated. These complaints are just. Even though this location is convenient for me to shop at and I enjoy the occasional deals, It is not worth the hassle. This isn't the only store I've had very bad experience in but this store has made me decide to no longer give Winn-Dixie my business. I will proudly never shop at a Winn-Dixie store ever again. I will consider buying directly from the farmers and small businesses. If I were Peter Lynch I would be ashamed of this company, and would take a step down.

I received your flyer in my mailbox and it boldly in large letters said Happy Easter, Sunday, April 24th. What happened to Happy Passover which was the same week? A great percentage of shoppers in the South Florida area are Jewish and this is an insult and an affront to the Jewish shoppers, the Temples and the religious schools in the area. This is not totally a Christian World in South Florida. You would think that your advertising department would be educated enough to research and follow-up on the holidays and think about this. I hope that next year, Winn-Dixie will do better. And there is the Jewish New Year and Chanukah to think about. A Disappointed Shopper, Sharon

I have been a Winn-Dixie customer for as long as I could remember, a fairly happy customer at that. Winn-Dixie was also my first employer when I was 15; with that said in the last 6 months I have purchased unknowingly two expired products. The first product was a Kuddles vanila flavored shake for my two year old, she was very ill and wasn't eating much so we decided to give her a drink w/ nurishment...BIG mistake she became sicker and we realized that the Kuddles was expired by 3 months!!! I took it back to the store which is located in riviera beach FL. and the store manager told me that she would have someone contact me regarding the incident, I never got a call. Today (04/18/2011) I went to store #0295 and purchased Scalpicin lot # R08A071 my boyfriend applied a couple of drops to my head when I felt like my head was on fire, I yelled for him to stop and told him my head was burning he read the box and dicovered that it had expired on 01/2011. I don't write this to embaress you because I truly like winn-dixie, I write this so your more careful and mindful of your business and your NAME.

Hello, my name is Doreen Moore I have been shopping at Winn Dixie since the late 70's with my parents.My Dad was won over with your "Meat People" slogan.:)I wanted to compliment you on an employee named debbie that works in the meat department in L,Fla.Longwood.W st. rd.434.She is the sunshine of that store always bubbly,engaging she will darn near jump the counter to help customers.Then to hear she has so many stressers in her personal life; I cannot believe she comes to work so positive .I have seen she rides a bike to work I cannot imagine.Is there any way something special could be done for her a scooter? I wish there was -she is a fantastic employee.I had left my original compliment at the desk with a manager by phone and he kind of indicated she has stressers in her life,as we all,do but I could not believe someone could leave that stuff home and bring such a GREAT attitude to work! Sincerely, Doreen Moore do not close that store!

I have left a compliment previously I hope it gets resd.:) I can be reached at 407-260-1162.

I have always shopped Winn Dixie here in Kingsland, GA. It has always been a great store, well stocked and clean. It also had a very very good manager, Mark Giddens. He was great with the customers and always had the items we needed or would get them. The cashiers knew their products and what was on sale. They always looked out for the customer. Like buy 1, get 1 free, or buy 1 item and get another item free with it. This does not happen now. There is now feeling of knowing the employees. Mark was transferred to a store in Florida over a year ago and our store has really gone down. Problems are all we get now. No one cares about customer service. The seafood dept. has the worst smell, you have to hold your breath to walk by it. I am really disappointed that the people at the corporate office can't fix this problem. We, the people of Camden County want Mark Giddens back in our store. Please, before we all start shopping at Wal-Mart or Publix. I am very disappointed at the way problems are handled here. Prices of food are going up. Fuel Perks have been added to to save on gas and I feel we are cheated on them. But the manager nor the employees know how to correct a problem. Please, Please send Mark Giddens back to Camden County. We don't like shopping at Wal-Mart. But we don't like Winn Dixie the way it is run now.

Douglas Reese the store manager in Jacksonville Florida Store #37 777 Market Street 32202 really needs to be freshed check i will never shop at this store under his managment ever and i will spread the world for soon no one will if this problem does not get fixed! HE IS REALLY A PROBLEM!

To Whom It May Concern: I have been trying to get my 2009 W-2 form, from Winn Dixie for over a year to date. Please have someone from your organization contact me in reference to this matter ASAP. EMAIL frazier2311@yahoo.com HOME # 407-896-1101 EX 7154

I shop at winn-dixie for all my food am all the workers there are very nice an greet my, ask if they can help me,as I walk by they actnolish me. The manager justs walks by me,not saying anything and goes and to a employee and talks for a long time, while customers are walking right by.

Really I would not give winn dixie any stars.. They have people there that all they want to do is be rude.. They was to show the customer who is boss.. I had an incident tonight when I went to store #160 in Gainesville,Fl on Main Street. I bought in coupon that I printed from the computer and I printed them in Grey scale so that I did not have to use up my color ink, so I used them on sale items. I got to the register and I was rung out and i gave the cashier my coupons and this girl who was probably a little front end manager told the cashier she wanted to look at the coupon. She said that they were copied. Well I told here they were printed off my computer from the web site of the product and they were not copies. She refused to take them.. I asked to talk to the manager and this guy who was acting manager told me they were copies and they weren't going to take them.. He said he had to check into it if I could use them. He said he would call me when he found out.. Needless to say that the sale will be up on Tuesday. Of course he also added that the sale would be up on the 31st of January which was not true.. The winn dixie web site says February 2nd. Needless to say I had a whole buggy full of food.. He asked me if I wanted to purchase the rest of the things and I told him no thank you I would take my business else ware.. His mouth dropped open when I said that.. Loved that.. Hated all the rest of it.. Winn Dixie has lost another customer..

O stars.. So many complaints.. So why isn't anyone doing any thing about it????..

Im not sure if anyone has noticed but it seems to me that the level of brains possesed by the people complaining about this company may be lacking. It is almost impossible to read what they are trying to say and the grammer and spelling are really bad. Some people will never be happy and want something for nothing. If you dont like Winn-Dixie thats just fine. If you think there is an odor then take a shower before you shop!.

Hey, I've been using Winn Dixie Pharmacy for the past 15yrs. Today I had to get information as to when my husband started using each of his medications so I could send it in because it was COURT ordered for SSD and found out they didn't even have a pharmisist working. I could come back tomorrow and see a real pharmisist. I called the manager because I was so upset and she informed me that he (the man in pharmacy) was just back there to ring up orders. I even asked her if he could fill a prescription? She told me that she didn't know....in other words the manager of the store has no clue as to what is going on. No wonder Winn Dixie is having such a hard time. Then I was going to put in a online complaint and guess what???That's why I am here writing..you got it they don't even have a web page. What a joke you are Winn Dixie.. One customer that will be taking their business across the street to Walgreens. Thanks to your manager of Winn Dixie on Dunn Ave. Jacksonville, Fl 32218


I'm writing concerning the retirement that i had paid in i would like to cash it out. I have been trying to contact someone in the office and i am stil yet to talk to anyone. Please send me a responce and another number that i can call to talk to someone. Thank you. The store i worked in was in Lexington, Kentucky. It was located in the Palomar center. Everyone loved the store even myself. Please contact me on my email at kingtracy24@yahoo.com

Winn-Dixie stores and its pharmacies are the WORST to deal with. I quit going there for years (since 1950s). Recently, I attempted to shop there again and even took some prescriptions to be filled. I am talking about #2313 and one in Miami on Bird Rd. and 112 Ave. (which is supposed to be bilingual but no one speaks English or understands fully. The stores are dirty, smelly, dirty bathrooms, do not all carry the same products, have outdated products, and try getting pharmacy refills. It never goes smoothly which it should. Always a problem. I am not going to deal with it anymore. I am going back to Publix and Walmart. I'm surprised you haven't gone out of business yet, you stink!

Of all the stores in Spring Hill, Florida Win Dixie is by far the more expensive place to shop. Next comes Sweet Bay, after that comes Publix but the best, the store that gives you more for your money is Walmart.........by far. Every time I go to pharmacy at Win Dixie the store itself is not busy at all. I really don't know how they can stay in business. In Walmart you can just about squeze through the isle it's so crowded. Bottom line is their prices are better then anybody else.

I was wantering about a problem about a man in williston fl.the manager.just doesn't care about his people or hi customers.would somebody please go and get rid of the man of the williston store.He is so mad about working there because he was working with albertsons.So do something or he will bring it down.

I have been a winn dixie shopper for a long time. but I heard about a guy in willaston fla. amd he is a manager of the store.He does not want the job he is trying to get fired or put the store under.I found out he worked with albertson. and he doesn't care about his workers or the people that shop at the store.So now the people work at the winn dixie in dunnellon florida.And thats where I go and I love the store and the people.they treat you like family.

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