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Hostile work environment

I work for Winn Dixie and have seen some really shady things go on here.....for instance the other night I was called in to work on my day off(which I do quite often) I was told by the front end manager that the shift was from 1230 to 700 so I go in and when 7 came I asked the lead at the time if I could go she proceeded to rudely tell me my time was till 700 so I was like ok well I was told 700she proceeds to be very rude and tell me she don't know what everyone's deal is today but she is tired of it......I was visibly upset so another lead told me to go to the back for a few mins and calm down so I walked to the back for a min and then went back to my register...ten mins later she walks over and tells me to go home....I was like seriously all this over 30 mins ridiculous.....and the next day I went to the front end manager and she kinda blew me off I feel then told me let it drop cause This lady deserves respect so I felt that she was saying I didn't deserve the respect because I was beneath them......it's very sad when people feel miserable going to work when I first started I was excited to go but after only 3short months I'm miserable.


My friend works at a Winn Dixie and she got taking off the schedule and none of her managers or co-workers called her to let her know that she was off of it. She is on her final write up and hasn't done anything since then how does she go about this problem Please write me back asap Sincerely Amanda

louse customer service

Gas card not honored at pump this morning and $5 off $55 coupon no longer being given out at store in Lake Helen; had shopped their as aware Winn-dixied employees job contingent upon chain remaining solvent; very dissapointed gas card wasn't honored; let down by this store; will no gow to one my work suggests and who gives us Christmas gift cards to, Publix.


I havev't shopped at Winn Dixie in some time just because Publix and Sams were closer. We just moved and there is a store 3 blocks away. In the past I have awalys had good experience with Winn Dixie. Today I went to buy steaks from ( the meat people). The filet mignon were over priced so I bought ribeye. I pride myself on cooking steak! The steak were over priced and not a very tasteful . I just want to say that until inprovements are made I will never buy from the "Meat People" again.

Open New Store

What is the staus of the proposal(?) to build a new Winn-Dixie supermarket on the large corner lot diagonally across Veterans Parkway from the Mid-Point shopping complex, in Cape Coral, Florida? A Winn-Dixie or any other well-known supermarket chain would be welcomed to provide the needed competition!


It is getting very expensive shopping at the Winn Dixie store in my neighborhhod. Mistakes on my receipt more than once. Blame it on the computer not updating the sale price,I was told. Drive back to the store for a refund. Now add up your time,& gas .


Here in Navarre Fl. we have a Winn Dixie store that has a problem! Picture this! you purchase 2 items,look for a cashier,there is one on duty with waiting customers ,& many items in their cart. The customer service person has a few people purchasing,& cashing in lottery tickets,along with 2 customers like myself with a couple of items wanting to leave. Publix is a mile away,& there will be ex Winn Dixie shoppers in there.

Why do you change out good people for a pretty boy that walks around intimidating other employers an let one employer curse out other employers an get away with it

The Winn Dixie In Gramercy, Louisiana. I am tired of going shopping an hear an employer curse an talk bad to other employers. One which is a special needs or handicapped if you would call the young man. Yet this is tolerated by the employees. An upper management of this store allows it to happen. This is uncalled for. I was in there two days ago , for we'll over an hour with my mother inl aw, the new guy that took over LJ place . Was called upon several times for something. Seems to me he walks around the store intimating the employees that have been there for years. I have shopped this store for over 30 yrs. an have never seen such things happen in this store like it is now. Seriously, this is a sad situation. An very discouraging for customers to see an hear this.

Cashier 5 Yenny

I would like to congratulate Cashier 5 Yenny from Miami, FL store 297 on her excellent customer service skills. She goes above and beyond and definitely meets the stores expectations and treats the customers with a lot of respect. I cannot think of her being any more but the best at her job.

why did winn dixie move wheel chairs over 25 feet away from the door its not right that handicap people have to walk further to get in a wheel chair. this is at 0673

I shop winndixie in tavares and for the past year and a half ive been monerting their meet and fish dept and i got to tell you its discusting they put meet out that knowingly is bad many times they rewrap it and mark it down and put a sticker on it saying mrg special. are they sick or what and the fish dept their are not enough words in the english dictionary to describe how awfull that place is rotten fish any one i would rather spend moore at publix than risk getting sick at winn dixie and its not just that store its many stores in the area i dont shop then any moore !!! ever!!!

they lied about who ma nad the tech blonde short scank form merrit island high

I shop at the winn-dixie on powerline and atlantic(florida) and for the past 4 months this store has really gone down hill! There are never any batters and the ones that's there dont speak english,there is only one cashier opened after 8pm. What has happened to this store I used to love shopping here NOW I SHOP AT WALLMART! I CAN STAND IN THE SAME LONG LINES FOR ALOT LESS MONEY! !!!!!!

My wife is pregnant with twins she started to work for winn dixie in bakery as cake decorater and was discriminated against because she is pregnant and also was in hostile work environmebt because they wanted her to quite.i work as hard as i can to support my famil and although at the time i cant take winn dixie to court to have it legally fixed the damages and heart ache this corupte company has caused as soon as i am finaical able too i will because a company that treats there employees poor needs to answer for there actions mike from marianna store harrassed ny wife for being pregnant and smoking stating she will not recieve hours because she smoked and was pregnant small example of the many harassing things that company has done to my wife.trish her department manager promised my wife things and was in on the conspiracy for her to quite just wanted you to know corporate before you seen it by suponea wat your company represents and how there employees are treated.

Recently purchased two individual boxed pies, a Glazed Apple and a Glazed Cherry made by Krispy Kreme. The pictures on the boxes show a fairly deep pie with little liquid filling and lots of large chunks of fruit. Opening the apple pie I noticed it was fairly flat and after biting into it I discovered lots of liquid filling and no recognizeable pieces of fruit. Seems like the computer guys were very busy enhancing the pictures of the product for the box. Seems to be the trend these days!! Don't buy them!! Shame on Krispy kreme!!

Today I was sent home for my nametag being lost they made me a new one. But minutes. Later was told I wasn't needed today. I know the dress code and everything else wad correct. Im only human and make mistakes. Now I am worried I will get fired. Earlier this month I blew my nose and got written up for it.

i applied and i didtn get an eamil saying that i eaither i got my application througth or if i didnt ?? what do i do now

PLEASE HELP http://HelpCup.org/Frances

i wish you could live up to your motto. The "beef people".Impossible of getting a piece of meat cut the way i want.Firstly you can't find anybody there to help you, secondly if there is someone they can't speak english. Very annoying after a while.The produce department is a shame. Vegetables either wilted or old. Store 249. Management unfriendly and obviously doesn't seem to care about their customer. Frustrated customer ready to go back to Publix, at least they are bilingual!!

I need to know the name, e mail and phone number of the director of Human Resources at Winn Dixie stores. I work in Gainesville Florida, and have worked for Winn Dixie for 13 years, Now, I have become the victim of blatant favoritism, with new employees getting all the hours, somewhere in the area of 30-35 hurs, while I get 16 or less. This just isn't right. Please supply me will the name and all contact information I need to file a complaint.

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