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Customer/ Parent

One of the Managers is not properly trained to handle conflict resolution. She's more concerned about the customer and therefore the employee is left to defend themselves against rude and confrontational customers. Nothing is done about it. They actually fired the employee for the lack of action on the part of the manager. How sad; I won't be shopping at this location much longer. Quite disappointed with the management.


I am tired of going to Winn Dixie store #2383 and I get a lot of I don't care attitude . They cannot keep the same items stocked. They can never get any item I want. Store is understaffed. Never any bagboys not enough cashiers. Looks like it is time to go to Publix.

Winn Dixie will run ads for a 30 day sale of products 10 for 10$ however they will not keep the items stocked to sell . How irritating. I also cannot find a Winn Dixie to furnish enough baby formula that I need for purchase. They keep about 10 cans on shelf and say they have no more. Its formula for gods sake, not a high dollar wine.


The store in belle glade fl never has enough cashiers I always have to ask the manager to open more lanes there will be 8-10 people in line in three lines that are open this is ridiculous

Brenda is Evil

Do not go to the store on Blue Angel Pkwy and Hwy 98. Brenda is very evil. She made me and my daughter cry and she just laughed about it. It would be a MUCH better place without her in society. She hates everyone.

deli worker

was in wildwood fl deli going through villages woman tiffany in deli was grwat with me and my workers fast and very sweet.

Bugs in the pasta

Do not buy pasta from the Key Largo FL store near mm 106! I have reported 3 times about bugs being in their pasta but nothing has been done! I know of 6 other people who know not to go to that store for pasta. I have tried 3 different brands but they all have the bugs. They need to throw it all out and start over! I'm a big fan of Winn Dixie but I am willing to start going down the street to publix and spend the extra money for my groceries to get edible food.

community service

The Marco Island Shell Club held our Christmas Shell Craft sale last Saturday outside your Winn Dixie store to raise scholarship funds. While the date of our sale collided with the date of your management changeover from Dawson to Wightman, Chip Mittchie stepped in to make the set up seamless and effortless on our part. Community support at its BEST! Thank You, Shirley Prushko and Rebecca Miller, Sale Co Chairs

bad management

HOBE SOUND FL STORE 33455 Mnager checked us out saturday at the customer counter as there were long lines and two peoplke woking customer service. There are no scales to weigh produce at the customer care counter and the folks always get upset that they have to walk to a register to weigh our produce. Well if there were those two people at a regular register that wouldnt happen or better yet update the store and put in a scale, but dont take it out on the customer. The store manager asked us if we found everthing fresh. right half the meat and produce are always old and the prices have almost doubled and the service is less. Service and quality food make a quality store. Time for a change.


Alright guys what gives? You have a BOGO sale but practically double the prices to compensate for it. Breyers ice cream is NOT 7.00 in Publix or Sweetbay or Walmart. Also, bring back double coupons without doubling the prices.

Wake Up Winn Dixie

Publix has you eating their dust! Take a fieldtrip to a Publix store and you will see happy workers and Happy shoppers. and good management. You can see what is in the aisle from the front or back of the store. Don't have to use the middle aisle to find your groceries. Clerks greet you at Publix walk you to a product that is up high or you don't find. When 2 carts are on line another register opens. Management is out front and working in full view. Winn Dixie is the opposite- no one care if you lose your lunch hour waiting to be checked out. Not a happy shopping experience. Hate to lose you Winn Dixie but you are mismanaged and a sorry second. Wise up or you will be history. Sorry to see you commit corporate suicide.

employee unrelationship with daily shopper

you're empolyee crystal yoho locted in store 630 in bradenton has been in a relationship with me i don't want to be in a relationship with her but she countless has haressed me sexaul at her work place. i do not like it i shop ther for food not to come and be her play toy. i would rather her get fired . or i will have to call the cops on her. please and thank you.

False Advertisment

Every time I try to shop at your stores for the sale items they never have the sale items! To me it's false advertisement! Then they give you a hard time when you want a rain check ! I am still trying to give you a chance but one more time and I am truly through with your stores!

Belleview fl store has terrible cs

The store in belleview fl is the worst. The only store I have ever known that don't honor their mistakes. For people on a fixed income becareful. If you see a bogo sale add in the price of two becuz if that tag is misplaced or expired they refuse to honor it! I have heard lots of people in lines talk about this.

Rude Manger

I work @ the Winn Dixie in Orlando , Fl off Silver Star , I work in the Bakery I was hired only 2 months ago & my Manger it's rude talks down in me , but. I keep my cool , something must be DONE either she should be transferred , talked to or I should be , transferred , I haven't called HR yet but I will be making. the call in the morning

I have been in your store for a week straight bringing back ice cream cones they where stale then I bought some hot sausages they wasn't any good then the month of July I bought more ice cream cones with the m&m's they were stale and frost bit and last but least I could have called a lawyer I bought the 6pack Vienna sausages in the blue pack my kids eat 2 cans but every time we picked up the pack it smelled awful I pulled the rest of the blue package off of them and there it was a opened can with maggots coming out of a can of Vienna sausages

rotten cutup fruit

first of all you are over priced. I got some cut up fruit, and it was rotten, I had to trash it. Didn't even want to take it back..For what, to hear them say sorry. I will no longer shop at any Winn Dixie. I'm going back to Public's.

Poor service

All I every see is the self check out workng.......The staff sits there and doesn't even know the coantct phone # to headquarters......shop other stores.... and get what you pay for.....really gone down over the past years.... Sad because many things are positive but too much sitting around...


Winnie the pharmacist at # 0743 is best pharmacist I`'ve had. She's always going out of her way to help her customers it's nice to have someone like her you can trust shell do what ever it takes to help you.I've been her customer for 10years and I will follow her to any store. I did when she was in radio road to golden gate. If I would have to choose on a number


Please stop carrying Smithfield products. I have been a HUGE supporter of Winn Dixie & the store that drops them will be the one to get my families continued business ! Thanks, Nancy Guillotte

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