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Jennifer Hudson has got to go. Her voice, whether speaking or singing is annoying. I'd rather listen to s commercial about diarrhea than have to listen to her screeching. WW is hurting themselves by continuing to use her. I won't be joining until she's gone.

Weight Watchers is a great program if you go to meetings, eat in the manner that they promote (low fat, lower carb, lots of fruits and veggies), MOVE your body thru exercise or walking, and track your progress. It is that simply! Jennifer Hudson is a great role model and I enjoy seeing her commercials. She has endured and conquered from a personal and professional standpoint. Let's lift each other up and quit the hate. Happy 2012! Make it your best year.

I am not writing to complain about the Weight Watchers program. I have been a member for years and it works if you follow the program and attend the meetings.What I am upset about is the horrible building we are attending our meetings in while they are supose to revamp our regular meeting room. I attended the meeting on New Years day (Clairemont Calif location in San Diego) and felt good about attending a meeting. The meeting room is so depressing,dirty, cluttered I was shocked. We have been in that location since October and the new facility was supose to open New Years day. The new facility is not nearly completed. I feel to have successful weight loss you have to be in a cheerful environment and the place we are in is not that. Please jump start the renovation so we can have a great place to meet and feel motivated.

After signing up for the three months, over Christmas I was charged for the next month without any warning that my three-month agreement was almost over. When I contacted and asked for a cancellation and refund, I received a mouthy email stating that I should have paid attention to the terms of service when I signed up and would not be refunded. Did not use the online program much, will never try it again and will certainly not recommend it to others.

I have tried WW several times and every time I get off I gain the weight back and some I agree you should use a person who can not afford to buy your food all the time, I am a grandmother just turn 68 on Christmas day and I would love to be slim again I have a back problem, Iam diabetic and WW would help me very much but I can't afford it. so I think you should use me as one of your commom people spokeperson you can reach me at (916) 683-1408 looking to here fron you soon. Happy New Year Mary Allen

I would give WW a higher rating, but they have lost me with their decision to hire Jessica Simpson to represent them. Good gracious, most women lose a lot of weight after having a baby anyway. I agree with everything that usa4ever said and then some. Shame on WW!! I am a fairly new member but will be quitting as of tomorrow because of this decision. She is not a role model for me or anyone else who has a grain of sense.

In the month of Sept2011 I decided to enroll with WW. They were running a promotion 2 months for the price of 1 $39.95. I thought that was awesome and needed to jump on board since there was no registration fee. That meant I'd pay $20 a month for two months. Needless to say I only attended two meetings out of that two month deal. That was fine I was prepared to lose my 39.95 and go solo. What I didn't expect was the additional charges I discovered by my bank account activity. Come to find out Weight Watchers has been taking out 39.95 every month after my enrollment. So instead of paying just 39.95 for what was suppose to be two months of the program. They've been debiting my account every month after my initial sign up date. That's a whopping 159.80 they've stolen. Well not 159.80 but 119.85 minus my first payment. Will never do this again! Too Disgusted!@

I's pretty sad that Weight Watchers has to pay someone 3 million dollars to be their spokesperson when the average person has to pay $12.00 or whatever it is now. Poor Jessica simpson is just having a baby and makes enough already. She can afford to hire a personal trainer ,chef and do it on her own.I'm a Lifetime member and will not pay any more money To Weight Watchers to support the already millionaires.

I've been attending WW meetings for a few years off and on. Everytime I attend, I lose about 8-10 pounds in just a few weeks. I have mostly had good experiences at the meetings, except for the last time. Barbara, the instructor has always been so nice,and encouraging towards me,but Carol, a receptionist, not so much. In fact she was VERY rude towards me, she has been sort of rude before, and I just ignored her.I told Barbara about it, and she said just to overlook her because she was in a bad mood today, she said Carol had been rude to a lot of people, because she was upset about her son. I signed up for 6 weeks, and only went twice, just couldn't go back, she was so hurtful.

Oh I hear you loud and clear. Weight Watchers should have a class action law suit filed against them. Moving locations, removing leaders who are loved, keeping members in the dark, etc this is what they do. They are not open and honest.

I was going to make a total commitment to Weight Watchers, and planned to join right after the 1st of the year. However, after reading the comments I just read, just forget it! If it's true that Jennifer Hudson received plastic surgery to achieve the results she did, then Weight Watchers is lying and falsely advertising. And that, my friends, is cause for a big, FAT lawsuit! Before the Enquirer or the National Star gets a hold of this story, I think Weight Watchers ought to set the record straight. If they have nothing to hide, then they ought to do some kind of press release stating that Jennifer Hudson never had plastic surgery and that she achieved her results simply by following the Weight Watchers program. If Weight Watchers can't do that, then they are signing their own death warrant. As for me, I'm going with Medifast or Jenny Craig.

I read with interest the blurb regarding Jennifer Hudson having plastic surgery. This is probably the truth. Let's be brutally honest here. Jennifer Hudson is a huge talent; there is no getting away from that. But the woman was a 'pork!' By that I mean that she was HUGE. If you look at her now, she's so tight in her waist, stomach and hips, she would have had to exercise morning, noon and night to achieve those results. She probably lost weight, then had a plastic surgeon give her liposuction in her problem areas. She has nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of people in the entertainment field have plastic surgery. The point the person was trying to make is that she did not achieve the results she got just by following the Weight Watcher Program. And because of that, Weight Watchers is falsely advertising, saying that if you follow their plan, you can get the same results that Jennifer Hudson got. The only thing is....Jennifer Hudson achieved those results by following the program, and then by getting herself some 'extra help.' If Weight Watchers can't own up to that, then the company is indeed a sham.

Having Jennifer Hudson as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers is a bold faced lie! Oh, I agree that she went on some sort of weight loss program and she lost SOME weight, but there is no way in hell that she got to looking like that without having some help. By 'help,' I mean a "nip" here and a "tuck" there. If Weight Watchers has the nerve to say that she got to look the way she does without the help of her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, then Weight Watchers International is lying through their teeth! Even some of the Weight Watchers lecturers admit that Hudson had some help, so cut the crap and come clean, already. And, I'm going to tell you something: if it ever DOES comes out that Jennifer Hudson had the help of a plastic surgeon, then your company can just go down the toilet. No one is going to want to join a program where the spokesperson had some 'extra help.' That's my theory, folks, and I'm sticking to it!

JESSICA SIMPSON???!!! Seriously WHY??? I have been a Lifetime Memeber for a long time. This deal ends it for me right here & right now. Who ever came up w/this idea to have this ditz represent WW should be fired. To give this airhead 1 penney to be a spokes person is a very poor decision, let alone 4 million!!! It makes me re evaluate continuing on the program. I cannot support or follow a program that allows such stupid choices by selecting this moron. To go from Jennifer Hudson, who IMO is all class to this bleached blonde idiot is sad, a poor business choice, and WW will see their numbers and membership crash instead of the an increase. Who in their right mind wants to see this idiot say another word?! Not me. I will find an alternative program to follow. Oh, and by the way, the group of woman I work with feel the same, so you have lost many memebers w/this selection

Is it impossible for me to have weight watchers at my church? I sent an email regarding this to a "business meeting" leader and she referred me to some one who is a "territory manager" What's going on- it will be a meeting open to anyone - we are, in business terms, a "non profit" so what's the deal here? Has anyone gone to a meeting of weight watchers held at a church?

I have been in Weight Watchers off and on for many years. I have never had any problem canceling my Monthly Pass or resolving any problem while being involved with Weight Watchers! My advice to all the folks that have made comment above is to call the Weight Watcher Corporate phone number which is area code (212) 589-2700, follow the prompts and ask for Customer Service. I have just hung up the phone from talking to them on a problem, which has been resolved to my satisfaction! Unfortunately, I don't think there is an 800 number to make a free call, but I could be wrong. Good Luck to all of you for giving their system a try!

I agree with Bridget Stecher 10/27/11....Weight Watchers is a law suit waiting to happen...all it would take would be enough disgruntled past members getting together and filing...I know they are big and powerful, but their practices are nothing more than deception and fraud.....I have been trying to cancel my membership on line for four months and during that time they are still taking money fro m y account for meetings and services I did not get...I am so disappointed.....

Joined Weight Watchers online and then, after not using the service at all, decided to cancel. When I cancelled I was advised that my membership including on line access would be terminated immediately. One month later, there was yet another WW monthly charge on my bill. I requested an immediate refund and was advised that WW DOES NOT REFUND MONIES, AND DOES NOT PRO-RATE CHARGES AFTER CANCELLATION. I think a class action suit may be appropriate here. Anyone else interested? Respond and I will post my email address.

I have been weighing in at WW since August 2011 in light weight summer sandals. Today I wore heavy shoes and socks, because it's getting colder, and was informed that I had to keep the clogs on during the weigh in. NEVER had I been previously informed that I could not be weighed in my stocking feet. The person (actually I don't even know her name!) who was in charge said she could be fired by corporate if I took off my shoes. WHAT??? Yes, she said, corporate was once sued because a person got a foot fungus. I think WW corporate should take lessons from airport security who insists ALL take OFF their shoes... Has anyone sued airport security??? because they got a foot fungus??? Maybe someone should! so we can all keep our shoes on... (but, that's another issue) My question is: has anyone ever gotten a foot fungus from a person wearing socks?

I joined WW as a new member a week ago, purchasing a monthly pass. Their computers were down that day, but were up the next morning and I was able to get the etools on my computer to track my points and activity. My first meeting is tomorrow, but the doctor's office weighed me and I placed that weight into the etool. Friday the etool points plus area stopped functioning, in that the tracker pad to select activity froze despite the remainder of the page having buttons and items I could click. On the Plan page, I was able to select the points plus tracker, which then launched but sat there not loading over and over. I restarted my Mac and tried again. When that didn't work, I made sure that Java and Adobe were up to date and settings allowed WW to do what it wanted. Then I emptied the cache, deleted cookies and restarted. Still nothing. I called my DSL tech support and they tested everything and all was well. Then I called WW and was told it was all working on their end and they refused to allow me to speak with tech - telling me the would check it out within a week and email me. Now I have had WW on my computer to help me track my foods, have paid for a week so far, and have had access for only 3 out of 8 days and the problem is NOT on my end. I am very, very displeased with the service and the system and how it keeps customers from accessing technical help in a proper way. Not impressed in the least with this so far. I will update this as time goes on.

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