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the worst customer support

i called in again today to get refund for 1 month online service. I called three times before and was told the matter was taken care of. Today i spoke to five agents including two supervisors and was hung up on twice. I was told i recieved the refund . I informed them i had not. I was told it was not their problem it was my banks issue. Icould not believe the lack of professionalism and customer care I recieved! Never will i reccomend ww to anyone again. And I will tell everyone my story via facebook and other sources,

Disappointed Today

My friend and I are Lifetime Members, we attend one meeting each month, and drive a bit of a distance to a meeting we like. We have attended this location for about 3 years. We were very disappointed to find a "closed" sign on the door, "moved to another location". We drove the new location, about 10 minutes away. We saw many people at this WW meeting who told us they had no idea the location had changed. They all went to the old Monroeville, PA WW Center too. Our leader said members who attended last weeks meeting, were informed, and she was not permitted to tell us about the move. We can not believe how thoughtless and inconsiderate this was. We should have received a note or email about the location change. Our mailing/email addresses are in that center's computer. Why did we not receive notification of the move?

I have a Fitbit and would like to be able to sync my WW tracker and Fitbit together. I do it with myfitnespal.com but now that I am a WW I would like to keep everything together. If you could make this possible I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU. JJ

mV1QhD Great, thanks for sharing this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.


What a terrible ethos this organization displays. It is no wonder that membership is in steep decline. I have little hope that "corporate" will read this, much less act on it...but here goes. The two offices/meeting areas are filthy! The space is dank, poorly lit, with stained carpets, the most uncomfortable of chairs, and no organization of materials whatsoever. The "leaders" are uninspiring, sloppily dressed, and more interested in selling product than conducting the meeting...and the meetings are so short as to be ineffective and a time-waster. Additionally, the presence of crying, misbehaving toddlers adds nothing but frustration to an already unsatisfactory experience. I am so very disappointed in every aspect of this program. Honestly speaking, if major changes do not take effect soon, the future of WW appears quite dim. As well, the lack of ability to speak with a live person at the corporate headquarters is so counterintuitive to generally accepted protocol regarding customer service. What are the most important goals of this company? One should be to get out in the field to observe the conditions and the people who represent them! What a poor showing on all levels! I am leaving the program because of what is happening locally in my area, but most important, because of my inability to speak to anyone at corporate to share my thoughts and dissatisfaction. Such a recipe for decline for this organization . Stop spending millions on celebrity endorsements and use the money to clean-up each venue where members spend time! Thank you for your attention to this matter.

A simple refund is evidently not a think WW does. People at at the 800# give wrong information or are not trained/informed well about company policy. And supervisors do not seem to be allowed to help us by being able to make decisions to solve probelms and actually help people. This a poor model for keeping customers and as such I am no longer one.

Minus 5 Stars extremely poor to the point of Ripping off people I purchased the ActiveLink monitor and upon opening the box I found out there is an additional monthly $5.00 fee. I never activated the Activelink and returned to the WeightWatchers store and asked to return the ActiveLink where they advised me I would have to go to Phillips Consumer Lifestyles to return the Activelink. I called Phillips and spoke with Gracie who told me they do not make refunds. Then I called WeightWatchers Corporate Spoke with Mikah (Cust Service) No Help, then he connected me with his supervisor Dani, who gave me the canned response that she could not help me and I asked to speak with someone who could make a decision, needles to say she was not able to do this, I asked for a name of this important person and she was not able to do this either and then I asked her for a snail mail address and name and she told me there was no name or address.

I Plan to post this on every sight I can until I get my money back. I tried to sign up for Weight Watchers online and it charged my credit card six times. The Customer Service Agents that I've encountered have been extremely rude and Ill-Equipped to handle this issue. All that is required is that they fax a statment to my CC company stating that this was an error. I was lied to the first time I called Weight Watchers when the agent told me they had faxed the form to my CC company. The second time I called I was told that agent had to fax the form to WW corporate office who would then wait 1-2 days ands fax to my CC Company. I called the WW Corporate office and just recieved a recording prompting me to leave a voicemail message. Really? Can I please have my money back? And Can you please have your IT department fix your website? This is obviously an issue because there is a question listed on this subject in your FAQ's section. Do I smell a class-action Lawsuit or....

The program is good. Communication with anyone except the people at the meeting sites (if you can guess when they will be there) is very carefully protected by WW corporate office. I tried for one hour to talk to a human being, any human being. The following people were "either on another line or away from their desk" Ann, Regina, Stephanie, Robin, Cheryl Callan, Katy Huber and everyone at the 800-651-600 was busy with the increased calls from their "New(?) Points Plus program. The rep I finally reached (Rose) was nice and tried to be helpful,but she was unable to give me a phone number for my meeting site. They have evidently changed meeting times as I discovered when I found the doors locked when I tried to attend a regularly scheduled meeting last week. I don't want to drive in rush hour traffic to attend a meeting that may, or may not be happening. I want to talk to Mr. Kirchoff. Anyone see that happening?

I think that it is crazy to pay Jessica Simpson 4 million dollars to be a spokesperson for Weight Watchers..If she is going to sign up for it she should pay like everyone else. I joined Weight Watchers 2-11-12 and as of today have lost 52lbs. I would praise weight watchers for alot less than what she's getting paid to do. USE EVERYDAY PEOPLE..

Weight Watchers is an excellent program in that it is well put together. Corporate, however, seems to be totally unresponsive. You did the research for the program and then top it off with poor customer service. How unfortunate. You could be the whole package! I do want a monthly pass. I am willing to give you my money! I do not want to pay with a credit or debit card. I am fine with you deducting from my checking account but your PayPal system won't do that. I therefore, do not get etools. I pay the same as your other members and get less because I do not conform to your choice of payment. I get it that you can continue to deduct if I don't go and it is up to me to stop the deduction but you can do that with PayPal deductions from my checking account. Not a great way to treat us. I called your call center and was told, "you can talk to my supervisor if that will make you happy." That won't make me happy but thanks for being sassy. I give your program 5 stars. I give your customer service 0 stars.

I have been a Weight Watcher member and fan since the mid to late '80's. There was a period of time that I was not in attendance. However, I rejoined some 10 or more years ago. Yesterday, I decided to register for WW online. It did not take me long to realize that I made a mistake!! While perusing the program online, I realized that it would not meet my needs. I wanted to go back to the procedure I always followed. I went online for a refund. I paid nearly $56 for the 3 month program. My refund was $7.95. For one day they took nearly $50..!!!! I called customer service and was told that because there was no registration fee, I was charged. Nice Trick Weight Watchers!!!! Nice going!! I am sure it is buried in all of that disclosure gobble gook that most people just sign and go on to the next step!!! Nice going!!! I will NOT return to Weight Watchers!!!! I am done. And from what I am reading in the business papers, your membership is in steep decline!! This certainly does not help. For one day!!!!You take that kind of money??!!!! Enjoy it.!!!! I do not expect any contact from you...nor restitution. And the $50 will not drive me to the poor house. But, your corporate policy is slightly less than lying and thievery!! Bye!!!!

This must be a touchy subject for Weight Watchers, I have written repeatedly about the fairness of the contests, every person who pays to weigh in at Weight Watchers is considered a member, yet only those that apply for the monthly pass or do the program online are eligble for the contests, this just is not fair, I chose to pay weekly and for that I am penalized. Get with it Weight Watchers, no matter how I choose to pay I should get access to the online tools, afterall you are taking my money every week, without question!!!!

I think the first and last image of the first group of four are your strongest here. The first bscuaee of the play on color with the fog and the trees in the bottom of the frame. The image of the opera singer doesn't really do too much for me. It seems as though you caught him in between expressions and being so close to him with the curtain being so much of the frame, makes it sort of claustrophobic. The image of the football game is really interesting too. I love the way all the people in frame are posing.

Okay I have written before and it fails to show up here, my pet peeve with the weight watchers program is that you do not get to utilize the E-Tools unless you do the online program or have the monthly pass, this is TOTALLY UNFAIR to the members who pay weekly at the meetings, we are still weight watcher members, or are we just a way to line the pockets..it seems to be the latter, because we choose to pay weekly we get penalized and are unable to particpate in the contests, and now the gadget for totalling points for you, and they charge an xtra $5.00 for that on top of the E tools. Time to re-think, there are plenty of sites out there that are free, and I know of one that people are losing 100's of pounds and they don't charge for the use of the site.

Call me wind because I am abosleutly blown away.

I want to know why weekly paying members do not get access to the E-tools. we are after all paying members of the Weight Watchers program, we have just opted to pay weekly rather than being a Monthly Card holder which allows automatic withdrawl from a credit or debit card. This in my opinion if unfair and biased to those opting to allow automatic debit. I feel as if I am being punished because I choose to pay weekly when I weigh in. I have written weight watchers about this but have not recieved any response. I use another site SparkPeople to keep track of my exercise and food eaten..and I have the support of others by joining teams and such, and it is free. I would like to see the E tools become available to ALL paying members.

I couldn't be happier with my counselor and center in East Brunswick, NJ. I entered the office on June 1st, and as of today, I am down 19 pounds. The program makes so much sense to me and has changed my relationship with food. In fact, one of my cousins was so motivated that she started last week. I do have a suggestion for corporate headquarters. Please consider making a box of different foods that could be sampled before you purchase the entire one. It might contain eight different offerings. It makes so much sense to do it. Another cousin of mine prepared a surprise bag of different offerings for me, and I was able to go and purchase my favorites. My meeting group agreed with my idea...for your consideration. Thank you. Janet C Obzut

I am writing because I am disgusted by weight watchers. I have been a member for 1 1/2 years. My credit card recently was stolen. I called weight watchers to tell them to use a new credit card that had sent to me to replace the stolen one. Well the boob on the other end cancelled my membership and signed me up again with my new card instead of just putting my new card on my account. He did not tell me he did this. He just said everything was all taken care of and that I would be having my automatic deduction taken out on the 23rd as usual. Well I'm getting it taken out all right but not at the 39.95 I have been paying but now at 42.95. I called them and they said they were so sorry but there is nothing they can do. Even though it through their fault. So their comment of yuour membership price being locked in once you join is just the biggest pile of bull crap. Not only are you dealing with all of the headaches of a credit card being stolen you being raped by weight watchers. Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. Buyer beware!!!!!!

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