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Time to Allow Lifetime Members full Access to WW on Line.

It is disappointing that because I pay weekly (instead of the monthly offer) I am denied access to all WW has to offer online. It's time to change, especially in light of the fact that I am a Lifetime Member. Please consider a change.


Leader at a meeting holds up papers and said if you want to complain about me here are the papers. She needs to be fired.

Never again....

Cancelled online tools last fall and just found out I've been getting billed. For 6 months!!! Disgraceful...they offered 1 month credit. Worst customer service ever!!!!

Disgraceful Customer Support

If you ever need to get through to WW help desk, be prepared to hold on the phone for at least 35 minutes, and then hang up becasue no one ever picks up. If you think asking the on-line help desk, don't waste your time. All you will get is an automated response that "someone will be getting back to you within 24/48 hours". That NEVER happens. Ihave sent two separate inquiries over the past 10 days and I have not yet received a reply. What WW does do well is bill you on time for a service that they can not properly provide. Don't waste your money on their e-tools.


I read your problems with Jessica Simpson and thought why not use her for a special pregnancy diet to not get heavy again!!! That would increase sales for you because many women don't want to gain that much weight with a baby.


WW is a company that is deceiving and steals! They have billed me for 9 months while I was an employee and lifetime member...they sent the monthly passes to an address that I lived at 17yrs ago..after a 2 hour phone call (mostly holding) I was told that I'm to blame because I did not check my credit card statement--and will not receive a refund. No explanation of why I was even being billed. Never will I purchase another WW product again...work for them or become a member.

Call back from corporate

I was trying to sign up for weight watcher on 9/13/14 and was able to sign on the website for online membership it would only let me signon if I wanted to do the monthly pass. I sent an email to weight watchers explaining that website would not allow signon I have not gotten a response. I call the customer line and was told that they would not honor the free starter kit. I don't feel that I want to join a organization that do not stand by there name and honor the request of the people who spent hours trying to signon weight watchers with no prevail of getting on there website and acquire the free starter kit.

the worst company you cannot speak to a human and most of the time they are closed

Hours of operation/Stoneham,MA

The WW LOCATION in Stoneham MA hours of operation is not good. After a weekend you NEED to go weigh in but this location is CLOSED all day ON Mondays!!!! Every other weekday morning it DOES NOT OPEN until 10!!!!! People want to weight in before work can't!!! This is rediculous, how can you do business with a location that does't care about its members? Every other location has Monday hours!! Many of us lifetime members are going to other member friendly weight loss programs because this WW LOCATION cares more about the people working there than it's members!

I can not find a phone number for Weight Watchers and when I do find a number they do not pick up the phone. All I want is information which is next to impossible to get. I notice your reviews are not very good and it makes me wonder about your organization.

Not worth it

I am disgusted with WW. I purchased an Active Link in December, for 2 months I tried to get it operational. Many mails to Phillips and WW for assistance. NOTHING worked. I cannot get a refund on this defective item. DONT BUY ONE.

No one answers the phone

I cannot believe this, they are like an illegal cartel.....no one answers the phone, then they put you on hold.....I will pass this information on to all my friends.....Furthermore if they charge my card I will sue them for fraud.....I have been calling for weeks.

I have tried to cancel my on line subscription and that is next to impossible. Can't find phone #'s

I want to hear from you and I want to cancel my subscription with weight watchers. My biggest complaint is no phone numbers or no access to follow up with site . no return calls. stop my subscription with WW Ref # 334561228

very upset

I called and in Sept 2013, customer service fell to do their jobs. Been charge ever since for services I cancel months ago. Customer service is rude and each person had a different story about my account not everyone was on the same page. Ask corporate number, they told me that they could only give me an address. I explain to them that I did receive an address to enroll so why did I need one to complain. VERY UNSATISFY CUSTOMER

Wish I could give no stars All they care about is money

What an organization !! The spend untold dollars on advertising and direct mail but don't bother to respond to their current paying customers. I would not waste my money on this "company". You can not get through to anyone and when you do they are uninformed, promise to call back and never do. This started out as a good organization and at this point I am not sure they will ever get back their credibility I have spent the last dime I ever will with them !!


terrible website can not access things like temporary password


I signed up for the buy one month, get one free. I attended two meetings, and decided it wasn't going to fit my lifestyle at this time. They kept billing my card. I want a refund for the third month because it's the right thing to do. I have since called them and cancelled again, but it's still a shifty way to do business, in my opinion. They sent me a hundred emails for everything, but to ask me if I wanted to continue or renew- not one - just billed my card.

Lifetime Member

I am a lifetime member of WW.from many, many years back. I was planning on rejoining but thanks to all the input from very unhappy customers I think I will pass. I tried to find a toll free number to ask the correct address in San Jose, CA on the Almaden Expressway. Two different suite numbers are given depending on where you look. If finding a local or toll-free numbers for you Is this difficult I can understand why your ex-customers are so unhappy with you. Just keep on paying the rich and famous and let this rest of us find other ways to lose weight. Oh right, you won't be able to pay millions when just every day people stop putting up with your very poor customer relations.


Trying to get your refund out of these guys is like pulling teeth. I have been lied to so many times by their customer service agents thru e-mail it isn't even funny. Calling corporate today to see if I can get my money back. NEVER AGAIN will I get the monthly pass. They take the money out 2 weeks before it's due but when u try to get the money back from them you can hang it up, it ain't gonna happen.

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