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Never pick up trash

I set up service with WM. They picked the trash up the first week. The second week- the never came. I have called FOUR TIMES and everytime they promise they'll send a truck out. Meanwhile, my garbage is rotting away outside my home and an eye sour. The can I purchased through them took 2 weeks to show up. I finally get the can- but now they won't pick up the trash. Very unprofessional company.

Waste Management wanted to bill me for a waste bin delivered in 1999; fifteen years ago and which I no longer had. I has taken me 5 months to get this corrected. They should have sent me a bill 15 years ago or sent me notification that I was financially responsible for this container. Do not use this company, their accounting practices are horrendous. They don't even rate a 1 star, but I'm required to put something in.

Chief engineer

Does your company look at the reviews? I would be embarrassed to see a 1.5% rating. Waste Management is loosing site of there business (customer service). I really am considering ending our relationship. Contract if not met on your end is grounds for termination. please improve service.

This company never picks trash up on time and will not come and pick it up if they miss our pick up date. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY They miss our trash pick up date but never seems to miss a billing date.

Bill is never correct

All we want is to be billed per the contract. That seems quite simple but Waste Management can not bill per their own contract. When we call no one seems to have a copy of our contract. This is for two different businesses same problem. This had gone on for years.

I just submitted a similar review on your other website. Is there any rating LOWER than one?? Today I canceled my WM service after 30 some years as a loyal customer. Your rapidly deteriorating service, plus the fact that I will make considerable savings by switching to the competition prompts this action. Why did I wait so long???


Terminating service with Waste Management was a long and difficult project - but so worth it.

WM took over our previously reliable garbage company. Ever since, we have had nothing but trouble. They will stop at our cans, then just keep going. If you can get ahold of them, they make it sound like they are doing you a favor by sending someone out to get it. I let them know that this is the last time we will be contacting them because they failed to pick it up. Fortunately we do have alternate companies that service out area, and will be going with them.

horrible customer service

The worst service ever by WM. An error was made by employee and left me without a bin for over a week. They still charged me the full price although I had no bin. I am a CEO of Corporation and if I had any customers treated the way I have been treated I would be out of business.

Overcharged for years

Every quarter for the 11 years or so I had waste management service, my bill increased. The city was working on a new trash plan and allowed people to post what they paid per quarter. I found out I was paying up to twice as much as my neighbors. When I contacted them to discontinue service, they charged me $25 to pick up the container. I asked them very nicely, that considering how long I had been a good, paying customer, if they would waive the fee. They would not. I decided not to pay, but unfortunately, they have threatened to turn it over to a collection agency, so I finally paid it. I make sure that whenever the subject of trash comes up, that I tell people how much I was paying per quarter and what I am paying now. I let others know that I was screwed! I don't want them to be. Crediting my account $25 would have been the right thing to do.

Please do not apply for a job at this company. WM is not a good company to work for. They claim they are all about safety and doing the right thing and this is simply not true. They expect you to take short cuts jepordizing safety. They don't like to fix their trucks. They give their drivers trucks that have a lot of severe issues and then complain when the driver writes it up When the truck is fixed they try and take cheap short cuts that are dangerous. The undercover boss show they did was a joke and made for TV they clearly are not a good company to work for. They do not care about the employee at all.

Terrible customer service

I've been trying to get my trash picked up for four days. Every day they promise a courtesy truck to get it. It never shows up. Called three customer service reps and two people at corporate. None of them can figure out how to get a truck to my house. Been a customer for over a decade

Poor customer service

I set up service three weeks ago, they took my money and no service. All they do is give me the run around, no money back, no service, nothing!!!!!

Mad woman

WM is a JOKE!!! Undercover Boss Looked good and was made for TV to entertain us, but in the REAL world, The big boss obviously don't give a rats a$$ about customers or service since he lets them deliver such horrible. They are terrible!!! Again it took 20 minutes to get a "person" on the phone; then after half a sentence from me she said she would have to transfer me.Huh? Why?? Well after sitting and being on"ignore" about 10 minutes I gave up and hung up!! Shame on them!!!

Abysmal customer service.

Promised phone calls never happen. Promised a return phone call each day for four consecutive days. Never happened. I don't think they care

customer rep

Waste Management is the worst company in the world. The customer service reps are terrible. They do not care about customers.


One of your drivers ripped down the power lines outside my house over the summer. I spent two days fighting with your local Illinois office to get my power restored. Because it took so long all of my food was ruined. I have the corner house and the accident knocked the pole down and cracked the windshield on my truck. It also pulled the wires to my cable out which still have not been fixed. Direct tv said its not their responsibility. You refuse to take responsibility so here I still sit with no tv. I am elderly, retired and on a very fixed income. Im also on a glucose free diet so my food is expensive. How am I the one being forced to be financially responsible for damage caused by YOUR driver.

they threw away my trash can my neghibor seen them do it and and been get the push around for two weeks and still no response

I am the manager for 113 Lund ave Hayward Ca. . The units are owned by My mother. I have also lived onsite for 6 years. In those 6 years I've complained and complained about the drivers driving up the drive way many times. The units across the drive way share the same drive way and it is concrete . We do not have concrete streets in this area . This is a drive way not a street. Today Sept.4th 2012 the drivers of Waste Management continue to drive up the drive way . There is areas in the drive way that are forming cracks and holes . Why does Waste Management continue to destroy our drive way ? If I complain again it is only for a month that they stop and again they will drive up the drive way. If you tell the drivers they get mad or act stupid and say they didn't know. I guess now I should just start logging in with photos every time its done and file a lawsuit. Maybe Waste Management wants to pay for a new drive way its only about 4000 square feet. For a Big company like that it should only be pennies to them. Who cares about employee driver training anyways in the Big Bad Waste Management Company ?

This may sound weird, but my art teacher used to do it all the time.He told me that he would call up the bus staiton people (I guess the city transit department) and ask them if he could collect any broken glass that they had picked up/are going to pick up from damaged bus shelters.You can try it..it worked for him!

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